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SCI International, formerly named as Chem99, is attached to Sublime China Information Group Co., Ltd. (SCI Group for short), which was founded in May, 2004 and is the leading commodity market information service organization in China. "SCI" is identified as a well-known trademark by the government office in China.

SCI Group focuses on China commodities in the fields of energy, chemical, plastic, rubber, agrichemical, etc. Based on strict data acquisition system and standard price assessment methodology, a comprehensive database, covering price, capacity, output, inventory, operating rate, apparent consumption and import & export, has been set up as a unique one in China.

Through 10 years' development, SCI Group has steadily built up an integrated chain on information acquisition, processing and publishing. It devotes itself to collect the first-hand data all over China commodity market, serving global customers with local professional guidance, fresh and accurate data support.

By far, SCI Group has 489 professional product pages covering nearly 10 thousand products, and more than 3,000,000 registered member enterprises, with 279 standing in the Global 500; daily updated information reach 60,000 or so, and daily clicks are over 3,900,000. About 50,000 information collection sources locates all over the world.

SCI Group has obtained the license for foreign-related investigations from government of PRC and its branch and subsidiary companies expand to Shanghai, Xiamen and Missouri in the United States. Our team has more than 800 professional analysts, working to provide intelligent solutions for customers at home and abroad.

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