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2017-2018 China Propylene Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


China’s propylene market, overall, remained in an uptrend in 2017, with an over 26% year-on-year growth rate in the propylene average price. In the meantime, the sharp decrease in China’s newly-added propylene capacity made the year of 2017 different. Particularly, the capacity growth from coal-to-olefin (CTO) units and propane dehydrogenation (PDH) units slowed down obviously in 2017. Accordingly, China’s propylene market supply remained tight for a long time. Nevertheless, China’s environmental protection inspections shocked the propylene industry chain, and the impacts were far beyond market participants’ expectations.

Supply and demand changes occupied market participants’ most attention in 2017. Will China’s propylene capacity growth continue slowing down? How many new downstream units are planned? Is it possible to further extend the range of environmental protection inspections? Will mainstream propylene prices continue rising? 2017–2018 China Propylene Market Annual Report presents you the most detailed data in an all-round way with deep market analysis. Meanwhile, to facilitate your future planning, the report also contains rational industry forecasts, based on analysis of supply-demand balance, big industry events and so on.

They are the abundant data that make 2017–2018 China Propylene Market Annual Report distinguished in the industry, as well as optimized report structure and deep analysis. The data are achieved through SCI analysts’ careful investigations and detailed studies. Readers can not only gain intelligence of the propylene market with the report, but also master the knowledge of the whole propylene-related industry.

Report Value

Detailed supply-demand balance analysis by regions

Comprehensive analysis and information on the entire industry chain

Margins analysis of different technologies and interpretations of the technologies’ advantages and disadvantages

Detailed market forecasts in an all-round and multi-angle way

Reliable, comprehensive and detailed data


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

Part 2 Propylene Market Overview

Part 3 2017 Propylene Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 2017 Propylene Market Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 China Propylene Supply Pattern

4.1.1 2017 China Propylene Capacity Statistics and Distribution

4.1.2 2017 China Propylene Capacity Statistics by Enterprise Nature

4.1.3 2017 China Propylene Capacity Statistics by Region

4.2 2014–2017 China Propylene Capacity Growth Analysis

4.3 China Imported Propylene Supply Analysis

4.3.1 2013–2017 Propylene Import Volume and Price Analysis

4.3.2 Propylene Import Volume Analysis by Origin

4.3.3 Propylene Import Volume Analysis by Customs

4.3.4 Propylene Import Volume Analysis by Trade Mode

4.3.5 Propylene Import Volume Analysis by Origin & Destination

4.4 China Propylene Export Market Analysis

4.5 Propylene Capacity Growth from New Technologies Slowed Down

4.5.1 Existing New Technologies Capacity Analysis

4.5.2 Margins Analysis of Different Technologies

4.5.3 New Technologies Future Capacity Expansion Analysis

4.6 2018 Propylene Supply Forecast

Part 5 2017 Propylene Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 2017 Propylene Demand Structure Analysis

5.1.1 China Propylene Demand Analysis by Region

5.1.2 China Propylene Demand Analysis by Growth Rate

5.2 Propylene Downstream Industries Present Status

5.2.1 China PP (Polypropylene) Industry Present Status Analysis

5.2.2 China PO (Propylene Oxide) Industry Present Status Analysis

5.2.3 China Oxo-alcohol Industry Present Status Analysis

5.2.4 Other Industries Present Status Analysis

5.3 2018 Propylene Demand Forecast

Part 6 China Propylene Demand Analysis by Region

Part 7 2017 Propylene Price Trend Analysis

7.1 2017 China Propylene Market Review and Features Analysis

7.2 2017 Europe, America and Asia Propylene Market Review

7.2.1 Asia Propylene Market Review and Features Analysis

7.2.2 Europe and America Propylene Market Review and Features Analysis

Part 8 Propylene Feedstock Markets Review and Marco Development Trend

8.1 2017 Crude Oil Market Review

8.2 2017 Naphtha Market Review

8.2.1 2017 China Naphtha Market Review

8.2.2 2017 Global Naphtha Market Review

8.3 2017 Propane Market Review

8.4 2017 Methanol Market Review

8.5 2017 China Macro Development Trend

Part 9 2017 Propylene Price Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis

9.1 Propylene Price Future Trend Forecast

9.2 Macro-Environment Interpretation and Influences

9.3 Industrial and National Policies

9.4 Supply-Demand Balance Pattern Forecast

9.5 Production Technologies Comparison

9.6 Influences from Feedstock and Related Products Future Changes

9.7 Value Chain Analysis

9.8 Market Competition Analysis

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