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2017-2018 China Polybutadiene Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


The PBR supply-demand pattern noticeably changed in 2017. Operating rates hit a 5-year high. Customer groups also changed. The turning point happened in August 2017, due to the supply-demand changes as well as the arbitrage manner of newcomers. The overall profit from producing PBR in 2017 also provided guidance for new PBR project planners.

We sort out the changing factors behind the highest operating rate in 2017; analyze in detail what happened to the arbitrage as the import volume and export volume of PBR obviously changed as well as the impact of environmental inspections on PBR industry. Besides, the implementation of tire labeling regulation in EU moved to the second stage. As for the China’s tire labeling regulation, 2017 was the second year that tire producers pasted the labels voluntarily. Thus, requirements on green materials from the tire industry will improve. Will the new neodymium-catalyzed PBR (NdBR) units become “potential stocks”? We will also provide a detailed analysis of NdBR supply pattern changes, technology sources and comparison of advantages and disadvantages.

As a neutral, fair and impartial third party, Sublime China Information Co., Ltd. (abbr. as SCI) adheres to data statistics approach and provides actual market dynamics objectively. Completed with tables and graphs, this report will present visual, detailed and comprehensive analysis based on PBR capacity, output, import and export volume, operating rates, profit, demand, etc.

Report Value:

(1) Help to predict further development trend based on nearly 5-year’s changes of capacity, output, operating rates and import and export volume at China’s producers.

(2) Help to better understand newly-added PBR capacity and keep up with the industry development with global newly-added PBR projects status in the next 5 years.

(3) Objectively analyze the price-driving factors combined with the influence of environmental protection policies on upstream and downstream industries.

(4) Analyze the NdBR industry development trend and future opportunities, given China’s environmental policies.


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation

Part 2 PBR Market Overview

Part 3 2013-2017 PBR Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 2013-2017 PBR Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 PBR Capacity Layout and Statistics

4.2 PBR Output and Operating Rate Analysis

4.3 China’s Newly-Added PBR Capacity Statistics

4.4 PBR Import Status Analysis

4.4.1 Import Statistics (by Origin)

4.4.2 Import Statistics (by Customs)

4.4.3 Import Statistics (by Trade Mode)

4.5 2018-2020 Supply Forecast

Part 5 2013-2017 PBR Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 PBR Downstream Demand Structure Analysis

5.2 PBR Apparent Consumption Analysis

5.3 PBR Downstream Industries’ Performance Analysis

5.4 PBR Export Market Analysis

5.5 2018-2020 Demand Forecast

Part 6 2017 PBR Price Trend Analysis

6.1 2017 PBR Market Price Analysis

6.2 2017 PBR Market Analysis

6.2.1 2017 PBR Gross Profit Analysis

6.2.2 SBR, Natural Rubber and PBR Prices Co-Movement Analysis

Part 7 2018 PBR Price Driving Factors Analysis

7.1 Macro-Economy and Crude Value Forecast

7.1.1 Macro-Economy Forecast

7.1.2 Crude Value Trend Forecast

7.2 Feedstock Butadiene Price Trend Forecast

7.3 Supply Status Forecast

7.4 Downstream Demand Status Forecast

Part 8 Future NdBR Industry Development Suggestion

8.1 China’s NdBR Supply Status and Technology Analysis

8.2 2018-2020 Newly-Added NdBR Projects’ Technology Sources and Progress Analysis

8.3 NdBR and Nickel-Catalyzed PBR Prices Comparison

8.4 Future NdBR Industry Development Outlook


Tables & Charts

Table 1 China’s PBR Output Data Methodology

Table 2 China’s PBR Operating Rates Methodology 

Table 3 China National Standard GB/T 8659-2008 BR9000 Index (Excerpt)    

Table 4 2013-2017 China’s PBR Supply-Demand Balance 

Table 5 2013-2017 China’s PBR Capacity Statistics     

Table 6 2018 China’s PBR Newly-Added Capacity Statistics      

Table 7 Major Suppliers of Imported PBR 

Table 8 2018-2022 International Oil Price Forecast   

Table 9 China’s NdBR Producers Status      

Table 10 2018 Newly-Added NdBR Capacity Statistics      


Chart 1 2017 China’s PBR Capacity Layout (by Region)     

Chart 2 2013-2017 PBR Output Growth Rate Statistics     

Chart 3 2016-2017 China’s PBR Production Statistics

Chart 4 2013-2017 PBR Import Volume Growth Rate Comparison 

Chart 5 2013-2017 PBR Import Volume (by Origin)   

Chart 6 2013-2017 China’s PBR Import Volume Statistics (by Customs) 

Chart 7 2013-2017 China’s PBR Import Volume Statistics (by Trade Mode)   

Chart 8 2017 PBR Downstream Demand Proportion

Chart 9 2013-2017 PBR Apparent Consumption Volume Growth Rate Trend        

Chart 10 2015-2017 (Jan-Oct) China’s All-Steel Tire Monthly Average Operating Rate Trend     

Chart 11 2016-2017 (Jan-Sep) Commercial Vehicle and Auto-Matched Tire Demand Volume Statistics   

Chart 12 2012-2017 Heavy Truck Sales Volume Monthly Growth Rate Statistics  

Chart 13 2013-2017 PBR Export Volume Growth Rate Trend   

Chart 14 2016-2017 (Jan-Oct) PBR Price Trend  

Chart 15 2016-2017 PBR Producers’ Theoretical Profit and Loss Comparison        

Chart 16 2017 (Jan-Oct) PBR, SBR and NR Price Comparison   

Chart 17 2018 PBR Price Trend Forecast     

Chart 18 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) Global GDP Annual Growth Rate     

Chart 19 2018-2022 China’s Newly-Added Butadiene Capacity Forecast       

Chart 20 2013-2018 China’s Butadiene Monthly Average Price Tendency     

Chart 21 2016-2017 (Jan-Oct) NiBR CFR NEA and Taiwan NdBR Price Comparison        

Legal Statement

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