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2017-2018 China SBS Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


The styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) market opened at a high level in 2017. In Q1 of 2017, SBS prices followed the uptrend in the commodity market, hitting a 5-year high. Later, SBS prices trended down, depressed by the price downswing in the butadiene market. The violent price fluctuations brought opportunities as well as challenges. China’s SBS capacity was 1,168kt/a in 2017, up 7.16% Y-O-Y. Demand from major downstream industries remained stable.

In-depth implementation of "the Belt and Road" strategy boosts the construction of the surrounding highways. At the same time, rail construction in first and second-tier cities accelerates, stimulating the development of modified asphalt waterproof roll industry. In the future, infrastructure construction will continue to be the main driving force of SBS demand growth. As for the supply, investment gradually becomes rational. Some new projects, construction projects and technological transformation projects are postponed successively, curbed by regional industrial policies and environmental pressure. SBS capacity expansion slows down, which will lay a foundation for the healthy development of the SBS industry in the future.

With prices, operating rates, capacity, output, profit, etc, this report makes a deep insight into the supply-demand side based on objective data and market dynamics. In virtue of years of accumulated data and industrial experience, the report will provide players with guidance by helping to seek opportunities and avoid risks in the ever-changing market.

Report Value:

(1) Help to understand the supply status with output data of different types of SBS.

(2) Comprehensively compare the profits from producing dry SBS, road modification-used SBS and oil-extended SBS and analyze the profitability at major producers.

(3) Analyze the development of downstream industries and the major potential industries.

(4) Show the supply-demand changes and predict the demand pattern evolution in the future.


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.3 Statement of Prediction Model

Part 2 2017 SBS Market Overview

Part 3 SBS Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 SBS Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 SBS Capacity Statistics

4.2 SBS Output and Operating Rate Analysis

4.3 Newly-Added SBS Capacity Statistics

4.4 SBS Import Market Analysis

4.4.1 SBS Import Market Analysis by Origin

4.4.2 SBS Import Market Analysis by Customs

4.4.3 SBS Import Statistics by Trade Mode

4.5 2018 China SBS Supply Forecast

Part 5 2017 SBS Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 SBS Consumption Structure Analysis

5.2 SBS Downstream Industries Analysis

5.2.1 China Shoemaking Industry Analysis

5.2.2 China Modified Bitumen and Expressway Industry Analysis

5.2.3 China Adhesive Industry Analysis

5.2.4 China TPE Industry Analysis        

5.2.5 China SBS Waterproof Roll Industry Analysis

5.3 China SBS Export Analysis

5.4 2018 China SBS Demand Forecast

Part 6 China SBS Price Trend Analysis

6.1 2017 China SBS Market Analysis6.1.1 China SBS Market Price Trend Analysis

6.1.2 Asia Dry SBS Price Analysis

6.2 SBS Gross Profit Analysis   

6.3 Correlative Analysis Between SBS and EVA & SBR

6.3.1 Correlative Analysis Between SBS and EVA

6.3.2 Correlative Analysis Between SBS and SBR

Part 7 SBS Price Driving Factors Analysis

7.1 SBS Price Forecast

7.2 Macro Economy and International Crude Oil Price Forecast

7.2.1 Macro Economy Forecast

7.2.2 International Crude Oil Price Forecast

7.3 Feedstock Price Trend

7.3.1 BD Price Trend Forecast

7.3.2 SM Price Trend Forecast

7.4 Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

7.5 Influence of Import Volume and Export Volume on SBS Market

7.6 Related Products’ Markets

7.7 Downstream Markets Analysis

7.8 Related Policies

Appendix 1 Company Names

Appendix 2 Tables & Charts

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Tables & Charts

Table 1 Geographic Terms Interpretation

Table 2 SBS Related Products’ Full Names and Abbreviations

Table 3 2013-2017 China’s SBS Supply-Demand Balance  

Table 4 China’s SBS Units Status

Table 5 2018-2022 China’s SBS Capacity Expansion Plan   

Table 6 2018-2022 International Crude Oil Price Forecast

Table 7 Newly-Added BD Capacity Statistics

Table 8 Newly-Added SM Capacity Statistics     

Table 9 2018-2022 China’s SBS Supply-Demand Balance Forecast  


Chart 1 2017 China’s SBS Enterprises Layout by Region

Chart 2 2017 China’s SBS Capacity Statistics by Enterprises’ Nature

Chart 3 2013-2017 China’s SBS Capacity, Output and Operating Rate

Chart 4 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s SBS Import Volume Statistics

Chart 5 2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Dry SBS Import Volume Statistics by Origin  

Chart 6 2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Oil-Extended SBS Import Volume Statistics by Origin 

Chart 7 2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Dry SBS Import Volume Statistics by Customs

Chart 8 2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Oil-Extended SBS Import Volume Statistics by Customs

Chart 9 2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Dry SBS Import Volume Statistics by Trade Mode

Chart 10 2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Oil-Extended SBS Import Volume Statistics by Trade Mode

Chart 11 2017 China’s SBS Consumption Structure

Chart 12 2013-2017 China’s Rubber Shoe Export Volume Statistics

Chart 13 2017 (Jan-Oct) China’s TPR Industry Operating Rate Statistics

Chart 14 2013-2017 China’s SBS Modified Bitumen Output Statistics

Chart 15 2013-2017 China’s Hot Melt Adhesive Output and Growth Rate Statistics

Chart 16 2017 China’s TPE Consumption Structure by Region

Chart 17 2013-2017 China’s SBS/APP Waterproof Roll Output Statistics

Chart 18 2013-2017 China’s SBS Export Volume Statistics

Chart 19 2018 China’s SBS Consumption Structure Forecast

Chart 20 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) China’s SBS Market Price Trend

Chart 21 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Asia’s Dry SBS Price Trend

Chart 22 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Baling 792 Gross Profit Analysis

Chart 23 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Baling Road Modification-Used SBS 791-H Profit Analysis

Chart 24 2013-2017 Maoming Oil-Extended SBS F875 Profit Analysis

Chart 25 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Oil-Extended SBS and EVA Price Trend Comparison

Chart 26 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Oil-Extended SBS and SBR Price Trend Comparison

Chart 27 2013-2018E China’s SBS Market Price Trend

Chart 28 2018 International Crude Oil Price Forecast

Chart 29 2018-2022 China’s Newly-Added BD Capacity Forecast

Chart 30 2012-2018 China’s BD Monthly Average Price

Chart 31 2010-2022 Jiangsu SM Market Price

Chart 32 2018-2022 China’s SBS Import Volume and Export Volume Forecast

Chart 33 2014-2018 China’s SBR Price

Chart 34 2014-2018 China’s EVA Price


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