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2017-2018 China All-Steel Tire Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017–2018 China All-Steel Tire Market Annual Report


In 2017, China’s all-steel tire price trended unconventional. The all-steel tire price surged from years of quagmire, however, the downstream demand for all-steel tire was sluggish. Thus, market participants were active in seeking sally port amid obscure market. Guided by the merging and reorganization strategies and other strategic tactics, the concentration degree of all-steel tire industry enhanced somewhat. Beside, combined with the supply-side structural reform, the all-steel tire industry optimized and upgraded its industrial structure. Meanwhile, after China wined the U.S. antidumping and countervailing investigation, the U.S. would not impose any extra-tariff towards the Chinese-made truck tire, giving support to China’s tire export market. The development of China’s all-steel tire market became stable and ordered gradually, and the high export dependence degree moved downwards. Besides, China was obtaining more pricing right in all-steel tire market.

In 2017, the competitive structure of China’s all-steel industry turned from diffuse competition to group competition. Moreover, the tire production would be more centralized, sales and trading strategy would be more flexible, and the end demand for all-steel tire would be more flourishing. Combined with the upstream and downstream running tendency, SCI forecasts the all-steel tire development in 2018–2020 with the adjustments of industrial policy and structure.

The data about all-steel market includes the domestic and overseas official statistics, customs data, industry authoritative data, historical data, etc. Combined with those data and served for manufacturing enterprises, traders, processing and manufacturing enterprises and inventors, this report provides the market running dynamics in 2017 and scientifically analyzes the opportunities in the coming market.

Report Value:

1 This report analyzes the driving factors of price change from multiple angles, and evaluates the conduction of all-steel tire value chain objectively.

2 This report analyzes the all-steel tire export market from multiple angles and follows the antidumping investigation, and market participants will have a clear cognition towards the export pattern.

3 This report provides the data research about operating rate, inventory and sales volume, and market participants will grasp the market running tendency accurately.

4 This report shows the international influence of the change in China’s all-steel tire market by analyzing the supply and demand patterns.


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

Part 2 All-Steel Tire Market Overview

Part 3 2017 All-Steel Tire Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 2017 China’s All-Steel Tire Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 Tire Output Analysis

4.1.1 Outer Tire and Radial Tire Output Analysis

4.1.2 All-Steel Tire Output Analysis

4.2 All-Steel Tire Capacity and Output Analysis

4.2.1 All-Steel Tire Analysis (by Region)

4.2.2 All-Steel Tire Analysis (by Enterprise Nature)

4.3 2018 All-Steel Tire Supply Forecast

Part 5 2017 China’s All-Steel Tire Demand Analysis in the Automobile Market

5.1 All-Steel Tire Apparent Consumption Volume Analysis

5.2 All-Steel Tire Application Field Analysis        

5.2.1 Replacement Tire Market

5.2.2 Auto-Matched Tire Market        

5.3 All-Steel Tire Demand Influencing Factors Analysis

5.3.1 Logistics and Transportation Industry Analysis

5.3.2 Real Estate Industry Analysis

5.4 2018 China’s All-Steel Tire Demand Forecast in the Car Market

Part 6 2017 China’s All-Steel Tire Import and Export Analysis

6.1 Tire Import and Export Volume Analysis

6.2 All-Steel Tire Export Analysis

6.2.1 All-Steel Tire Export Volume Analysis       

6.2.2 All-Steel Tire Average Export Price Analysis

6.2.3 All-Steel Tire Enterprises’ Export Volume Ranking

6.3 2018 All-Steel Tire Export Forecast

Part 7 2017 China’s All-Steel Tire Producers’ Operation Data Analysis

7.1 All-Steel Tire Producers’ Operation Data Analysis

7.1.1 All-Steel Tire Operating Rate Analysis

7.1.2 All-Steel Tire Output & Sales Analysis

7.1.3 All-Steel Tire Inventory Analysis

7.1.4 All-Steel Tire Production Cost Analysis

7.2 All-Steel Tire Market Operation Data Analysis

7.2.1 All-Steel Tire Market Price Analysis

7.2.2 All-Steel Tire Sales Volume Analysis

Part 8 2017 All-Steel Tire Raw Materials Market Review and Outlook

8.1 Natural Rubber Market

8.2 Synthetic Rubber Market

8.3 Carbon Black Market

Part 9 All-Steel Tire Industry Development Forecast and Driving Factors Analysis

9.1 Macro Environment Interpretation & Impacts

9.2 Impacts of Industrial/National Policies on All-steel Tire Industry

9.3 2018–2020 All-Steel Tire Supply and Demand Balance Forecast

9.4 Newly-Added/Expanded All-Steel Tire Projects Statistics Analysis

9.4.1 Foreign & Joint-Venture Newly-Added/Expanded All-Steel Tire Projects Statistics and Progress

9.4.2 China’s Producers’ Newly-Added/Expanded All-Steel Tire Projects Statistics and Progress

9.5 All-Steel Tire Demand Forecast

9.5.1 2018–2020 Auto-Matched Market Demand Forecast

9.5.2 2018–2020 Replacement Market Demand Forecast

9.5.3 2018–2020 All-Steel Tire Export Situation Forecast

9.6 All-Steel Tire Value Chain Analysis


2017 Global Top 75 Tire Producers Analysis

2017 China’s Listed Tire Companies’ Operation & Change Analysis

Tire Industry Hotspots and Policy Interpretation

Tables & Charts

Table 1 SCI All-Steel Tire Capacity Methodology

Table 2 SCI All-Steel Tire Output Methodology

Table 3 SCI Operating Rate of All-Steel Tire Industry Methodology

Table 4 Geographical Terms

Table 5 Time Terms

Table 6 Abbreviation

Table 7 2014-2017 China’s All-Steel Tire Supply-Demand Balance Sheet

Table 8 2017 (Jan-Sep) Import Volume Statistics by HS Code

Table 9 2017 (Jan-Sep) 4011 New Pneumatic Tire Export Statistics

Table 10 2017 (Jan-Sep) All-Steel Tire Enterprise Ranking (by Export Volume)

Table 11 2018-2022 All-Steel Tire Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

Table 12 Tire Capacity Expansion at Foreign-Owned Enterprises

Table 13 2017 Newly Added All-Steel Tire Capacity Statistics

Table 14 2018 Planned New All-Steel Tire Capacity Statistics

Table 15 2011-2016 Global Top 10 Tire Producers

Table 16 2017 Global Tire Industry R&D Expense/Sales Value Analysis

Table 17 2017 (Jan-Sep) Net Profit Attributed to Shareholders of China’s Listed Tire Enterprises

Table 18 Global Well-Known Tire Enterprise Information Statistics

Chart 1 2008-2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Outer Tire Output Statistics

Chart 2 2008-2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Radial Tire Output Statistics

Chart 3 2010-2017 (Jan-Sep) All-Steel Radial Tire Output Statistics

Chart 4 China’s All-Steel Tire Producer Layout by Number

Chart 5 China’s All-Steel Tire Producer Layout by Capacity

Chart 6 China’s All-Steel Tire Producer Layout by Enterprise Nature

Chart 7 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s All-Steel Tire Output and Theoretical Consumption Volume Statistics

Chart 8 2013-2017 China’s Vehicle Parc

Chart 9 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Replacement-Used All-Steel Tire Demand Volume Statistics

Chart 10 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Commercial Vehicle Output and Growth Rate Statistics

Chart 11 2016-2017 (Jan-Sep) Commercial Vehicle Auto-Matched Tire Demand Volume Statistics

Chart 12 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s Total Value and Fee of Social Logistics Goods Statistics

Chart 13 2015-2017 (Jan-Oct) China’s LPI Statistics

Chart 14 2015-2017 (Jan-Sep) Real Estate Industry Investment Growth Rate Statistics

Chart 14 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) 4011 New Pneumatic Tire Import Volume Statistics

Chart 16 2017 (Jan-Sep) China 4011 New Pneumatic Tire Import Volume and Y-O-Y Change Rate

Chart 17 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s 4011 New Pneumatic Tire Export Volume Statistics

Chart 18 2017 (Jan-Sep) China’s 4011 New Pneumatic Tire Monthly Export Volume Statistics

Chart 19 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) All-Steel Tire Export Volume Statistics

Chart 20 2017 (Jan-Sep) All-Steel Tire Export Volume Proportion Statistics

Chart 21 2017 (Jan-Sep) All-Steel Tire Monthly Export Volume Statistics

Chart 22 2016-2017 (Jan-Sep) All-Steel Tire Monthly Average Export Price Statistics

Chart 23 2015-2017 (Jan-Oct) Shandong All-Steel Tire Operating Rate

Chart 24 2015-2017 (Jan-Oct) China’s All-Steel Tire Operating Rate

Chart 25 2015-2017 (Jan-Oct) China’s All-Steel Tire Finished Product Inventory Statistics

Chart 26 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Three-Guarantee 12R22.5 All-Steel Tire Cost Statistics

Chart 27 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Non-Three-Guarantee 12R22.5 All-Steel Tire Cost Statistics

Chart 28 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) China Vacuum Tire Provincial Wholesale Price Statistics

Chart 29 2015-2017 All-Steel Tire Distributors Sales Volume Decline Proportion Statistics

Chart 30 2015-2017 (Jan-Nov) Natural Rubber Prices Trend

Chart 31 2017 (Jan-Oct) China SBR 1502 and 1712 Prices Comparison

Chart 32 2016-2017 (Jan-Oct) PBR Price Trend

Chart 33 North China Carbon Black N330 Delivery Price

Chart 34 2012-2022 China Vehicle Output

Chart 35 2012-2022 China Passenger Vehicle Output

Chart 36 2012-2020 Commercial Vehicle Output and Growth Rate

Chart 37 2012-2022 All-Steel Tire Demand Volume in Auto-Matched Tire Market

Chart 38 2012-2022 Civilian Vehicle Parc

Chart 39 2012-2022 All-Steel Tire Demand Volume in Replacement-Used Tire Market

Chart 40 2012-2020 40112000 Tire Export Volume

Chart 41 All-Steel Tire Value Chain

Chart 42 All-Steel Tire Feedstock Proportion

Chart 43 2010-2016 Global Tire Sales Value

Chart 44 2011-2016 Global Top 3 Producers Sales Value Statistics  44


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