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2017-2018 China LNG Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview
<p> <strong>2017–2018 China LNG Market Annual Report</strong></p> <p> <strong>Highlights:</strong></p> <p> With the support of environmental protection policies, the industrial-use LNG market developed with a robust momentum in 2017, which contributed to an over 45% growth of the downstream demand in China’s LNG market. Both the LNG market supply volume and market prices showed uptrends. The development of newly-added LNG projects slowed down at China’s LNG plants. However, with the low cost of the imported LNG, the import volume increased 38% from 2016. The imported LNG can be delivered to the markets which are over 600km away from the import terminals.</p> <p> The small-scaled LNG regasification supply mode may be mature in 2018. Governments gradually issue regulations to guide the development of LNG regasification station. Market regulation will be certain for the LNG industry. In view of the sustaining growth of the market demand, LNG market prices are likely to continue increasing. But whether it can boost the development of LNG production projects is uncertain. The LNG import volume will increase further when new import terminals are put into use. With the low cost and high import volume, the imported LNG may take up about 50% of the total LNG market supply in China.</p> <p> SCI’s LNG market annual reports has served the players in the LNG market for 5 years. We both witness the rapid development of China’s LNG industry. With the 2017–2018 China LNG Market Annual Report, SCI will show you the development trends of China’s LNG market by adopting the most detailed historic data of China’s LNG industry and the mature research methods.</p> <p> <strong>Report value:</strong></p> <p> 1. Show you the changes of China’s LNG market structure based on the analysis of the supply pattern at China’s LNG plants and import terminals.</p> <p> 2. Help you better understand the supply-demand pattern and the development trend of China’s LNG market by analyzing the LNG supply volume and consumption volume in different regions in recent years.</p> <p> 3. Help you better grasp the LNG import market based on the analysis of China’s LNG import status by origin, customs and group.</p> <p> 4. Amply the profit variation at the China’s LNG producers and importers in recent years, and clarify the sustainability of the cost advantages and the profit variation at the producers.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Contents</strong></p> <p> <strong>Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition</strong></p> <p> 1.1 Methodology & Definition</p> <p> 1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement</p> <p> 1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation</p> <p> 1.2 Definition & Abbreviation</p> <p> 1.3 Forecast Model Introduction</p> <p> <strong>Part 2 China LNG Market Overview</strong></p> <p> <strong>Part 3 2017 China LNG Market Supply and Demand Balance Analysis</strong></p> <p> <strong>Part 4 China LNG Market Supply Status Analysis</strong></p> <p> 4.1 Chinese-made LNG Supply Volume Analysis</p> <p> 4.1.1 China LNG Plant Capacity Growth Analysis</p> <p> 4.1.2 China LNG Plant Layout</p> <p> 4.1.3 China LNG Plant Feed Gas Changes</p> <p> 4.1.4 2018 China LNG Plant Supply Volume Forecast</p> <p> 4.2 China LNG Import Volume Analysis (by Import Terminal)</p> <p> 4.2.1 China LNG Import Volume Analysis (by Group)</p> <p> 4.2.2 China LNG Import Volume Analysis (by Import Terminal)</p> <p> 4.2.3 China LNG Import Volume Analysis (by Origin)</p> <p> 4.2.4 China LNG Tank Truck Sales Volume Analysis (by Import Terminal)</p> <p> 4.2.5 2018 China LNG Import Volume Forecast</p> <p> <strong>Part 5 China LNG Market Consumption Status Analysis</strong></p> <p> 5.1 China Major LNG Consumption Regions</p> <p> 5.2 China LNG Downstream Consumption Structure       </p> <p> 5.3 China Small-scaled LNG Regasification Supply Mode Developed Rapidly in 2017</p> <p> 5.4 2018 China LNG Consumption Forecast</p> <p> <strong>Part 6 LNG Market Price Trend Analysis</strong></p> <p> 6.1 China LNG Market Price Fluctuated Frequently</p> <p> 6.2 Asian LNG Spot Price Remained Low</p> <p> 6.3 China LNG Import Price Analysis</p> <p> <strong>Part 7 China LNG Industrial Profit Analysis</strong></p> <p> 7.1 LNG Plants Operating Status Analysis</p> <p> 7.1.1 China LNG Plants Gained Profits in 2017</p> <p> 7.1.2 LNG Plant Operating Rate Recovered</p> <p> 7.1.3 LNG Plants Reserve Capacity Analysis</p> <p> 7.2 LNG Import Terminal Operating Status Analysis</p> <p> 7.2.1 LNG Import Costs Analysis</p> <p> 7.2.2 LNG Import Terminal Profits Analysis</p> <p> 7.2.3 LNG Import Terminal Utilization Analysis</p> <p> <strong>Part 8 2018–2022 LNG Market Development Forecast</strong></p> <p> 8.1 2018–2022 LNG Market Supply Volume Analysis</p> <p> 8.1.1 LNG Plants and Import Terminals Capacity Growth Forecast</p> <p> 8.1.2 LNG Plants and Import Terminals Supply Volume Growth Forecast</p> <p> 8.2 2018–2022 LNG Market Demand Forecast</p> <p> 8.3 2018–2022 LNG Market Price Forecast</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Appendix:</strong></p> <p> Tables & Charts</p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Related Product Annual Reports:</strong></p> <p> 2017–2018 China LNG Logistic & Gas Station Market Annual Report</p> <p> 2017–2018 China Natural Gas (Pipeline & Compressed) Market Annual Report</p> <p> 2017–2018 Global Natural Gas Market Annual Report</p> <p> 2017–2018 China LNG Engineering & Equipment Market Annual Report</p> <p> 2017–2018 Unconventional Natural Gas Market Annual Report</p> <p> 2017–2018 China LNG-powered Vehicle & Ship Market Annual Report</p> <p> <strong>[Legal Statement]</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Related Analysis:</strong></p> <p> Topic: Small-scaled LNG Regasification Supply Mode</p> <p> Competition Between LNG & Its Alternatives</p>
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