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2017-2018 China NGV Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017–2018 China LNG-powered Vehicle & Ship Market Annual Report


In 2017, influenced by the implementation of new policies on overload governance, the infrastructure investment growth, the slow recovery of oil prices, policy support and other factors, LNG-powered heavy truck industry showed a significant growth momentum. In H1, 2017, the sales volume of LNG-powered heavy truck in China grew at a rate of more than 600% year on year. On the other hand, the sales volume of LNG-powered bus recovered slightly, due to the declining subsidies for electric vehicle. The downturn continued in the LNG-powered ship market.

With the transportation capacity developing to an ample state from H2, 2016, benefit for the heavy truck market created by the overload governance has been basically exhausted. Players’ newly-developed market interest in heavy truck industry will eliminate somewhat. However, as the LNG market prices are in the bottom, LNG’s economic efficiency compared with the oil prices is likely to be significant in the future. Thus, the sales volume of LNG-powered heavy trucks will be boosted to increase further. The car parc of LNG-powered bus develops limitedly, but the investment in LNG-powered trucks has some potentials due to the higher price tolerance. As for the LNG-powered ships, no newly-added bullish factor exists currently. It is recommended for the players to keep paying attention to the LNG-powered ship market and operate cautiously.

The natural gas industry analysis group of Sublime China Information (SCI) has been focusing on the LNG-powered vehicle and ship market since 2009. It has accumulated abundant market data and tracked the construction status of the supporting facilities comprehensively. Set by the group, the data monitoring systems of several related fields, such as the LNG logistic and gas station market, the LNG engineering and equipment market, can comprehensively and accurately diagnose the market changes and the future market trend and provide reference for clients’ decision-making.

Report value:

1. Analyze the current development status of China’s LNG-powered vehicle and ship industry by a review of the industry in 2017.

2. Introduce the LNG-powered vehicle layout in China’s different regions, and help you better understand the promotion status of China’s LNG-powered vehicles.

3. Show the development prospect of China’s LNG-powered ship market by analyzing the supporting facilities and the existing issues in LNG-powered ship market.

4. Help you better understand the policy guidance by interpreting the development policies for China’s LNG-powered vehicle & ship industry.




Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition

1.1 Methodology & Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation

1.3 Forecast Model Introduction

Part 2 LNG-powered Vehicle & Ship Industry Overview

Part 3 China LNG-powered Vehicle Development Status

3.1 2017–2018 China LNG-powered Vehicle Car Parc Status

3.1.1 China LNG-powered Vehicle Car Parc. Status

3.1.2 China LNG-powered Vehicle Layout (by Region)

3.2 2017–2018 China LNG-powered Heavy Truck Promotion Status

3.2.1 Heavy Truck and LNG-powered Heavy Truck Sales Volume Comparison

3.2.2 LNG-powered Heavy Truck Sales Status (by Enterprise)

3.3 2017–2018 China LNG-powered Bus Promotion Status

3.3.1 Bus and LNG-powered Bus Sales Volume Comparison

3.3.2 LNG-powered Bus Sales Status (by Enterprise)

3.4 2017–2018 China LNG Tank Truck Development Status Analysis

3.4.1 China LNG Tank Truck Car Parc Status

3.4.2 China LNG Tank Truck Layout (by Region)

Part 4 China LNG-powered Ship Development Status

4.1 2017–2018 China Ship LNG Power Modification Development Status

4.1.1 Inland River LNG-powered Ship Development Status

4.1.2 Ocean LNG-powered Ship Development Status

4.2 2017–2018 China LNG-powered Ship Gas Station Development Status

4.2.1 China Already-built Water Floated Gas Station Development Status

4.2.2 China Proposed Water Floated LNG Gas Station Statistics

4.3 LNG-powered Ship Market Existing Issue Analysis

Part 5 2018–2022 China LNG-powered Ship Development Forecast

5.1 2018–2022 China LNG-powered Vehicle Car Parc Forecast

5.2 2018–2022 China LNG-powered Heavy Truck Car Parc Forecast

5.3 2018–2022 China LNG-powered Bus Car Parc Forecast

5.4 2018–2022 China Vehicle-use LNG Consumption Volume Forecast

Part 6 2018–2022 China LNG-powered Ship Development Forecast

6.1 2018–2022 China LNG-powered Ship Parc Forecast

6.2 2018–2022 China Ship-use LNG Consumption Volume Forecast




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