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2017-2018 China Natural Gas (Pipeline & Compressed) Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017–2018 China Natural Gas (Pipeline & Compressed) Market Annual Report


With an overview of the changes of China’s energy market structure, natural gas, as one kind of clean energy, has always attracted players’ attention. In 2017, all kinds of natural gas reform policies were frequently pushed out in China. "Coal-to-gas" policy brought about significant market effects. Investment in projects, such as natural gas power generation and distributed energy resource (DER), was getting warmer. The downstream demand increased greatly. As of H1, 2017, China's natural gas consumption volume grew over 15% from the first half of 2016. After its downturn in the past years, China’s natural gas market had finally begun to develop robustly. The optimistic momentum occurred.

According to the Notice on Opinion of Accelerating and Advancing the Utilization of Natural Gas issued by China’s National Development and Reform Committee (NDRC), natural gas will account for around 10% in the structure of primary energy consumption. It also promotes the development of subjects such as the underground gas storage depot and distributed energy resource (DER). It demonstrates the government’s determination in developing natural gas industry and also implies the coming rise period of natural gas market. It is predicted that China’s natural gas consumption volume will still grow at a rate of more than 10% in 2018. Meanwhile, even if China’s natural gas output will increase, the abundant natural gas demand will still rely on the import. It is estimated that China’s natural gas import volume will increase notably in 2018.

Sublime China Information (SCI) has a variety of data monitoring methods, and it has provided the clients with accurate market intelligence and scientific decision-making bases for several years. With the specific and deep analysis and opinions, SCI helps the players in China’s natural gas market to avoid risks and face the challenges, so as to be capable of facing the fierce market variations.

Report value:

1. Help you better understand the development status of China’s natural gas market by a macro analysis of the supply-demand status.

2. Detailed analysis of the import and export, output and sales volume, supply-demand pattern, consumption structure, etc., in China’s natural gas market from the aspects of supply and demand.

3. Describe the construction status of the major pipelines and gas storage depots, and analyze the current construction status and future plans of the China’s natural gas infrastructure.

4. Detailed analysis of China’s major listed natural gas enterprises, and forecast the China’s natural gas market development from the view of enterprises.

5. Analyze the recent reform policies of China’s natural gas market and diagnose the future development direction, and introduce the future development pattern of China’s natural gas market.



Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.3 Forecast Model Introduction

Part 2 China Natural Gas Market Overview

Part 3 China Natural Gas Market Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 China Natural Gas Supply Status Analysis

4.1 China Natural Gas Reserve Analysis

4.2 China Natural Gas Output Analysis

4.3 China Natural Gas Import Market Analysis

4.3.1 China Natural Gas Import Analysis

4.3.2 China Natural Gas Import Analysis (by Origin)

4.3.3 China Natural Gas Import Analysis (by Importer)

4.3.4 2017 China Natural Gas Import Volume Forecast

4.4 China Natural Gas Export Market Analysis

4.4.1 China Natural Gas Export Analysis (by Exporter and Export Destination)

4.4.2 China Natural Gas Export Price Analysis

Part 5 China Natural Gas Consumption Status Analysis

5.1 China Natural Gas Consumption Volume Analysis

5.2 China Natural Gas Consumption Volume Analysis (by Province)

5.3 China Natural Gas Downstream Consumption Structure

5.4 China Natural Gas Downstream Application       

5.4.1 Urban Gas

5.4.2 Vehicle-use Natural Gas

5.4.3 Chemical Material-use Natural Gas

5.4.4 Industrial Fuel-use Natural Gas

5.4.5 Power Generating-use Natural Gas

Part 6 China Natural Gas Infrastructure Construction Analysis

6.1 China Natural Gas Pipeline Total Length and Delivery Capacity Analysis

6.2 China Natural Gas Storage Depot Development Status and Planning

Part 7 China Natural Gas Policy Analysis

7.1 China Natural Gas Pricing Reform Policy Analysis

7.2 Long-distance Pipeline Natural Gas Pricing & Cost Supervision and Examination

7.3 Natural Gas Provincial Pipeline Transportation & Distribution Price Supervision

7.4 Information Disclosure on Pipeline Network Facility Publicity

7.5 Preliminary Clarify Gas Storage Facility Price

7.6 Fully Terminate the Pricing Regulation of Fertilizer-use Gas Price

7.7 Fujian Pilot Program of Natural Gas City Gate Price Market-oriented Reform

Part 8 China Natural Gas Listed Enterprises Analysis

8.1 PetroChina

8.2 Sinopec


8.4 Guanghui Energy

8.5 ENN Energy

Part 9 China Natural Gas Market Forecast

9.1 China Natural Gas Market Supply Forecast

9.1.1 Chinese-made Natural Gas Output Forecast

9.1.2 China Natural Gas Import Volume Forecast

9.2 China Natural Gas Market Demand Forecast

9.3 China Natural Gas Downstream Consumption Structure Forecast




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