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2017-2018 China Ethanol Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview
<p style="text-align: center"> <strong>2017–2018 China Ethanol Market Annual Report</strong></p> <p style="text-align: center"> <strong>Highlights</strong></p> <p> China’s ethanol capacity reached 12,000kt in 2017. Under the support of national policies, the corn-based ethanol acquired strong momentum of development, which brought about handsome profits to distillers. Meanwhile, other kinds of ethanol products, including cassava-based and molasses-based ethanol, were also undergoing fierce market competition, and distillers sought to look for a good trading opportunity for their products. Moreover, the import and export market was undergoing changes. The import tariff for the denatured ethanol increased to 30% in 2017, resulting in 99.99% slash of the import volume in H1 2017 from the same period last year. Furthermore, in the context of export rebates and deep-processing subsidies, the export volume for the corn-based ethanol jumped by 123.99% in H1 2017 from the same period last year. In addition, the environmental protection inspection and safety production supervision impacted on the ethanol industry. In Q3 2017, all varieties of ethanol faced uptrend of prices, and uncertainties still existed. Market players were almost unprepared for the ever changing price.</p> <p> At the present, the total capacity which was under construction or proposed to construct reached 2,700kt. It is predicted that China’s ethanol supply will increase rapidly in the coming two or three years. The corn market was changing in a way unseen before in recent two years, and there will be some uncertainties in the future. In the face of the upgrade of ethanol products as well as mergers and acquisitions of ethanol enterprises, how will the ethanol industry structure change? Market players attach much attention to the demand for the fuel ethanol, and how will the supply and demand of the anhydrous ethanol change in the future? With the normalization of environmental protection inspection and safety production supervision, the ethanol industry will face new challenges. If you want to learn more about China’s ethanol industry, please subscribe SCI’s 2017 China Ethanol Market Annual Report.  </p> <p> SCI has engaged in commodity research for 14 years, and the ethanol information service has lasted for 10 years. Over the past decade, SCI earned widespread acceptance by virtue of the accurate and reliable data as well as the continuous focus on the ethanol industry. According to the original data investigated by SCI and the authoritative data released by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC), this report makes detailed analysis and forecast on 2017 ethanol market, including the supply-demand structure, variation tendency, core competitiveness, future trend, etc. Besides, the analysis of anhydrous ethanol will be set as a single part in this report, in order to help players better grasp the market development.</p> <p> Content value:</p> <ol> <li> To make analysis of global and China’s ethanol supply-demand pattern.</li> <li> To present China’s ethanol capacity and output in recent three years, and make customers better understand production status of different ethanol varieties.</li> <li> To make analysis of the influence of the tariff increase of the imported denatured ethanol on the import as well as policies of tax rebate and subsidies on the export market.</li> <li> To make analysis of anhydrous ethanol industries for the first time, which is designed to help players possess corn competitiveness.</li> <li> To make comparison between synthetic ethanol and fermented ethanol, and to make analysis of the market competition.</li> <li> To make detailed interpretation about industrial highlights and a series of relevant policies.</li> </ol> <p> <strong>Contents</strong></p> <p> <strong>Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition</strong></p> <p> 1.1 Methodology & Definition</p> <p> 1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement</p> <p> 1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation</p> <p> 1.2 Definition & Abbreviation</p> <p> 1.2.1 Geographic Term</p> <p> 1.2.2 Time Term</p> <p> 1.3 Forecast Model Explanation</p> <p> <strong>Part 2 China’s Ethanol Market Overview</strong></p> <p> <strong>Part 3 2017 China’s Ethanol Supply and Demand Balance Analysis</strong></p> <p> <strong>Part 4 2017 Ethanol Supply Pattern Analysis</strong></p> <p> 4.1 2017 Global Ethanol Supply Pattern</p> <p> 4.2 China’s Ethanol Capacity Distribution and All Production Regions’ Capacity Distribution</p> <p> 4.2.1 2017 China’s Ethanol Capacity Distribution and All Production Regions’ Capacity Distribution</p> <p> 4.2.2 2017 China’s Ethanol Capacity Proportion by Feedstock Varieties</p> <p> 4.3 China’s Ethanol Output Analysis</p> <p> 4.3.1 2014–2017 China’s Ethanol Output & Operating Rate Analysis</p> <p> 4.3.2 2018–2020 China’s Ethanol Output & Operating Rate Forecast</p> <p> 4.3.3 2018 Global Ethanol Capacity & Output Forecast</p> <p> 4.4 China’s Ethanol Capacity Expansion Status</p> <p> 4.4.1 2017 China’s Ethanol Capacity Expansion Status</p> <p> 4.4.2 2018–2020 China’s Ethanol Capacity Expansion Plan</p> <p> 4.5 2014–2017 China’s Ethanol Import Overview</p> <p> 4.5.1 2014–2017 China’s Ethanol Import Analysis</p> <p> 4.5.2 2017 China’s Ethanol Origin Analysis</p> <p> 4.6 2018 Ethanol Market Supply Trend Forecast</p> <p> <strong>Part 5 Ethanol Demand Structure and Variation Trend Analysis</strong></p> <p> 5.1 2017 Ethanol Demand Structure Analysis</p> <p> 5.1.1 2017 Global Ethanol Demand Structure Analysis</p> <p> 5.1.2 2017 China’s Ethanol Demand Structure Analysis</p> <p> 5.2 2017 China’s Ethanol Export Data Analysis</p> <p> 5.2.1 2014–2017 China’s Ethanol Export Status Analysis</p> <p> 5.2.2 2017 China’s Ethanol Export Destination Analysis</p> <p> 5.2.3 2018 China’s Ethanol Export Market Forecast</p> <p> 5.3 Ethanol Downstream Industries Development Status</p> <p> 5.3.1 2017 China’s White Spirits Industry Development Status</p> <p> 5.3.2 2017 China’s Ethyl Acetate Industry Development Status</p> <p> 5.3.3 2017 China’s Ethylamine Industry Development Status</p> <p> <strong>Part 6 Ethanol Raw Material and Co-product Market Analysis</strong></p> <p> 6.1 Corn</p> <p> 6.2 Cassava</p> <p> 6.3 DDGS</p> <p> 6.4 Carbon Dioxide</p> <p> <strong>Part 7 </strong><strong>China’s Ethanol Raw Material Diversified Competition Pattern Analysis</strong></p> <p> 7.1 2017 China’s Ethanol Raw Material Diversified Development Status</p> <p> 7.2 2017 China’s Ethanol Raw Material Diversified Cost Competitiveness Analysis</p> <p> <strong>Part 8 </strong><strong>China’s Anhydrous Ethanol Market Analysis</strong></p> <p> 8.1 2017 China’s Anhydrous Ethanol Price Analysis</p> <p> 8.2 2017 China’s Anhydrous Ethanol Supply Analysis</p> <p> 8.3 2017 China’s Newly-added Anhydrous Ethanol Capacity Statistics</p> <p> 8.4 2017 China’s Anhydrous Ethanol Demand Analysis</p> <p> <strong>Part 9 2017 Ethanol Products Price Tendency Analysis</strong></p> <p> 9.1 China’s 95% Corn Ethanol Market Review</p> <p> 9.2 China’s 95% Cassava Ethanol Market Review</p> <p> 9.3 China’s 95% Molasses Ethanol Market Review</p> <p> <strong>Part 10 2017 Ethanol Price Forecast and Influencing Factor Analysis</strong></p> <p> 10.1 Ethanol Product Price Tendency Forecast</p> <p> 10.2 Macro-economic Environment Interpretation and Influences</p> <p> 10.3 China’s Ethanol Industries Policy Interpretation</p> <p> 10.4 2017–2020 China’s Ethanol Supply and Demand Balance Forecast</p> <p> 10.5 China’s Ethanol Products Upgrading Future Development Direction </p> <p> 10.6 China’s Ethanol Industries Future Market Competition Analysis</p> <p> <strong>Appendix</strong></p> <p> <strong>Industry Policy: </strong>China’s Ethanol and Corn Deep-processing Products Policies Interpretation</p> <p> <strong>Industry Highlight: </strong>Analysis of Environmental Protection Inspection’s Influence on Ethanol Production Enterprise</p> <p> <strong>Producers </strong></p> <p> <strong>Tables & Charts </strong></p> <p> <strong>Related Product Annual Reports </strong></p> <p> 2017–2018 China Glacial Acetate Acid Market Annual Report</p> <p> 2017–2018 China Ethyl Acetate Market Annual Report</p> <p> 2017–2018 China Corn Market Annual Report</p> <p> 2017–2018 China DDGS Market Annual Report</p> <p> 2017–2018 China Carbon Dioxide Market Annual Report</p> <p> <strong>Legal Statement</strong></p> <p>                                                                         </p>
Legal Statement

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