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2017-2018 China Natural Rubber Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017-2018 China Natural Rubber Market Annual Report


China’s natural rubber market underwent fluctuations in 2017. The natural rubber market price hit a new high over the past four years. In the meantime, it also saw a total slash of 40% in five consecutive months. Under the current circumstance, players from upstream and downstream natural rubber industries were active to pursue changes, in order to achieve the balance between supply and demand. Driven by the supply-side structural reform as well as optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, rubber enterprises accelerated the integration and reorganization, and also the outdated capacity elimination. The present situation of high import dependence rate and absence of discourse right of price setting was changing, and the concentration ratio of the rubber industry further enhanced in 2017.

Since 2017, the natural rubber industry has constantly brought forth new ideas, and its competition pattern shifted gradually from separation to centralization. As the oligarchic development trend of natural rubber enterprises aggravated, the structure inflation emerged in the market environment, and the growth of supply and demand slowed down. According to SCI, it is predicted that China’s natural rubber market will recover and maintain moderate growth in the coming five years (2018–2022), and the supply and demand are expected to return to balance in the wake of the decline of asset-liability ratio at natural rubber enterprises.

Related data, including official statistics at home and abroad, customs data, authoritative industry data, historical data, etc. will be included in 2017–2018 China Natural Rubber Market Annual Report. This report is designed to provide detailed data, market dynamics and price change factors for manufacturing enterprises, traders and investors, and to help them better grasp the development of natural rubber industries.  

Report value:

  1. To make analysis of the big data of natural rubber market, and to show supply-demand pattern of natural rubber industry and China’s influence in the international market.
  2. To focus on the correlation of the data from upstream and downstream industries, and to make analysis of main natural rubber productive countries’ planting and output as well as making interpretation of inventory change and relevant research.
  3. To make analysis of the import dependence rate, and to provide detailed explanation about the import trade mode and import rubber varieties.
  4. To offer abundant downstream and end data, and to integrate demand data with macro data.
  5. To predict the development trend of natural rubber industries on the basis of supply and demand, macro-economic environment, relevant policies and substitutes, and to put forward interest arbitrage strategy based on price spread research.
  6. To add the analysis of financial reports of relevant listed enterprises, the competitiveness of substitutes and main natural rubber productive countries’ price maintain policies.


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.3 Forecast Model Statement

Part 2 NR Market Overview

Part 3 2017 NR Market Supply-Demand Balance

Part 4 2017 NR Market Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 Global NR Market Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1.1 NR Planting Area Changes of Main Producing Countries

4.1.2 Global NR Output Change

4.2 China NR Market Supply Pattern Analysis

4.2.1 China NR Planting Area Change and Analysis

4.2.2 China NR Output Change

4.2.3 China NR Dominant Inventory Analysis

4.3 China NR Import Market Analysis

4.3.1 2012-2017 China NR Import Volume Analysis

4.3.2 China NR Import Analysis

4.4 2018 NR Supply Forecast

Part 5 2017 NR Market Consumption Pattern Analysis

5.1 Global NR Consumption Pattern Analysis

5.2 China NR Downstream Consumption Pattern Analysis

5.2.1 2017 China Tire Industry Operating Status Analysis

5.2.2 China Commercial Vehicle and Auto-Matched Tire Market Status Analysis

5.2.3 China Heavy Truck Selling Cycle Analysis

5.3 2018 NR Consumption Volume Forecast

Part 6 2017 NR Price Trend Analysis

6.1 2017 NR Market Review

6.2 2017 NR Price Change Major Influencing Factors Analysis

6.2.1 Macro-Economy and Industrial Policies Interpretation & Impacts

6.2.2 NR Industry Structure Change and Adjustment

6.2.3 NR and SR Competitive Analysis

6.2.4 NR Major Contracts’ Price Spread Analysis

Part 7 NR Future Development Pattern and Forecast

7.1 2018 NR Price Trend Forecast

7.2 2018-2022 NR Price Influencing Factors Analysis

7.2.1 2018-2022 Macro Economy and Policy Impacts

7.2.2 2018-2022 NR Industry Structure Development Analysis

7.2.3 2018-2022 Relevant Substitutes Competition Pattern Analysis

7.2.4 2018-2022 China NR Import Volume Forecast

7.3 2018-2022 NR Market Supply-Demand Pattern Analysis & Forecast

7.3.1 NR Market Supply Pattern Forecast

7.3.2 NR Demand Forecast

7.4 NR Industry Chain Value Co-Movement Analysis


Industry Focus

1. China’s NR Industry under “The Belt and Road”

2. China Enterprises Actively Participate in "the Belt and Road"

3. How do Listed Tire Enterprises Change the "Revenue Growth Without Profits Increase"?

Tables & Charts


Table 1 Global NR Supply-Demand Balance

Table 2 China NR Supply-Demand Balance

Table 3 2015-2017 (Jan-Sep) NR Output in Main Producing Countries

Table 4 NR Consumption Volume in the Tire Industry

Table 5 China NR Enterprises’ Oversea Development Overview

Table 6 NR Supply Situation Risks Warning

Table 7 NR Demand Situation Risk Warning

Table 8 China NR Import Analysis

Table 9 Gross Profit and Net Income of Eight Listed Tire Enterprises


Chart 1 2013-2017 NR Planting Area in Main Producing Countries

Chart 2 2012-2017 Global NR Output and Growth Rate

Chart 3 2017 China NR Planting Area Layout

Chart 4 2011-2017 China NR Planting Area and Tapping Area

Chart 5 2011-2017 China NR Output and Growth Rate

Chart 6 2011-2017 China NR Planting Area and Recultivation Area

Chart 7 2012-2017 (Jan-Sep) Qingdao Bonded Area Rubber Inventory

Chart 8 2012-2017 (Jan-Oct) NR Futures Inventory at the SHFE

Chart 9 2012-2017 China NR Import Volume

Chart 10 2012-2017 (Jan-Sep) NR Monthly Import Volume

Chart 11 2012-2017 (Jan-Sep) China NR Import Statistics (by Origin)

Chart 12 2012-2017 (Jan-Sep) China NR Import Statistics (by Trade Mode)

Chart 13 2012-2017 (Jan-Sep) China NR Import Statistics (by Customs)

Chart 14 2012-2017 (Jan-Sep) China NR Import Statistics (by Variety)

Chart 15 2012-2018 Global NR Supply Statistics

Chart 16 2012-2018 China NR Supply Statistics

Chart 17 2012-2017 Global NR Consumption Volume and Growth Rate

Chart 18 2012-2017 China NR Consumption Volume and Growth Rate

Chart 19 2016-2017 (Jan-Oct) China Semi-Steel Tire Operating Rates

Chart 20 2016-2017 (Jan-Oct) China All-Steel Tire Operating Rates

Chart 21 2008-2017 (Jan-Sep) China Outer Tire Output Statistics

Chart 22 2011-2017 Standard Rubber Import Volume and Tire Export Volume Comparison

Chart 23 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China Commercial Vehicle Output

Chart 24 2016-2017 (Jan-Sep) China Commercial Vehicle-Matched Tire Demand Volume Comparison

Chart 25 2013-2017 China Replacement Tire Market All-Steel Radial Tire Demand Volume

Chart 26 2012-2017 Heavy Truck Sales Volume Monthly Growth Rate Statistics

Chart 27 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) NR Price Trend

Chart 28 China Major Investment Growth Trend

Chart 29 SHFE NR and Rebar Dominant Contracts Price Trend Comparison

Chart 30 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) Mixed Rubber and SR Price Comparison

Chart 31 NR Dominant Contract Price Spread

Chart 32 SHFE Dominant Contract and Spot NR Products Price Spread Comparison

Chart 33 SHFE NR Dominant Contract Monthly Average Price Trend

Chart 34 SHFE NR Dominant Contract Monthly Average Price, PMI and PPI Comparison

Chart 35 2008-2017 (Jan-Oct) Warehouse Receipt Inventory and SHFE NR Dominant Contract Price Comparison

Chart 36 China NR Import Volume & Forecast

Chart 37 2012-2022 Global NR Output and Forecast

Chart 38 2012-2022 Global NR Demand and Forecast

Chart 39 NR Industry Chain Flowchart

Chart 40 2016 China NR Import Analysis (by Origin)

Chart 41 2016 Thailand NR Export Analysis (by Destination)

Chart 42 Total Operation Revenue of Eight Listed Tire Enterprises

Chart 43 Total Net Income of Eight Listed Tire Enterprises


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