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2017-2018 China NR Latex Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017–2018 China NR Latex Market Annual Report


Review: Driven by the supply-side structural reform, the industrial environment of China’s NR latex tended to stabilization in 2017, and the market price maintained a momentum of steady and sound growth. A review of NR latex industries showed that the supply capacity from productive areas at home and abroad was approaching to saturation, and China’s environmental protection inspection put huge pressure on NR latex industries. Thus, the spot supply was tight. The contradiction between supply and demand does exist in NR latex industries. In view of this, China’s NR latex enterprises advanced structural adjustments and accelerated the shift from old growth drivers to new ones. In addition, the export volume and domestic sales volume of dipping products slowed down, and the rate of profit at relevant enterprises declined. However, the foaming industries continued to maintain a strong momentum of development. All in all, the industrial layout for end products of NR latex was becoming increasingly optimized

Outlook: The periodic output reduction will be more significant in 2018, and the trend of industrial concentration will strengthen. Meanwhile, the environmental protection inspection, as a key factor, exerts negative effects on the end demand as well as NR latex enterprises. Looking ahead, NR latex products will face increasingly fierce competition in the international market. Thus, it is imperative for enterprises to improve the anti-risk capability. According to SCI, under the context of the optimized industrial structure and sound business environment, the NR latex market will continue to maintain stable growth in the next five years (2018–2022).

Advantage: 2017–2018 NR Latex Market Annual Report will cover abundant contents, including the analysis of upstream, midstream and downstream NR latex industries, the detailed data, the authoritative market intelligence, the distribution status of downstream product industries, the basic situation of NR latex manufacturing enterprises, etc., which is designed to give customers insight into NR latex industries, provide accurate market information and scientific decision-making basis for enterprises’ strategic planning, and to make enterprises timely adjust management tactics in accordance with the market demand.

Report value:

  1. To make analysis of the big data from NR latex market, and show changes of supply-demand pattern.
  2. To focus on the correlation of the data from NR latex upstream and downstream industries, and offer views and perspectives on the entire industrial chain.
  3. To make analysis of the import & export situation of NR latex, and place emphasis on mainstream enterprises’ import changes.
  4. To add the analysis of financial reports of relevant listed enterprises and the price maintain policy of main NR latex production countries.


Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition

1.1 Methodology & Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation

1.2.1 NR Latex Term (including but not limited to: geographic term and time term)

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation

Part 2 NR Latex Market Overview

Part 3 2017 NR Latex Market Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 NR Latex Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 Global NR Latex Supply Pattern Analysis

4.2 Main NR Latex Productive Countries Supply Pattern Analysis

4.3 China NR Latex Supply Pattern Analysis

4.3.1 China NR Latex Planting Status Analysis

4.3.2 China NR Latex Output Analysis

4.3.3 China NR Latex Import Market Analysis

4.4 2018 NR Latex Supply Environment Forecast

4.4.1 2018 Global NR Latex Planting and Output Forecast

4.4.2 2018 China NR Latex Supply Environment Forecast

Part 5 NR Latex Demand Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

5.1 NR Latex Consumption Area Layout and Demand Pattern Analysis in Main Productive Countries

5.2 Malaysia NR Latex Consumption Pattern Analysis

5.3 China NR Latex Consumption Pattern Analysis

5.3.1 China NR Latex Apparent Consumption Volume Analysis

5.3.2 China NR Latex Downstream Operational Environment Analysis

5.4 2018 NR Latex Consumption Environment Forecast

Part 6 2017 NR Latex Product Price Trend Analysis

6.1 2017 NR Latex Market Price Trend Analysis

6.1.1 China NR Latex RMB Market Trend Analysis

6.1.2 Foreign NR Latex USD Market Trend Analysis

6.2 2017 China NR Latex Production and Marketing Situation Analysis

6.2.1 Hainan NR Latex Production Status Analysis

6.2.2 China NR Latex Dealers Operation Status Analysis

Part 7 China NR Latex Spot Price Co-movement Analysis

7.1 Analysis of the Influence of the Price Spread Between the Forward Contract and the Nearby Month Contract at the SHFE on the NR Price

7.2 Dominant Contract at the SHFE & NR Latex Price Spread Analysis

7.3 2017 Imported and China-made NR Latex Price Correlation Analysis

7.4 2017 China-made Condensed NR Latex and Whole Latex Price Spread Analysis

Part 8 2018 NR Latex Price Forecast and Price Influence Factor Analysis

8.1 NR Latex Product Price Trend Forecast

8.2 China NR Latex Macro-economic Environment and Policy Interpretation

8.3 2018–2020 China NR Latex Supply-Demand Balance Pattern Analysis

8.3.1 Supply Pattern Forecast

8.3.2 Demand Pattern Forecast

8.4 NR Latex Substitutes Future Operation Trend Analysis

8.5 China NR Latex Industry Future Market Operation Analysis


China Main NR Latex Listed Enterprises Financial Statement Analysis

Tables & Charts

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