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2017-2018 China Cracking C9 Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017–2018 China Cracking C9 Market Annual Report


China’s cracking C9 capacity that was involved in maintenance in 2017 shrank notably by 33% YOY. However, cracking C9 prices were higher than those of the same period of 2016. The weekly average price of the 7th week of 2017 even rose by 68% YOY. What were the reasons that resulted in the price surge when the unit maintenance shrank obviously? The overall industry operating rate was affected to some extent by the environmental protection inspections in 2017. What profitability changes were seen in the downstream petroleum resin industry, etc.?

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, Sinopec plans to build four world-class refining-chemical bases in Maozhan, Zhenhai, Shanghai and Nanjing. The supply of cracking C9, a byproduct of ethylene production, will face great changes. As for demand, the demand growth from the petroleum resin market slowed down notably, while the demand from the BTX aromatics market rose notably. Can this situation continue in the future? Cracking C9 prices showed an uptrend overall from 2016 to 2017, and will the market remain in an uptrend in 2018?  

Till now, SCI has engaged in the information service industry for 14 years. Based on many-year first-hand data collected and researched by SCI, SCI 2017–2018 China Cracking C9 Market Annual Report provides in-depth analysis on cracking C9 market status and development trend from aspects of feedstock, supply, demand, gross profit, price, etc. It helps to understand China’s cracking C9 market fast and directly, and provides basis for future research and decision-making.  

Report Value:

(1) To show China’s cracking C9 supply pattern change based on analysis on cracking C9 capacity and output changes in recent years

(2) To help know China’s cracking C9 demand market well through complete industrial chain analysis

(3) To provide basis for decision-making via detailed data analysis


Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition        

1.1 Methodology & Definition    

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement  

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation      

Part 2 Cracking C9 Market Overview 

Part 3 2017 Cracking C9 Supply-demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 2017 Cracking C9 Supply Pattern Analysis      

4.1 2017 China Cracking C9 Capacity Statistics and Analysis     

4.2 2013–2017 China Cracking C9 Output and Operating Rate Comparison  

4.3 2017 Cracking C9 Units Maintenance Statistics and Analysis    

4.4 2018 Supply Forecast      

Part 5 2017 Cracking C9 Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 2017 China Cracking C9 Demand Structure Analysis   

5.2 Cracking C9 Downstream Industries Development Status        

5.2.1 2017 China BTX Aromatics Industry Development Status       

5.2.2 2017 China C9 Petroleum Resin Industry Development Status     

5.2.3 2017 China C9 Separation Industry Development Status        

5.3 2018 Demand Forecast  

Part 6 2017 Cracking C9 Price Trend Analysis

6.1 2017 China Cracking C9 Market Price Analysis

6.2 2017 China Cracking C9 Producers Price Spread Analysis  

Part 7 2018 Cracking C9 Price Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis      

7.1 Price Trend Forecast       

7.2 Macro Environment Interpretation and Influence

7.3 Supply-Demand Pattern Forecast

7.4 Influence of Feedstock Changes  



Tables & Charts     

Table 1 2013-2017 China’s Cracking C9 Supply-Demand Balance

Table 2 2017 China’s Cracking C9 Capacity Statistics

Table 3 2017 Cracking C9 Unit Overhaul Statistics     

Table 4 2017-2022 China’s Newly Added Cracking C9 Units Statistics

Table 5 China’s Major Mixed Aromatics Producers Statistics  

Table 6 2017 China’s C9 Petroleum Resin Producers Statistics

Table 7 2017 China’s Major High-Purity DCPD Producers Statistics

Table 8 2018 Cracking C9 Downstream Proposed Projects Statistics

Table 9 2018-2022 China’s Cracking C9 Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

Table 10 Producers List

Table 11 Purchasing Enterprises List


Chart 1 2013-2017 China’s Cracking C9 Capacity, Output and Operating Rate

Chart 2 2013-2017 China’s Cracking C9 Demand Structure Comparison (by Industry)

Chart 3 2013-2017 China’s Mixed Aromatics Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Comparison

Chart 4 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Price Spread Between Mixed Aromatics and Cracking C9       

Chart 5 2017 China’s C9 Petroleum Resin Producers Layout

Chart 6 2013-2017 China’s C9 Petroleum Resin Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Comparison

Chart 7 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) China’s C9 Petroleum Resin Gross Profit Comparison

Chart 8 2013-2017 China’s High-Purity DCPD Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Comparison        

Chart 9 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) East China High-Purity DCPD Gross Profit Comparison

Chart 10 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Cracking C9 Ex-Works Prices

Chart 11 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) China’s Cracking C9 Monthly Gross Profit Analysis

Chart 12 2018 China’s Cracking C9 Price Trend Forecast

Chart 13 2013-2017 Cracking C9 and Naphtha Prices Co-Movement




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