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2017-2018 China EPDM Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017–2018 China EPDM Market Annual Report


China’s ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) market was changeable in 2017: Turnarounds were intensive; supply of some grades was tight; EPDM prices reversed their losing streak; newly-built units were expected to go into operation. The EXW prices of Chinese-made EPDM and USD offers for imported EPDM rose slowly in Q1, while RMB offers dropped slightly due to the weak demand in Q2, 2017. However, the supply was a little tight, and there was still an opportunity for the EPDM prices to increase in Q4, 2017. Most EPDM units were shut down for maintenance on a global basis in 2017, and the time was mixed. The output of EPDM in China is expected to increase by 15%–20% from last year. The Newly-added capacity in Q4, 2017 is 400kt/a, increasing by 20%.

China’s EPDM market will be impacted obviously by the newly-added capacity in 2018. However, end demand may grow at a slow pace. Under the imbalance between supply and demand, the market is expected to undergo a reasonable adjustment, facing challenges and opportunities at the same time. Producers, who will put the new units into operation in Q4, 2017, may expand the market in 2018. The low price is likely to be the effective strategy to enter and occupy the market rapidly against the current market competition. Nevertheless, derivative products of EPDM mainly distribute in automobile field, which takes a longer time to replace the feedstock EPDM. Thus, the influence of new units on the EPDM market will be reflected slowly. In addition, the adjustment of downstream companies tend to end in 2018 on the environmental protection, etc. The demand for EPDM may step into a new growth mode after downstream plants basically recover to normal operation.

In term of the original data from Sublime China Information Co., Ltd. (abbr. as SCI) and synthesized the authoritative data from National Bureau of Statics, General Administration of Customs and industry statistics, also, 2017–2018 China EPDM Market Annual Report analyzes the EPDM market in detail from supply-demand and price, etc. according to the situation of Chinese suppliers, traders and larger downstream producers. The historical data in the report can be traced back to five years ago, with a reliable source and accurate analysis. Based on the current situation, SCI makes the prediction of China EPDM market by combined SCI data analysis model and market participants’ experience, etc. 




Report Value

1. Help to grasp the global EPDM market through global EPDM suppliers’ changes.

2. Allow to seize the market situation accurately through supply-demand analysis and forecast of China’s EPDM market

3. Analyze the price influence factors comprehensively and interpreting the individual or joint effects on the market.


Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition        

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement 

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation    

1.2 Methodology and Definition

1.3 Forecast Model Introduction        

Part 2 China EPDM Market Overview        

Part 3 2017 EPDM Supply & Demand Balance Analysis   

Part 4 China EPDM Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 2017 Global EPDM Capacity Distribution

4.2 China EPDM Supply Overview

4.3 China EPDM Production Analysis

4.3.1 2013–2017 China EPDM Production and Operating Rate Analysis

4.3.2 2018–2022 China EPDM Production and Operating Rate Forecast

4.3.3 2018 China EPDM Capacity and Production Forecast

4.4 2013–2017 China EPDM Import Situation

4.4.1 2013–2017 China EPDM Import Analysis

4.4.2 EPDM Import Analysis (by Origin)

4.4.3 EPDM Import Analysis (by Customs)

4.4.4 EPDM Import Analysis (by Trade Mode)

4.5 Global EPDM Units’ Shutdown and Capacity Expansion Situation

4.5.1 2017 China EPDM Units’ Maintenance State

4.5.2 2017 International EPDM Units’ Maintenance State

4.5.3 2017 Global EPDM Units’ Capacity Expansion State

4.5.4 2018–2022 China EPDM Units’ Capacity Expansion Plan

4.6 2018 EPDM Supply Forecast

Part 5 China EPDM Demand Pattern & Change Trend Analysis

5.1 2017 EPDM Consumption Status Analysis   

5.1.1 2017 Global EPDM Consumption Analysis   

5.1.2 2017 China EPDM Consumption Analysis 2017 China EPDM Consumption Volume Analysis 2017 China EPDM Consumption Field Analysis 2017 China Automobile Accessories Sector Features Analysis

5.2 2017 China Export EPDM Data Analysis

5.2.1 China EPDM Export Market Overview

5.2.2 China EPDM Export Region Analysis

5.2.3 China EPDM Export Market Forecast

5.3 2018 China EPDM Demand Forecast

Part 6 China EPDM Sales Model Diversified Competition Pattern Analysis

6.1 China EPDM Sales Model Diversified Development Pattern Analysis

6.2 China EPDM Sales Model Diversified Competition Pattern Analysis

Part 7 2017 EPDM Market Price Trend Analysis

7.1 2017 Chinese-made EPDM Market Review

7.1.1 2017 Chinese-made EPDM Market Review

7.1.2 2017 China EPDM Producers’ Gross Profit Analysis

7.2 2017 Import EPDM Market Review

7.2.1 2017 Imported EPDM USD Market Trend Review

7.2.2 2017 Imported EPDM RMB Market Trend    Review

Part 8 EPDM Market Trend Forecast & Influencing Factors Analysis

8.1 China EPDM Market Trend Forecast    

8.2 China Macro-economy Interpretation and Effect

8.3 EPDM Upstream Raw Material Market Analysis and Forecast 

8.3.1 Crude Oil Market Analysis and Forecast       

8.3.2 China Ethylene Market Analysis   

8.3.3 China Propylene Market Analysis

8.3.4 Chinese-made ENB Market Analysis    

8.4 EPDM End Market Analysis and Forecast    

8.5 2018–2022 China EPDM Market Supply-demand Balance Forecast


Tables and Charts

Competition Between EPDM and Its Alternatives

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