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2017-2018 China IIR Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017–2018 China IIR Market Annual Report


China’s IIR market witnessed the unprecedentedly intense competition in 2017. Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals and Formosa Synthetic Rubber (Ningbo) Corporation had ramped up production, which resulted in a competition of five major producers in the IIR market. Market prices of IIR showed a long-awaited surge in 2017. IIR prices rose strongly in Q1, 2017, reaching a 3-year high. The leap in IIR prices also uplifted the profit considerably. However, there was no significant increase in end demand. Besides, the demand weakened as some downstream plants were affected by the environmental protection inspection. The demand was still weak and the market supply continued to be ample. Market prices of IIR started to fluctuate downwards after Q1, 2017.

What will the future market be like? Regular tires develop towards the tubeless tires, and shared bicycles sprang up, whittling down the demand for regular butyl rubber. As the quality of Chinese-made IIR cannot meet the requirements from downstream companies, China’s dependence on imported IIR was still high. The import dependence degree of regular IIR and HIIR was 50% and 70% respectively. How will the supply-demand fundamental change in the coming period? How will the Chinese IIR producers deal with the market competition? How will downstream companies choose the suitable resources?

Based on the original data from Sublime China Information Co., Ltd. (abbr. as SCI) and synthesized the authoritative data from National Bureau of Statics, General Administration of Customs and industry statistics, 2017–2018 China IIR Market Annual Report analyzes both the 2017 regular IIR and the HIIR markets in detail from supply side, demand side, import, export, upstream raw material, etc. The reliable historical data could be traced back to five years ago, which can be used as import reference information for the project investments of butyl rubber, the market forecast, new client development, etc.


Report value

1. Presenting IIR capacity and production of Chinese producers in the past five years detailedly, which allows customers to have a clear sense of the situation and development trend of China’s IIR producers’ production. 

2. China’s dependence on imported IIR stays at highs. Analyze the import IR market by counties, which presents customers the import IIR market pattern virtually.

3. IIR upstream and downstream markets analysis, which let customers get to know the cost of IIR and the change of downstream demand.

4. Multi-angle analysis of the driving factors of IIR prices and objective evaluation of isoprene rubber value chain conduction. 




Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition        

1.1 Methodology & Definition    

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement      

1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation     

1.2.1 Product Term

1.2.2 Territory Term

1.3 Forecast Model Introduction        

Part 2 China IIR Market Overview      

Part 3 2017 IIR Supply & Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 China IIR Supply Pattern Analysis   

4.1 Global IIR Capacity Distribution Pattern

4.2 China IIR Capacity and Distribution

4.3 China IIR Production Analysis        

4.3.1 2013–2017 China IIR Production and Operating Rate Analysis

4.3.2 2018–2022 China IIR Production and Operating Rate Forecast

4.4 China IIR Units Shutdown and Capacity Expansion Situation

4.4.1 2017 China IIR Units Turnaround Situation

4.4.2 2018–2022 China IIR Units’ Capacity Expansion Plans

4.5 2013–2017 China IIR Import Overview

4.5.1 2013–2017 China IIR Import Analysis    

4.5.2 IIR Import Analysis (by Origin)       

4.5.3 IIR Import Analysis (by Customs) 

4.5.4 IIR Import Analysis (by Trade Mode)    

4.6 2018 China IIR Supply Forecast

Part 5 China IIR Demand Pattern & Change Trend Analysis   

5.1 2017 China IIR Demand Structure Analysis 

5.2 2017 China IIR Export Data Analysis

5.2.1 IIR Export Market Overview

5.2.2 IIR Export Region Analysis

5.2.3 IIR Export Market Forecast

5.3 Downstream Industries Development State

5.3.1 2017 China Tire Industry State Analysis        

5.3.2 2017 China T Pharmaceutical Stopper Industry State Analysis  

5.3.3 Others

Part 6 IIR Upstream Raw Material and Spot Price Co-movement Analysis

6.1 2017 Crude Oil and China Spot IIR Price Co-movement Analysis

6.2 2017 Isobutylene Market and China Spot IIR Price Co-movement Analysis

6.3 2017 Isoprene Market and China Spot IIR Price Co-movement Analysis

Part 7 2017 IIR Market Price Trend Analysis

7.1 China IIR Market Review       

7.2 Imported IIR Market Review

7.2.1 2017 China IIR RMB Market Trend Review

7.2.2 2017 China IIR USD Market Trend Review

Part 8 2018 IIR Market Price Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis

8.1 IIR Market Price Trend Forecast

8.2 Macro-economic Environment Interpretation and Impact       

8.3 EPDM Upstream Raw Material Market Analysis and Forecast

8.3.1 Crude Oil Market Analysis and Forecast       

8.3.2 China Isobutylene Market Analysis      

8.3.3 China Isoprene Market Analysis

8.4 2018–2022 China IIR Supply & Demand Balance Pattern Forecast   

8.5 China IIR Industry Future Competition Analysis


Charts and Tables

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