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2017-2018 China PC Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


China’s economy was stable-to-increasing in 2017. “The Belt and Road” policy brought new opportunities for both China’s and global economy. In the 13th Five-Year Plan, China planned to improve the comprehensive supply capability to 70%, and the supply capability for key new materials to 50%. Currently, the PC end industries’ capacity and raw material processing system are upgrading. The unqualified enterprises were shut down, and the whole PC market improved. The prohibition on imports of solid wastes was issued in July. The waste CD was in the prohibition name list, and the import of waste CD was supposed to be prohibited by the end of July. The import of waste plastics was expected to be prohibited by the end of 2017.

The China PC price first dropped and then increased in 2017. The PC market price skyrocketed in H2, 2017, and broke the record high of 2016. In July, the PC market price increased by 22% month-on-month. The foreign-trade dependence was still high in the PC market. In H1, 2017, China imported 680kt PC, up nearly 7% year-on-year. The high foreign-trade dependence and profit boosted the China domestic PC projects. All the planned capacity will be gradually released from 2018. What will be the supply-demand structure in 2018? Which import PC will be replaced? What will be the future trend of each PC application fields? How will the PC export market change?

The report covers the Chinese PC market supply status and future tendency, as well as the market capacity of PC upstream and downstream products. It provides straightforward market movement with a mass of data and charts. The report, with market review and historical market price changes, offers the most appropriate forecast based on supply-demand fundamentals and comprehensive market study.

Report Value:

  1. By analyzing the PC supply, you will have a better understanding of China’s great influence in the PC market.
  2. Multiple analysis of PC import market, you will have a better understanding of China’s PC import pattern.
  3. Multiple analysis of price driving factors to evaluate the EPS value chain.


Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition

1.1 Methodology & Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation

1.3 Prediction Model Introduction

Part 2 2017 PC Market Review

Part 3 2017 PC Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 PC Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 2017 Global PC Capacity Layout

4.2 China PC Capacity Layout

4.2.1 2017 China PC Capacity Layout by Region

4.2.2 2017 China PC Capacity Layout by Enterprise

4.3 China PC Output Analysis

4.3.1 2013–2017 China PC Output & Operating Rates Analysis

4.3.2 2018–2022 China PC Output & Operating Rates Forecast

4.4 Shut-Down and Capacity Expansion of Global PC Producers

4.4.1 2017 China PC Shut-Down Units’ Status

4.4.2 2017 Global PC Shut-Down Units’ Status

4.4.3 2017 China Newly-Added PC Capacity Status

4.4.4 2018–2022 China PC Capacity Expansion Plan

4.5 2013–2017 China’s PC Import Pattern

4.5.1 2013–2017 PC Import Analysis

4.5.2 2017 PC Import Volume Statistics by Origin

4.5.3 2017 PC Import Volume Statistics by Customs

4.5.4 2017 PC Import Volume Statistics by Trade Mode

4.6 2018 PC Supply Pattern Forecast

Part 5 PC Demand Pattern and Change Trend

5.1 2017 PC Demand Structure Analysis

5.2 2017 China PC Export Data Analysis

5.2.1 Export Market Review

5.2.2 Export Destination Analysis

5.3 PC Downstream Industries Status

5.3.1 2017 China Automobile Industry Status

5.3.2 2017 China Electronic Appliance Industry Status

5.3.3 2017 China Plate Industry Development Status

5.3.4 2017 Other Downstream Industries Development Status

Part 6 Co-Movement Analysis between PC Raw Material Market and PC Spot Market

6.1 2017 Co-Movement Analysis between Crude Oil Market and China’s Spot PC Market

6.2 2017 Co-Movement Analysis between BPA Market and China’s PC Spot Market

Part 7 2017 China’s PC Market Review

7.1 China’s PC Market Review    

7.2 2017 China’s PC Producers’ Gross Profit Analysis

7.3 2017 Asian PC Market Review

Part 8 2018 PC Price Forecast and Driving Factors Analysis

8.1 PC Products Future Price Trend Forecast

8.2 Macro-Economic Environment Analysis

8.3 China PC Industry Policy Analysis

8.4 2017–2020 China’s PC Supply & Demand Balance Pattern Forecast

8.5 China PC Products Upgrading & Development Direction

8.6 China PC Industry Future Competition Analysis


Tables & Charts

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