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2017-2018 China SSBR Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


Chinese-made solution styrene butadiene rubber (SSBR) prices rallied in Q2 of 2017 after decreasing. The monthly average price of imported SSBR stayed at highs. The total import volume under the HS codes 40021915 and 40021916 rose by 42% Y-O-Y in H1 of 2017. The advancement of China’s tire labeling regulation boosted the consumption of SSBR.

As for global newly-added SSBR supply, one unit in South Korea will go into commercialized production in 2017. At least two units (excluding those in China) will be put into operation in 2018. Meanwhile, the implementation of tire labeling regulation in EU moves to the second stage. As for the China’s tire labeling regulation, 2017 is the second year that tire producers paste the labels voluntarily. The consumption volume of SSBR greatly increases. Some China’s tire producers are working on the R&D of high performance tires. Some China’s SSBR producers start to customize grades. Are there any new changes in China’s SSBR supply pattern? What are the new features of competition in the import market? What will happen to the global SSBR competition pattern with the cooperative development of the foreign SSBR giants?

Based on SSBR and semi-tire data studied and monitored by Sublime China Information Co., Ltd. (abbr. as SCI), this report will provide SSBR players with supply, prices, capacity, consumption, etc. to help them better understand the competitors. The report will also help to make marketing plans according to the market status of Chinese-made SSBR and imported SSBR. With panoramic analysis, the report will offer accurate market information and scientific decision-making basis for strategy makers.

Report Value:

(1) Through the analysis of the supply-demand pattern, show the influence of China’s SSBR market changes on global SSBR market.

(2) Clearly present the SSBR import changes in China, with nearly 3-year’s SSBR import statistics.

(3) Analyze the latest development in China’s tire labeling regulation and show the expected changes in SSBR demand driven by the regulation.

(4) Track the overseas SSBR projects development and analyze the global SSBR supply changes in the future to know import competitors better.

(5) Comprehensively analyze the price driving factors and provide objective assessment of SSBR industry chain.


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation

Part 2 SSBR Market Overview

Part 3 2017 SSBR Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 2017 China’s SSBR Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 China’s SSBR Capacity Statistics and Analysis

4.2 China’s SSBR Output Statistics and Analysis

4.3 China’s SSBR Operating Rate Analysis

4.4 China’s SSBR Import Statistics

4.4.1 Import Volume Analysis

4.4.2 Monthly Average Import Price Analysis

4.4.3 Import Statistics (by Origin)

4.4.4 Import Statistics (by Customs)

4.4.5 Import Statistics (by Trade Mode)

4.5 2018–2020 Supply Forecast

Part 5 2017 SSBR Price Trend Analysis

5.1 Sinopec SSBR Price Trend Analysis

5.2 PetroChina SSBR Price Trend Analysis

5.3 SSBR Import Price Trend Analysis

5.3.1 South Korea-Origin SSBR Price Trend Analysis

5.3.2 Singapore-Origin SSBR Price Trend Analysis

5.3.3 Germany-Origin SSBR Price Trend Analysis

Part 6 China’s SSBR Upstream & Downstream Markets Analysis

6.1 Butadiene Market Analysis

6.2 Butadiene and SSBR Markets Co-movement Analysis

6.3 Semi-steel Tire Industry Analysis

6.4 Semi-steel Tire Operating Rate Analysis

6.5 High Performance Tire R&D Development Overview

6.6 China’s Tire Labeling Regulation Development Analysis

Part 7 Overseas New SSBR Projects Progress Analysis

7.1 Overseas Construction and Planned SSBR Projects Statistics

7.2 Impact of SSBR Joint Venture Established by Zeon and Sumitomo on Global SSBR Structure

Part 8 2018 China’s SSBR Price Forecast and Price Driving Factors Analysis

8.1 Future Butadiene Market Change’s Influence on SSBR Market

8.2 China’s Tire Labeling Regulation’s Influence on SSBR Industry

8.3 2018 China’s SSBR Price Forecast


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