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2017-2018 China PVC Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017-2018 China PVC Market Annual Report


In 2017, the supply and demand of China’s PVC market was largely balanced. Safety inspections and environmental protection inspections ran throughout the year, curbing some producers’ production. So the overall supply pressure of PVC was not large this year. The PVC were in short supply from Q2, 2017, and the market inventory in East China and South China continued to decrease. The PVC prices surged from H2 of April. By the end of mid-September, the SG-5 prices in East China rose to RMB 7,750/mt, up 39.9% from the yearly low. The profits of PVC producers have increased substantially. As of mid-August, the profits at PVC producers were as high as RMB 1,500/mt.

With the sharp increase in profits at PVC producers, their production enthusiasm was improved. More newly-added capacity was planned to be put into use. According to statistics, over 1,500kt/a capacity was planned to be put into use from H2, 2017 to 2018. Meanwhile, the operating rates of some producers with poor management and narrow source channels will still be influenced by the more stringent safety inspections and environmental protection inspections. It is predicted that the overall competitiveness of PVC producers will be more intense in 2018. The process of urbanization in China is still advancing. So, the demand for PVC products will increase steadily later. Additionally, after the prohibition of importing waste plastic was implemented, would the demand for virgin PVC be supported?

This report is based on the raw data of 13 years of investigation from SCI, the authoritative data published by National Bureau of Statistics, General Administration of Customs, National Development and Reform Commission and etc., and the industry data from domestic major suppliers, traders and downstream factories. Senior industry experts will make detailed review of China’s PVC market in 2017 and analyze the changes in market supply and demand, price trend and import & export data.

Report Value

1. Presenting the capacity and output of China’s PVC producers in past 5 years.

2. Analyzing China’s environmental protection policy and other policies. Letting you to understand the background of the rise in the macroscopic level.

3. Analyzing the PVC export market.

4. Fully presenting the whole situation of upstream feedstock and related products.

5. Analyzing the driving factors of price change form multi-angles. Making objective assessment of PVC value chain.



Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

Part 2 PVC Market Overview

Part 3 2017 PVC Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 PVC Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 2017 Global PVC Supply Analysis

4.2 2017 China PVC Capacity Analysis

4.2.1 2017 PVC Capacity Layout (by Region)

4.2.2 2017 PVC Capacity Proportion (by Feedstock)

4.3 China PVC Output Analysis

4.4 China PVC Unit Shutdown and Capacity Expansion Statistics

4.4.1 2017 PVC Unit Turnaround Statistics

4.4.2 2017 PVC Capacity Expansion Statistics

4.4.3 2018-2019 PVC Capacity Expansion Plan Statistics

4.5 2013-2017 China PVC Import Overview

4.5.1 2013-2017 PVC Import Analysis

4.5.2 2017 PVC Import Analysis (by Origin)

4.6 2017 PVC Social Inventory Analysis

4.7 2017 China Calcium Carbide-PVC Integrated Producers’ Proportion Analysis

4.8 2018-2022 PVC Market Supply Forecast

Part 5 PVC Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 2017 China PVC Demand Structure Analysis

5.2 2017 PVC Export Data Analysis

5.2.1 2013-2017 PVC Export Volume Change Analysis

5.2.2 2017 PVC Export Analysis (by Destination)

5.2.3 2017 PVC Export Analysis (by Customs)

5.3 PVC Downstream Industries Development Situation

5.3.1 PVC Pipe Industry Analysis

5.3.2 PVC Profile Industry Analysis

5.3.3 PVC Flooring Export Analysis

5.4 2018-2022 PVC Demand Forecast

Part 6 2017 PVC and Upstream Feedstock Co-Movement Analysis

6.1 2017 PVC Major Feedstock Market Analysis

6.1.1 2017 Calcium Carbide Market Analysis

6.1.2 2017 Ethylene Market Analysis

6.1.3 2017 EDC and VCM Market Analysis

6.2 2017 Calcium Carbide and PVC Price Co-Movement Analysis

6.3 2017 Ethylene and PVC Price Co-Movement Analysis

6.4 2017 VCM, EDC and PVC Price Co-Movement Analysis

6.5 2018 Feedstock Market Forecast

Part 7 China PVC Feedstock Diversified Competition Pattern Analysis

7.1 2017 China PVC Feedstock Diversified Development Status

7.2 2017 China PVC Production Technology Comparison

Part 8 2017 China PVC Related Products Analysis

8.1 2017 Caustic Soda Market Status Analysis

8.1.1 2017 China Caustic Soda Market Trend Analysis

8.1.2 2017 China Chlor-Alkali Industry Profitability Analysis

8.2 2017 DOP Market Status Analysis

8.2.1 2017 China DOP Market Trend Analysis

8.2.2 2017 China DOP Profit Analysis

Part 9 2017 PVC Price Trend Analysis

9.1 2011-2017 PVC Price Change Analysis

9.2 2017 PVC Price Analysis

9.3 2017 Calcium Carbide-Based PVC and Ethylene-Based PVC Price Comparison Analysis

9.4 2017 PVC Futures Price and Spot Price Comparison

9.5 2017 PVC Profit Analysis

Part 10 2018 PVC Price Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis

10.1 Future PVC Price Forecast

10.2 Macro-Economy Interpretation and Influence

10.3 China PVC Industry Policy Interpretation

10.4 Feedstock Calcium Carbide Price May Rise Again

10.5 2018-2022 China PVC Supply and Demand Balance Forecast

10.6 China PVC Industry Chain Value Analysis

10.7 China PVC Future Market Competition Analysis

Industry Focus

Appendix 1: Producer Names

Appendix 2: Tables and Charts

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Appendix 2: Tables and Charts


Table 1 Suspension-Based General-Purpose PVC SG-5 Index in GB/T 5761-2006

Table 2 2013-2017 China PVC Supply and Demand Balance

Table 3 2017 China PVC Capacity Statistics (by Region)

Table 4 Ethylene-Based PVC Producers’ Feedstock Source

Table 5 2017 China Newly Added PVC Capacity Statistics

Table 6 2018-2019 Planned Newly Added PVC Capacity Statistics

Table 7 2017 China Calcium Carbide-PVC Integrated Producers Statistics

Table 8 2017 (Jan-Sep) PVC Export Volume Statistics (by Destination)

Table 9 Table 8 2017 (Jan-Sep) PVC Export Volume Statistics (by Customs)

Table 10 PVC Production Technology Comparison

Table 11 2010-2017 (Jan-Oct) E-China PVC SG-5 Average Price Comparison

Table 12 2018-2019 Newly Added Capacity Statistics

Table 13 2018-2022 PVC Capacity Forecast

Table 14 2018-2022 Apparent Consumption Volume Forecast

Table 15 Influence of Environmental Protection Inspection on the PVC Market


Chart 1 2013-2017 Global PVC Capacity and Output

Chart 2 2013-2017 Indian PVC Capacity, Output and Import Volume

Chart 3 2017 China PVC Production Technology Proportion

Chart 4 2013-2017 PVC Capacity, Output and Operating Rate

Chart 5 2017 PVC Output Losses from Turnarounds

Chart 6 2013-2017 China PVC Import Volume

Chart 7 2017 (Jan-Sep) PVC Import Analysis (by Origin)

Chart 8 2017 (Jan-Oct) East China and South China PVC Inventory

Chart 9 2018-2022 PVC Capacity and Output Forecast

Chart 10 2017 PVC Downstream Application Proportion

Chart 11 2013-2017 China PVC Export Volume

Chart 12 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China PVC Pipe Export Volume

Chart 13 2017 (Jan-Oct) PVC Profile Producers’ Operating Rate

Chart 14 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China PVC Profile Export Volume

Chart 15 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China PVC Flooring Export Volume

Chart 16 2018-2022 PVC Apparent Consumption Volume Forecast

Chart 17 2017 (Jan-Oct) Calcium Carbide Market Price

Chart 18 2016-2017 (Jan-Oct) Asian Ethylene Market Price

Chart 19 2017 (Jan-Oct) EDC and VCM Price

Chart 20 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Inner Mongolia PVC Price, Calcium Carbide Price and PVC Profit

Chart 21 2016-2017 (Jan-Oct) Inner Mongolia PVC Price, Calcium Carbide Price and PVC Profit

Chart 22 2017 (Jan-Oct) Northeast Asia Ethylene Price and China Ethylene-Based PVC Price Trend

Chart 23 2017 (Jan-Oct) VCM, EDC and PVC Price Co-Movement Analysis

Chart 24 2017 (Jan-Oct) Eastern China and Western China 32% Ion Film Caustic Soda Ex-Works Price

Chart 25 2017 (Jan-Oct) Shandong Chlor-Alkali Enterprise ECU Profitability

Chart 26 2017 (Jan-Oct) Shandong Chlor-Alkali Enterprise ECU Profitability

Chart 27 2014-2017 (Jan-Oct) China DOP Market Price

Chart 28 2014-2017 (Jan-Oct) DOP Producer Gross Profit Analysis

Chart 29 2011-2017 (Jan-Oct) PVC Price Trend

Chart 30 2017 (Jan-Oct) PVC Price Trend

Chart 31 2017 (Jan-Oct) Calcium Carbide-based PVC and Ethylene-based PVC Price Comparison

Chart 32 2017 (Jan-Oct) PVC Basis Trend

Chart 33 2017 (Jan-Oct) PVC Gross Profit in Main Producing Areas

Chart 34 2011-2016 Housing Starts and PVC Consumption Volume Growth Comparison

Chart 35 2018-2022 PVC Supply and Demand Forecas

Chart 36 2015-2017 Shandong Calcium Carbide Delivered Price, PVC Ex-Works Price and PVC Profit Comparison

Chart 37 2010-2017 PVC Import and Export Comparison

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