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2017-2018 China Recycled Plastic Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2017, the environmental protection inspection brings great challenges to recycled plastic industry. On July 18 2017, China State Council issued a document to prohibit household waste plastics, causing great concerns in the plastic industry. For industry sources, the clear policy brings new opportunities and challenges to some sections such as procurement channels, processing, sales, etc. The future development of recycled plastic industry will focus on environmental protection, standardization and large scale. Many enterprises are preparing to become large-scale in 2017. What did large-scale enterprises and family workshops experience? What change will these experiences bring to recycled plastic industry? The plastic market in Shandong Laizhou and Tianjin Tanggu warehouse were gradually banned, showing that there was also Black swan event in the recycled plastic industry. Thus, what positive impact and promotion will these events bring to the reform of recycled plastic industry? What is the occurrence probability of events similar to Black swan event? The 2017 China Recycled Plastic Market Annual Report will help you have better understanding of these questions.

SCI has been absorbed in bulk commodities for 13 years and accumulates abundant industry data. By the in-depth study of industry data, SCI forms complete data system and becomes the exclusive owner of true and reliable recycled plastic industry’s production-sales-stock data. This report uses scientific methods and complete logic as well as review and forecast the recycled plastic market, combining with SCI’s analysts’ experience and exclusive data such as operating rate, output, profit and sample inventory. Meanwhile, the report will provide suggestions to investors. That will help market players have an insight into recycled PP industry trend and timely adjust and make operation strategies.

Report Value

1. To learn about recycled plastic supply-demand pattern clearly, by analyzing PP supply-demand balance in recent years.

2. To help you clearly learn about what recycled plastics happened in 2017, by analyzing supply & demand, prices, market changes as well as hot issues of recycled plastics.

3. What is the effect of prohibition on waste plastic import on China recycled plastics market?

4. To analyze the impact of environmental protection inspection on the recycled plastic market.

5. To analyze influential factors of price changes from multiple angles; to objectively evaluate the transmission of recycled plastic value chain.

6. To help you find new trend and opportunities in the recycled plastic market, by analyzing source changes of recycled plastics and recycled plastic industry development trend.


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation

Part 2 Recycled Plastic Market Overview

Part 3 2017 Recycled Plastic Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 2017 Recycled Plastic Market Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 China Recycled Plastic Supply Status and Trend Analysis

4.1.1 2017 China Recycled Plastic Capacity Distribution

4.1.2 2017 China Recycled Plastic Recycle Characteristics Analysis

4.1.3 2017 China Recycled Plastic Apparent Supply Volume Analysis

4.2 Imported Recycled Plastic Import Status and Supply Volume Analysis

4.2.1 2017 Imported Recycled Plastic Supply Volume Analysis

4.2.2 2017 Imported Recycled Plastic Analysis (by Origin)

4.2.3 2017 Imported Recycled Plastic Analysis (by Customs)

4.3 2017 Recycled Plastic Market Profitability Analysis

4.4 2017 Recycled Plastic Market Operating Rate Analysis

4.5 2017 Recycled Plastic Enterprises Weekly Dealing Volume Analysis

Part 5 2017 Recycled Plastic Market Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 2017 Recycled Plastic Demand Structure Analysis

5.1.1 2017 Recycled General-Purpose Materials Demand Structure Analysis

5.1.2 Recycled Engineering Materials Demand Structure Analysis

5.2 2017 Recycled Plastic Apparent Consumption Volume Analysis

5.3 2017 Recycled Plastic Demand Status Analysis

5.3.1 2017 China Plastic Products Industry Development Status

5.3.2 2017 Recycled Agricultural Film Market Development Status

5.3.3 2017 Recycled Pipe Market Development Status

5.3.4 2017 Plastic Weaving Market Development Status

5.3.5 2017 Electronics Market Development Status

Part 6 2017 Recycled Plastic Price Trend

6.1 2017 Recycled Plastic Market Review

6.2 2017 Recycled Plastic Market Trend Analysis

6.3 2017 Virgin Plastic and Recycled Plastic Co-Movement Analysis

6.3.1 2017 Virgin General-Purpose Plastic and Recycled General-Purpose Plastic Price Co-Movement Analysis

6.3.2 2017 Virgin Engineering Plastic and Recycled Engineering Plastic Price Co-Movement Analysis

6.3.3 2016 Virgin Rigid Plastic and Recycled Rigid Plastic Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 7 2018 Recycled Plastic Market Status and Investment Forecast

7.1 Recycled Plastic Market Status

7.2 Opportunities and Challenges for Development of Recycled Plastic Enterprises

7.2.1 Recycled Plastic Industry Development Chances

7.2.2 Recycled Plastic Industry Development Risks and Challenges

Part 8 2018 Recycled Plastic Price Forecast and Influential Factor Analysis

8.1 Recycled Plastic Price Trend Forecast

8.2 Recycled Plastic Macro Economy Interpretation and Influence

8.3 Recycled Plastic Industrial & National Policy

8.4 Recycled Plastic Supply-Demand Balance Pattern Forecast

8.5 Recycled Plastic Production Technology Comparison

8.6 Impact of Related Products Change on Recycled Plastic

8.7 Market Competition Analysis

8.8 Value Chain Analysis


Tables and Charts

Legal Statement

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