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2017-2018 China Acrylonitrile Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


New units at Shandong Koruhr Chemical and Jiangsu Sailboat Petrochemical were put into operation, so the supply of acrylonitrile increased greatly, and prices of acrylonitrile decreased sharply. Recently, the capacity expanding in China was stagnated temporarily, easing the sales pressure of acrylonitrile producers. The supply of both ABS and acrylic fibers mounted up, which supported the production and sales of acrylonitrile producers from downstream demand side. Thus, acrylonitrile producers gained more considerable profits. Besides, due to the continuous turnarounds in foreign countries, prices of foreign goods increased. Therefore, imported goods lost the advantage of price for China. Meanwhile, that may contribute to the export of Chinese-made goods. China’s acrylonitrile industry was thriving in 2017.

The unit at Shandong Haili Chemical Industry will be put into operation, and some companies, such as Shandong Koruhr Chemical Phrase II and Sinopec Zhejiang Oil Products Company, also have a plan to add new units. The capacity will continue to be expanded later, which will bring oversupply pressure. However, the production of ABS rose rapidly, and the capacity of acrylic fibers increased consecutively for three times. Therefore, downstream demand will continue supporting the acrylonitrile industry. In addition, under the air pollution treatment policy, some units at Shandong were shut down. Why was the production of acrylonitrile also impacted by this policy? Although prices of acrylonitrile’s feedstock decreased, acrylonitrile prices surged. Will acrylonitrile producers continue gaining huge profits? Will prices of downstream products track the increase of feedstock prices? Hot issues will be presented in 2017–2018 China Acrylonitrile Market Annual Report.

SCI, together with senior specialists, China mainstream suppliers, traders and downstream large-scale producers, makes detailed review to China’s acrylonitrile market, and analyzes the supply-demand change, price trend, import & export in the report, based on SCI‘s almost ten-year prices, supply data, demand data and upstream & downstream products’ data, as well as authoritative data released by NBS, China's General Administration of Customs and NDRC. Moreover, SCI also forecasts the future acrylonitrile industrial pattern and provides theoretical basis in the report, to help market players better understand the acrylonitrile industry and avoid risks in business operations.

Report Value:

1. This report describes the real supply status of China’s acrylonitrile, based on three-year data accumulated by SCI.

2. This report covers more than 90% downstream consumption field, which is designed to make customers better understand China’s acrylonitrile demand pattern.

3. This report includes multi-dimension analysis of price change factors and objective evaluation of acrylonitrile value chain.


Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition

1.1 Methodology & Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation

Part 2 China Acrylonitrile Market Overview

Part 3 2017 China Acrylonitrile Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 2017 China Acrylonitrile Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 China Acrylonitrile Supply Pattern

4.1.1 2017 China Acrylonitrile Capacity and Output Statistics

4.1.2 2017 China Acrylonitrile Unit Operation Status and Operating Rate Statistics

4.1.3 2015–2017 China Acrylonitrile Supply Comparison Analysis

4.2 2017 Imported Acrylonitrile Data Analysis

4.2.1 2017 Imported Acrylonitrile Analysis by Origin

4.2.2 2017 Imported Acrylonitrile Analysis by Customs

4.2.3 2017 Imported Acrylonitrile Cost Analysis

4.3 2018 China Acrylonitrile Supply Forecast Analysis

Part 5 2017 China Acrylonitrile Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 2015–2017 China Acrylonitrile Demand Comparison Analysis

5.2 2017 China Acrylonitrile Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis

5.3 2017 China Acrylonitrile Major Downstream Industries Analysis

5.3.1 China Acrylic Fiber Industry Status Analysis

5.3.2 China ABS Industry Status Analysis

5.3.3 China AM/PAM Industry Status Analysis

5.3.4 China Acrylonitrile Other Downstream Industries Analysis

5.4 2018 Acrylonitrile Demand Forecast Analysis      

Part 6 2017 Acrylonitrile Price Trend Analysis

6.1 China Acrylonitrile Mainstream Market Price Analysis

6.2 Imported Acrylonitrile Price Trend Analysis

6.3 Imported Acrylonitrile Arbitrage Analysis

Part 7 2018 Acrylonitrile Price Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis

7.1 Acrylonitrile Price Trend Forecast

7.2 Macro-economic Environment Interpretation and Influences

7.3 China Acrylonitrile Supply and Demand Balance Forecast

7.4 Influence of Future Changes of Upstream Products on Acrylonitrile

7.4.1 2017 Crude Oil Market Review

7.4.2 2017 China Propylene Industry Analysis

7.4.3 2017 China Ammonia Industry Analysis

7.5 Acrylonitrile Market Competition Analysis

7.5.1 China Acrylonitrile Competition Status Analysis

7.5.2 Chinese-made Acrylonitrile and Imported Acrylonitrile Competition Analysis

7.6 Acrylonitrile Value Chain Analysis


List of Major Suppliers and Distributors

Tables & Charts

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Legal Statement

Legal Statement

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