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2017-2018 China Fluorine Polymer Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


China has been in a stage when industrialization and urbanization are developing in a speedy pace. The pressure of environmental protection inspection has been increased constantly, as the environment worsening hasn’t been relieved from the root. “Rigorous law enforcement” has been a new normal in 2017 and the environmental protection inspection tends to be normalized, in the process of advancing the rule of law and the New Environmental Protection Law. The operating rate of teflon units ramped down, pressured by the environmental protection inspection. Meanwhile, downstream enterprises of by-product hydrochloric acid are influenced deeply as well, whose plants are compelled to reduce production or even shut down. In particular, the teflon enterprises which produced hydrochloric acid in a large amount are shocked mostly. The stock oversupply of hydrochloric acid has also become the biggest obstacle in the teflon industry in 2017. The teflon price once soared by 45.45% in H1, 2017 against the background of supply-side structural reform. 2017–2018 China Fluorine Polymer Market Annual Report will make an in-depth analysis from the industry status, industry development constraints and future development direction for you with accurate and detailed data, overall product interpretation and qualitative & quantitative methods.

Content Value

(1) Analyzing the main products of fluorine polymer, such as PTFE, FEP, PVDF and fluororubber to make sure that you could master the overall changing of the fluorine polymer markets.

(2) Presenting the changing of fluorine polymer’s supply & demand patterns clearly with qualitative and quantitative analysis.

(3) Showing the import & export status of primary-shape teflon by origin & destination, trade mode and customs. And the enterprises will be ranked, according to the total import & export volume respectively to ensure your distinct grasp of the import and export status.

(4) Forecasting the price trend and development in 2018, from the perspective of various driving factors.


Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition        

1.1 Methodology & Definition    

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement 

1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation    

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation     

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation 

Part 2 2017 China’s Fluorine Polymer Market Overview

Part 3 2017 China’s Fluorine Polymer Market Supply Analysis      

3.1 2017 China’s Teflon Market Supply Analysis

3.1.1 2017 China’s Teflon Regional Supply Analysis & Enterprise Archives

3.1.2 2017 China’s Teflon Output Analysis

3.1.3 2017 China’s Teflon Operating Rate Analysis   

3.1.4 2018 China’s Newly-Added Teflon Capacity Statistics

3.2 2017 China’s Primary-shape Teflon Import Analysis

3.2.1 2017 Import Data Analysis (by Origin)

3.2.2 2017 Import Data Analysis (by Trade Mode)

3.2.3 2017 Enterprise Ranking on Overall Import Volume

3.3 2017 China’s FEP Market Supply Analysis

3.3.1 2017 China’s FEP Regional Supply Analysis & Enterprise Archives

3.3.2 2017 China’s FEP Output Analysis

3.4 2017 China’s PVDF Market Supply Analysis

3.4.1 2017 China’s PVDF Regional Supply Analysis & Enterprise Archives

3.4.2 2017 China’s PVDF Output Analysis

3.5 2017 China’s Fluororubber Market Supply Analysis

3.6 2018 China’s Fluorine Polymer Market Supply Pattern Forecast

3.6.1 2018 China’s Teflon Supply Pattern Forecast

3.6.2 2018 China’s FEP Supply Pattern Forecast

3.6.3 2018 China’s PVDF Supply Pattern Forecast

3.6.4 2018 China’s Fluororubber Supply Pattern Forecast

Part 4 2017 China’s Fluorine Polymer Market Demand Analysis   

4.1 2017 China’s Teflon Market Demand Structure Analysis

4.2 2017 China’s Teflon Main Downstream Industries Development Analysis

4.3 2017 China’s Fluororubber Market Demand Structure Analysis

4.4 2017 China’s Primary Teflon Export Analysis

4.4.1 2017 Export Data Analysis (by Destination)

4.4.2 2017 Export Data Analysis (by Trade Mode)

4.4.3 2017 Export Data Analysis (by Customs)

4.4.4 2017 Enterprise Ranking on Overall Export Volume

4.5 2018 China’s Fluorine Polymer Market Demand Pattern Forecast

Part 5 2017 China’s Fluorine Polymer Market Analysis

5.1 2017 China’s Teflon Market Review

5.1.1 2017 China’s Teflon Market Price Review

5.1.2 2017 China’s Teflon Gross Profit Analysis

5.2 2017 Other Fluorine Polymer Markets Review

5.2.1 2017 China’s FEP Market Price Review

5.2.2 2017 China’s PVDF Market Price Review

5.2.3 2017 China’s Fluororubber Market Price Review

Part 6 2017 China’s Fluorine Polymer Upstream Products Market Analysis

6.1 Feedstock R22 Analysis

6.1.1 2017 China’s R22 Market Review

6.1.2 2017 China’s R22 Capacity, Output & Operating Rate Analysis

6.2 Feedstock R142b Analysis

6.2.1 2017 China’s R142b Market Review

Part 7 2018 Fluorine Polymer Market Price Forecast and Driving Forces Analysis

7.1 2018 Teflon Market Price Forecast

7.2 Macro-economic Environment Interpretation & Impacts

7.3 2018–2021 Feedstock R22 Supply Forecast

7.4 China Fluorine Polymer Industry’s Future Development


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