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2017-2018 China HCFCS-22 Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In H1, 2017, most of China’s freon products faced price skyrockets, creating a new milestone after 2010. HCFCS-22 is one of the main freon products China. With the surge of HCFCS-22 price and profit, on the one hand, the profit at HCFCS-22 manufacturing enterprises was considerable. On the other hand, those factors benefited a batch of trading enterprises. From March to May, the air-conditioner manufactory—the most primary downstream industry, suffered high cost pressure. Most producers were in a panic, as it was tough for them to purchase feedstock. In the past five years, it was the first time for sellers to play the leading role in the HCFCS-22 market.

Since H2, 2017, some positive factors, including the tight supply, strong demand and high cost, had vanished, and buyers held dominant position in the freon market. The price uptrend of the freon reversed rapidly. However, the air-conditioner output increased greatly in H1, 2017, resulting in mass consumption for China’s HCFCS-22 usage quota. Therefore, it seems that manufacturers will push up the freon market prices at the end of 2017.

What’s the leading cause of the price soar for the HCFCS-22 in 2017? Under the background of sharp fluctuations of market prices, what changes had happened between supply and demand? What about the prospect for the HCFCS-22 industry over the next five years?

Based on the first-hand data gathered by SCI and the authoritative data from General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) and National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), meanwhile, united with the viewpoints from China’s senior experts, producers, traders, packers, manufacturing and maintenance enterprises of air-conditioner, this report offers the most detailed analysis about HCFCS-22 industry in 2017 and the industry development forecast in the next one to five years.

Report Value

1. This report analyzes the sharp increase of R22 price in recent five years and presents the common point and difference.

2. This report analyzes the impact on air-conditioner in H2, 2017 from the quick consumption for R22 quotas in H1, 2017.

3. This report analyzes R22 usage and export quotas and the demand for R22 out of the quota.

4. This report analyzes the threats to the in-quota resources, with the decrease of the domestic production quota.

5. This report analyzes the impact on R22 market, as the R22 quota will be adjusted greatly in the future five years.


Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition

1.1 Methodology & Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation

Part 2 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Market Overview

Part 3 2013–2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 2017 HCFCS-22 Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 2017 HCFCS-22 Supply Analysis

4.1.1 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Capacity Analysis

4.1.2 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Output Analysis

4.1.3 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Quota Analysis

4.2 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Unit Running Condition Analysis

4.2.1 2017 HCFCS-22 Operating Rates Statistics

4.2.2 2017 HCFCS-22 Unit Running Condition (by Enterprises) Statistics

Part 5 2017 HCFCS-22 Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis

5.2 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Consumption Quota Data Analysis

5.3 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Demand Analysis

5.3.1 Demand from HCFCS-22 Refrigerant Industry Analysis

5.3.2 Demand from HCFCS-22 Foaming Agent Industry Analysis

5.3.3 Demand from HCFCS-22 Medicine Industry Analysis

5.3.4 Demand from HCFCS-22 Polytef Industry Analysis

5.4 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Export Analysis

5.4.1 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Export Analysis (by Destination)

5.4.2 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Export Analysis (by Customs)

5.4.3 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Export Volume Analysis (by Enterprises)

Part 6 China’s HCFCS-22 Refrigerant Market Review

6.1 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Refrigerant Price Trend Review

6.2 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Refrigerant Manufacturing Enterprise Profit Analysis

Part 7 2017 China’s HCFCS-22 Upstream & Downstream Markets Analysis

7.1 2017 China’s Anhydrous Hydrofluoric Acid (AHF) Market Review

7.2 2017 China’s Trichloromethane Market Review

7.3 2017 China’s Polytef Market Review

Part 8 2018–2022 China’s HCFCS-22 Refrigerant Industry Development Forecast

8.1 2018–2022 China’s HCFCS-22 Refrigerant Price Tendency Forecast

8.2 2018–2022 China’s HCFCS-22 Supply Forecast

8.3 2018–2022 China’s HCFCS-22 Demand Forecast

Part 9 2017 China’s Economic Environment Analysis & Forecast

9.1 2017 China’s Real Estate Market Overview

9.2 2018 China’s Real Estate Market Forecast


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