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2017-2018 China MEK Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


MEK profits continued to be high in 2017. Hunan Zhongchuang Chemical and Hunan Ruiyuan Petrochemical initiated to produce MEK within this year, with newly-added capacity of 150kt/a totally. Meanwhile, the newly-added unit of 80kt/a at CNOOC Taizhou Petrochemical was likely to be put into operation. Besides, compared with other solvent products, there was still a better performance for MEK in its output, sales, prices and profits, in spite of security production check affecting the production of downstream industries. In addition, the robust momentum was still embodied in China’s MEK export market. MEK resources were not only exported to South Korea, and the export volume to Southeast Asia also increased greatly. The Europe market and the U.S. market also became the export destinations.

Nothing is more challengeable than the increasing capacities for China’s MEK market in the future. Hunan Ruiyuan Petrochemical, Hunan Zhongchuang Chemical and CNOOC Taizhou Petrochemical have released a total capacity of 230kt/a into the market, up nearly 50% Y-O-Y. Demand for China’s MEK market will slow down in the coming years, thus, export will be an effective mean to relieve the overcapacity in China’s MEK industry. With the manufacturing industry springing up in Southeast Asia and India, an increasing number of end products, such as adhesive and coating, etc., will use more feedstock MEK, thus, exported volumes of China’s MEK are expected to enlarge in these regions. China’s supply-demand structure will see notable changes in next few years. Moreover, with China’s MEK market shares amplifying in global market, China will hold the pricing power for the MEK market gradually.

Confronted with the overcapacity, China’s MEK market still remain robust. Via full and accurate data, 2017–2018 China MEK Market Annual Report will elaborate influencing factors in the MEK market from various perspectives. About 70% of the data used in the report are SCI’s first hand data, which have great reference value and are widely-accepted by market players. Market Analysis will reflect the actual study results, and forecast viewpoints will give distinct directions to players.

Report value:

1. This report will elaborate China’s MEK market changes via supply-demand pattern analysis. In addition, it also shows that the influences on global market for China, as a major MEK importer.

2. The past five-year capacity and output of China’s MEK producers will be embodied by regions in this report to make you understand China MEK producers’ production status and developing trend.

3. This report will analyze the driving factors of price changes from various perspectives, and evaluate the developments of MEK’s upstream and downstream industries objectively.


Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition        

1.1 Methodology & Definition    

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement 

1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation    

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation     

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation 

Part 2 2017 MEK Products Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 MEK Market Overall Review

3.1 2017 China’s MEK Market Overview

3.2 2017 International MEK Market Overview

Part 4 MEK Supply Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

4.1 2017 Global MEK Capacity Distribution Pattern

4.1.1 2017 Global MEK Capacity Distribution (by Origin)

4.1.2 2017 Global MEK Capacity Distribution (by Manufacturer)

4.2 China’s MEK Supply Pattern

4.2.1 2014–2017 China’s MEK Capacity Distribution Pattern Comparison Analysis

4.2.2 2014–2017 China’s MEK Capacity, Output & Operating rate Data Comparison Analysis

4.2.3 2017–2018 China’s MEK Newly-added Capacity Progress Statistics

4.3 China’s MEK Import & Export Market New Development Trend

4.3.1 2017 MEK Total Export Volume Analysis

4.3.2 2017 MEK Export Volume Analysis (by Customs)

4.3.3 2017 MEK Export Volume Analysis (by Destination)

4.3.4 2017 MEK Exporter Analysis

4.3.5 2017 MEK Total Import Volume Analysis

4.3.6 2014–2017 Exported MEK Data Comparison Analysis

4.4 2014–2017 China’s MEK Apparent Demand & Export Analysis

4.5 2018 MEK Supply Forecast Analysis

Part 5 MEK Demand Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

5.1 2017 MEK Demand Structure Analysis

5.2 MEK Downstream Industries Development Status

5.2.1 2017 China’s MEKO Industry Development Status

5.2.2 2017 China’s Adhesive Industry Development Status

5.2.3 2017 China’s Organic Coatings Industry Development Status

5.2.4 2017 China’s Other Downstream Industries Development Status

5.3 2018 MEK Demand Forecast Analysis

Part 6 2017 MEK Market Review

6.1 China’s MEK Market Review

6.1.1 2017 China’s MEK Market Review

6.1.2 2017 Gross Profits Analysis of China’s MEK Producers

6.1.3 2017 Operating Rate Analysis of China’s MEK Producers

6.2 2017 MEK Asia Market Review

Part 7 Price Co-movement Analysis between Upstream feedstock & Spot MEK

7.1 2017 Crude Oil Market Review and Forecast      

7.2 2017 Price Co-movement Analysis between C4 raffinate II and Spot MEK

7.2.1 2017 Price Co-movement Analysis between China’s C4 raffinate II and Spot MEK

7.2.2 2017 C4 raffinate II Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Analysis

7.2.3 2017–2018 C4 raffinate II Newly-added Capacity and Changes Analysis

Part 8 2017–2018 MEK Supply-Demand Analysis

8.1 Macro-economic Environment Interpretation

8.2 Feedstock Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis

8.3 2017–2018 China’s MEK Supply-Demand Pattern Analysis


Competitive Relations Analysis between MEK and Its Substitutes Acetone

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Legal Statement

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