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2017-2018 China PVA Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017-2018 China PVA Market Annual Report


In 2017, the oversupply of PVA in China was still prominent. Capacity expansion temporarily finished after phase II units at Mengwei Technology were fully put into production. However, Hunan Xiangwei was shut, so industry concentration increased again. Export volume increased, and industry competition situation had been optimized. Operating rates of downstream industries declined due to homogenization competition and environmental protection inspections. The prices of PVA turned from virtual height to normal. Although PVA prices dropped in the middle of 2017, that changed marginally from 2016. Subject to rising feedstock prices and the impact of supply and demand, PVA prices were expected to rise in H2 of 2017.

In 2018, the elimination of backward production capacity will continue to be pushed forward. PVA capacity is concentrated in Northwest China. High feedstock self-sufficiency helps to curb the impact of upstream price fluctuations and to effectively control costs, therefore, the competitiveness of the producers will be improved. Can export and industrial chain extension ease the market oversupply pressure? Can the bargaining power of production enterprises be increased further? China's urbanization and consumption upgrade continue to be promoted and "The Belt and Road" construction developed steadily, stimulating China’s infrastructure and facilities construction and investment. Can the application of PVA in construction materials usher in new growth and opportunity in 2018?

SCI has been devoting to studying bulk commodity market for 14 years. Based on SCI’S original research data and combined with China’s macro-economic policies and industrial characteristics, the 2017–2018 China PVA Market Annual Report takes a detailed review of 2017 China’s PVA market. With ample charts and tables, the report analyzes the PVA market from the supply-demand structure, profit change, market atmosphere vibration, etc. In order to help PVA market players better grasp the market status and future trends, the report also covers a prospect of the future PVA market changes and development.

Report value:

1. The report makes an overview of 2017 China’s PVA market status.

2. The report analyzes China’s PVA capacity, output and operating rates in the past 5 years, helping you better understand the PVA production status in China.

3. The environmental protection project in the report introduces China’s environmental protection normalization in 2017 and its influence on the downstream industry development and also points out the market trend in the future.

4. The report forecasts the PVA market development from multi-aspects.


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition    

1.1 Methodology and Definition        

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement    

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation        

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.2.1 PVA Definition   

1.2.2 Geographic Terms      

1.2.3 Time Terms 

1.2.4 Abbreviation Terms   

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation

Part 2 PVA Market Overview      

Part 3 2013-2017 PVA Supply and Demand Balance Analysis 

Part 4 2017 PVA Supply Pattern Analysis  

4.1 2013-2017 PVA Capacity Analysis

4.1.1 2013-2017 Global PVA Capacity Analysis 2017 Global PVA Capacity Layout 2017 Global Major PVA Enterprises’ Capacity and Some Mainstream Brands Detail   

4.1.2 2013-2017 China PVA Capacity Changes Analysis 2017 China PVA Capacity Statistics by Region 2017 China PVA Capacity Statistics by Enterprise Nature 2017 China PVA Capacity Statistics by Production Technology

4.2 2013-2017 PVA Output Changes Analysis   

4.3 2017 PVA Operating Rate Analysis       

4.4 Imported PVA Supply Pattern      

4.4.1 2013-2017 PVA Import Data Analysis       

4.4.2 2017 PVA Import Data Analysis

4.5 2018-2022 China PVA Market Supply Forecast  

Part 5 2017 China PVA Market Demand Pattern Analysis       

5.1 2017 PVA Demand Structure Analysis

5.1.1 2017 Global PVA Demand Structure Analysis

5.1.2 2017 China PVA Demand Structure Analysis  

5.2 PVA Downstream Industries Analysis

5.2.1 2017 China Adhesive Industry Analysis  

5.2.2 2017 China Vinylon Industry Analysis      

5.2.3 2017 China PVB Industry Analysis    

5.2.4 2017 China Methyl Acetate Industry Analysis        

5.3 China PVA Export Analysis   

5.3.1 2013-2017 China PVA Export Volume Analysis       

5.3.2 2017 China PVA Export Volume Analysis

Part 6 2017 China PVA Market Price Analysis   

6.1 China PVA Market Price Analysis

6.2 China PVA Export Price Analysis 

Part 7 2018 PVA Price Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis 

7.1 2018 PVA Price Forecast        

7.2 Macro Environment Interpretation and Influence   

7.3 Influence of Further Policies on PVA Industry  

7.4 2018-2022 PVA Supply-Demand Balance    

7.5 Influence of Feedstock Markets on PVA Industry     

7.5.1 VAC Supply and Demand Forecast  

7.5.2 Calcium Carbide Supply and Demand Forecast      

7.5.3 Glacial Acetic Acid Supply and Demand Forecast 

7.6 PVA Market Competition Analysis      

7.6.1 Import Market Competition Analysis      

7.6.2 Export Market Competition Analysis      

Appendix 1 Company Names     

Appendix 2 Company Information    

Appendix 3 Tables and Charts    


Table 1 China PVA Output Methodology 

Table 2 PVA Product Standard (USP25)     

Table 3 Geographic Terms  

Table 4 Time Terms      

Table 5 Abbreviation Terms        

Table 6 2013-2017 PVA Supply and Demand Balance      

Table 7 Global Major PVA Enterprises Capacity and Some Mainstream Brands Detail     

Table 8 2017 (Jan-Oct) China PVA Output Statistics

Table 9 2017 China PVB Enterprises’ Capacity Statistics

Table 10 2018-2022 PVA Supply-Demand Balance Forecast   

Table 11 2013-2017 VAC Supply-Demand Balance  

Table 12 Average EXW Price of Calcium Carbide in Wuhai    

Table 13 2013-2017 Glacial Acetic Acid Supply-Demand Balance 

Table 14 Supplier List  

Table 15 Trader List      


Chart 1 2013-2017 Global PVA Capacity Changes     

Chart 2 2017 Global PVA Capacity Layout 

Chart 3 2013-2017 China PVA Capacity Changes Analysis       

Chart 4 2017 China PVA Capacity Layout by Region

Chart 5 2017 China PVA Capacity Statistics by Enterprise Nature 

Chart 6 China PVA Capacity Statistics by Production Technology 

Chart 7 2013-2017 China PVA Output Changes

Chart 8 PVA Operating Rate Statistics       

Chart 9 2013-2017 PVA Import Volume Comparison       

Chart 10 2017 (Jan-Sep) PVA Import Statistics by Region       

Chart 11 2017 (Jan-Sep) PVA Import Statistics by Origin

Chart 12 2018-2022 China PVA Output and Import Volume Forecast   

Chart 13 2017 Global PVA Demand Structure  

Chart 14 2017 China PVA Consumption Structure Analysis    

Chart 15 2017 (Jan-Nov) China Methyl Acetate Market Price Trend     

Chart 16 2013-2017 (Jan-Sep) China PVA Export Volume Comparison 

Chart 17 2017 (Jan-Sep) China PVA Export Volume Analysis by Destination       

Chart 18 2017 (Jan-Sep) China PVA Export Volume Analysis by Origin

Chart 19 2017 (Jan-Nov) China PVA Market Price Trend

Chart 20 2015-2017 China PVA Export Price Comparison        

Chart 21 2015-2017 (Jan-Oct) East China VAC Market Price Comparison      

Chart 22 2013-2017 Calcium Carbide Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Statistics        

Chart 23 2015-2017 (Jan-Oct) Calcium Carbide Market Price Trend      

Chart 24 2015-2017 (Jan-Oct) East China Glacial Acetic Acid Market Price Comparison     

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