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2017-2018 China PX Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


2017 showed the growth momentum of rapid maturity in China’s PX market, with the warming indication of rising price and gains. Triggered by the Thad incident, China-South Korea relationship was strained. Besides, with the guidance of the national policies, PX, the product with high import dependence degree, was concerned about by the market participants. China’s state-owned enterprises raised the level of production first. The volume of China’s PX supply rose to 4,773.9kt till the end of H1, 2017, up 7% from the same period of last year.

In 2018, the competition atmosphere will be unprecedentedly intense in China’s and international PX markets. As a major country in PTA industry, what will be the new position for the existing and potential PX enterprises in China? First of all, the direction of refining-chemical integration development will be more prominent. The newly-added private operated PX capacity will be put into use successively in the future. As a result, the import dependence rate will be remitted. Secondly, the gains of PX industry will remain high, resulting in more drastic competition.

The proportion of local and foreign PX supply will be adjust imperceptibly with the guidance of the thirteenth five-year plan. Simultaneously, there are other key influencing factors on PX industry, such as the macro-economic environment, the industry chain linkage and the changing of PX supply-demand pattern. Thus, 2018 may be the milestone for the developing PX market.

On a basis of professional observation and the research experience on China’s PX market, combined with the method and data, as well as the coalition of the macroscopic and microscopic study, SCI publishes 2017–2018 China PX Market Annual Report formally. Based on the global perspective, this report analyzes the changing of the supply-demand pattern of China’s PX market, and provides the detailed analysis of the PX market like a three dimensional stereogram involving the supply-demand fundamentals, the upstream and downstream industries, with the graphical analysis of the PX market price, profit, operating rate, capacity, output, import and export data. This report will help you master the direction of the market development, avoid the investment risk, expand operating income and achieve the business strategic objective.

Report value:

(1) Analyzing the supply-demand pattern of global PX market, this report researches the influence of China’s PX market on the international market and the potential for development of China’s PX market.

(2) Providing the detailed data of China’s production enterprises in 2013–2017, this report shows you the production status and development trend clearly.

(3) Analyzing the data of PX industry chain linkage, this report provides the cost comparison in different production technologies, the sustainable development of demand and the potential development directions of the market.

(4) Analyzing the import PX market by origin, customs and trade type, this report makes study on the challenges and opportunities of the import and China’s PX markets.

(5) Showing the multi-dimension analysis of the price driving factors, this report estimates the conduction of the PX value chain objectively.


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

Part 2 PX Market Overview

Part 3 2017 PX Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 2017 PX Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 Global PX Supply Pattern Comparison Analysis

4.2 Asian PX Supply Pattern Comparison Analysis

4.3 China PX Supply Pattern Comparison Analysis

4.3.1 2017 China PX Capacity Statistic and Layout

4.3.2 2017China PX Capacity Analysis (by Enterprise Nature)

4.3.3 2017 China PX Capacity Analysis (by Region)

4.3.4 2017 China PX Supply Comparison Analysis

4.3.5 2017 China PX Units Layout Pattern Changes

4.3.6 China PX Plants Downstream Support Equipment Statistic and Analysis

4.3.7 China PX Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Data Comparison

4.4 2017 PX Import Data Analysis

4.4.1 2017 PX Import Data Analysis (by Origin)

4.4.2 2017 PX Import Data Analysis (by Trade Mode)

4.4.3 2017 PX Import Data Analysis (by Customs)

4.4.4 2017 PX Import Cost Analysis

4.5 China PX Import Dependence Degree Analysis

4.6 2017 PX Social Inventory Analysis

4.7 2018 PX Supply Forecast

Part 5 2017 PX Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 2017 PX Downstream Consumption Structure Comparison Analysis

5.2 2007–2017 China PX Downstream Consumption Comparison Analysis

5.3 China PX Downstream Industries Status Analysis

5.4 2017 PX Export Data Analysis

5.5 2018 PX Demand Forecast

Part 6 2017 PX Market Review and Arbitrage Analysis

6.1 2017 Global PX Market Review and Characteristic Analysis

6.1.1 2017 European and American PX Market Review

6.1.2 2017 Asian PX Market Review

6.2 2017 China PX Market Review and Characteristic Analysis

6.3 2017 The U.S.-Europe PX Arbitrage Analysis

6.4 2015–2017 Asian PX Market Comparison and Traditional Peak and Off Seasons Analysis

Part 7 China PX Market Profit Analysis

7.1 2017 China PX Production Enterprises Profits Analysis

7.2 2017 China PX Downstream Industries Profits Analysis

7.3 2017 China PX Upstream and Downstream Industries Comparison Analysis

Part 8 2018 PX Price Forecast and Driving Factors Analysis

8.1 2018 PX Price Forecast

8.2 2018 China Macroscopic Development Analysis

8.2.1 2018 China Macro-Economic Environment Interpretation and Influence

8.2.2 Industrial and National Policies Effect

8.3 2018–2022 PX Supply-Demand Forecast

8.3.1 2018–2022 Asian PX Market Supply Pattern Forecast

8.3.2 2018–2022 China PX Market Demand Pattern Forecast

8.3.3 2018–2022 China PX Downstream Consumption Structure Changing Trend Analysis

8.3.4 2018–2022 China PX Market Supply-Demand Pattern Forecast

8.4 Feedstock Influence on PX in the Future

8.4.1 2018–2019 the Crude Oil Market Analysis

8.4.2 2018–2019 China Naphtha Market Analysis

8.5 PX Production Technologies Comparison

8.6 PX Value Chain Analysis


Industry Highlight: The New Opportunity for China’s PX Brand amid the Atmosphere of Boycotting South Korea

Industry Policy: Analyzing the PX Industry Development Prospect under the 13th 5-year Plan

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Legal Statement

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