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2017-2018 China Caustic Soda Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2017, the supply-side reform in China continued to be carried forward. At the same time, environmental protection supervision was still in full swing. The Ministry of Environmental Protection ordered to achieve full coverage of central environmental protection supervision. The chlor-alkali industry and downstream industries were affected, and the liquid chlorine industry suffered losses for a long time. With the support of standing demand from the downstream alumina oxide industry and other industries coupled with restriction of the chlor-alkali operating rate, prices of liquid caustic soda in some regions hit a new high. Hereinto, from January to August, the local mainstream price of 32% ionic membrane liquid caustic soda in Shandong area was RMB 930.2/mt, which was 82.75% higher than the average price of RMB 509/mt in the same period last year.

Will the environmental inspection remain strict in 2018? Can the market price of liquid caustic soda and caustic soda flakes continue to stay at a historically high level? Will the imbalance between caustic soda and liquid chlorine be alleviated? Whether the supply pattern of the chlor-alkali industry will be further optimized in 2018? Can the caustic soda flakes market sustain the continuous profit? What impact will the downstream alumina and viscose industries have on the demand for caustic soda under the high environmental protection pressure? What opportunities do China’s caustic soda exports have in 2018? Risks and challenges coexist, and SCI will interoperate these industry hotspots in the report.

SCI has studied the chlor-alkali industry for 11 years. In 2018, based on the solid data accumulation, rich market analysis experience and a series of data analysis methods, SCI will provide authoritative and reliable data support and theoretical support for hot issues.

Report Value:

(1) Clearly show the production status and development trend based on nearly 5-year’s capacity and output changes at China’s producers.

(2) Present the background of this round of price rally through the environmental protection policy and the industrial policy analysis. 

(3) Analyze the export by destination in detail to reveal a clear export pattern.

(4) Comprehensively analyze the downstream and upstream markets to provide a more holistic view of the whole industry chain.

(5) Analyze the factors that drive the prices changes from multi-angles, and objectively evaluate the caustic soda value chain.



Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

       1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

       1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation

       1.3.1 Output Forecast Model

       1.3.2 Consumption Forecast Model

Part 2 Caustic Soda Market Overview

Part 3 2017 Caustic Soda Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 Caustic Soda Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 2017 Global Caustic Soda Supply Pattern

4.2 China Caustic Soda Supply Pattern

   4.2.1 2007-2017 China Caustic Soda Capacity and Output Growth Varied

   4.2.2 2007-2017 Operating Rate of Chlor-Alkali Units Fluctuated Upwards

   4.2.3 2017 China Caustic Soda Capacity Layout Changes (by Province)

   4.2.4 2017 China Caustic Soda Output (by Province)

   4.2.5 2017 Newly Added Capacity and Constructed/Planned Projects

 4.3 China Caustic Soda Production Process

    4.3.1 2013-2017 China Caustic Soda Production Process Changes

    4.3.2 Future Production Process Development Trend

 4.4 2007-2017 China Caustic Soda Import Volume Hovered at Lows

 4.5 China Caustic Soda Supply Forecast

Part 5 Caustic Soda Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 2017 China Caustic Soda Apparent Consumption Volume Kept Climbing

5.2 2017 China Caustic Soda Demand Structure Analysis

5.3 2017 Downstream Capacity Analysis

   5.3.1 2017 Aluminium Oxide Capacity Analysis

   5.3.2 2017 Viscose Capacity Analysis

5.4 2017 Downstream Output Analysis

5.4.1 2017 Aluminium Oxide Output Analysis

   5.4.2 2017 Viscose Output Analysis

5.5 2017 Downstream Operating Rate Analysis

5.5.1 2017 Aluminium Oxide Industry Operating Rate Analysis

   5.5.2 2017 Viscose Industry Operating Rate Analysis

     5.6 2017 China Caustic Soda Export Analysis

        5.6.1 2017 Caustic Soda Export Volume Decreased

        5.6.2 2017 Top 10 Export Destinations

    2017 Top 10 Export Destinations of Liquid Caustic Soda 2017 Top 10 Export Destinations of Solid Caustic Soda

        5.6.3 2017 Top 10 Export Customs 2017 Top 10 Export Customs of Liquid Caustic Soda 2017 Top 10 Export Customs of Solid Caustic Soda

       5.7 2018 China Caustic Soda Demand Forecast

Part 6 2017 China Caustic Soda Market Price and Profit Analysis

    6.1 2017 China Liquid Caustic Soda Market Price and Profit Analysis

       6.1.1 China Liquid Caustic Soda Market Price

       6.1.2 China Liquid Caustic Soda Profit Analysis

    6.2 2017 China Solid Caustic Soda Market Price and Profit Analysis

       6.2.1 China Solid Caustic Soda Market Price

       6.2.2 China Solid Caustic Soda Profit Analysis

6.3 2017 China Caustic Soda Export Price Analysis

Part 7 2017 Caustic Soda Upstream and Downstream Industries Performance

7.1 2017 Caustic Soda Upstream Industry Performance

   7.1.1 China Crude Salt Output Analysis

   7.1.2 China Crude Salt Import Analysis

   7.1.3 China Crude Salt Market Analysis

7.2 2017 China Liquid Chlorine Industry Performance

7.3 2017 China PVC Industry Performance

7.4 2017 China Aluminium Oxide Industry Performance

7.5 2017 China Chemical Fiber (Viscose) Industry Performance

7.6 2017 China Papermaking (Paper Pulp) Industry Performance

Part 8 China Chlor-Alkali Cost Analysis

8.1 China Chlor-Alkali Cost Calculation

8.2 ECU Cost Analysis (by Region)

Part 9 2018 Caustic Soda Price Forecast and Price Driving Factors

9.1 China Caustic Soda Price Forecast

   9.1.1 China Liquid Caustic Soda Price Forecast

9.1.2 China Solid Caustic Soda Price Forecast

9.2 China Macro Environment Influence on Caustic Soda Industry

9.3 China Caustic Soda Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

9.4 Chlor-Alkali Balance to Influence Chlor-Alkali Industry Operating Rate

9.5 China Caustic Soda Market Value Chain Analysis


Focus: China Solid Caustic Soda Supply Pattern Changes

Focus: Caustic Soda Industry Against Environmental Inspections

Legal Statement

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