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2017-2018 China Sodium Carbonate Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2017, the calcined soda market prices fluctuated at high levels. The new calcined soda capacity was sparse around the world. As the demand for calcined soda increased and the volume of new capacity was limited, the globally supply-demand balance was tight in 2017. Considering the domestic situation in China, the calcined soda supply inched up. As the real estate market in third- and fourth-tier cities was extremely active, from January to June, the apparent consumption of calcined soda increased 8.4% than previous period. The environmental protection was the most important uncertain factor that might affect the market.

In 2017, China introduced a series of real estate control measures. In 2018, the domestic real estate market may face adjustments. Can the support for the glass market be maintained in 2018? Jiangsu Debang Chemical Industry quitted the market at the end of 2017, easing the pressure of producers in East China. He’nan Jinshan became the biggest producer with combined-soda process in China after expanding capacity. However, the fertilizer industry was still in a slump, weighing on situation of producers with combined-soda process. Several small-scale plants may quit the market in the future, and the capacity will concentrate in big plants. The environmental protection policies are unlikely to be loosened in 2018. The domestic calcined soda capacity increased slowly, and the by-product market kept weak. The domestic calcined soda market is predicted to trend sideways at high levels in 2018.

SCI has majored in the calcined soda industry for 11 years. China’s calcined soda market moved from a short-balanced situation to the structurally oversupplied one, and it became short-balanced again during the 13th 5-Year Plan period. SCI focuses not only the supply and demand now, but also the whole industry chain, the macro environment and the industrial policies.

Report Value:

(1) Clearly show the production status and development trend based on nearly 5-years’ capacity and output changes at China’s producers.

(2) Present the background of this round of price rally through the environmental protection policy and the industrial policy analysis. 

(3) Analyze the export by destination in detail to present a clear export pattern.

(4) Comprehensively analyze the downstream and upstream markets to provide a more holistic view of the whole industry chain.

(5) Analyze the factors that drive the prices changes from multi-angles, and objectively evaluate the calcined soda value chain.


Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

       1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

       1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.3 Forecast Model Explanation

Part 2 Calcined Soda Market Overview

Part 3 2017 Calcined Soda Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 Calcined Soda Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 2017 Global Calcined Soda Market Overview

   4.1.1 2017 Global Calcined Soda Capacity Layout

   4.1.2 2017 Global Calcined Soda Production Process

   4.1.3 2017 Global Calcined Soda Market Trend

   4.1.4 2017 Global Calcined Soda Main Producers Introduction

4.2 China Calcined Soda Production Process

   4.2.1 Three Basic Production Processes Introduction

   4.2.2 Three Basic Production Processes’ Capacity and Layout

4.3 China Calcined Soda Supply Pattern

   4.3.1 2017 China Calcined Soda Supply Increased Slightly

   4.3.2 China Calcined Soda Capacity Layout

   4.3.3 2013-2017 China Calcined Soda Output Analysis

   4.3.4 2013-2017 China Calcined Soda Industry Operation Analysis

 4.4 2018 China Calcined Soda Supply Forecast

Part 5 Calcined Soda Demand Pattern and Trend

5.1 2017 Global Calcined Soda Consumption Structure

5.2 2017 China Calcined Soda Consumption Structure Trend

5.3 2017 Calcined Soda Export Analysis

   5.3.1 2013-2017 Calcined Soda Monthly Export Volume and Prices

   5.3.2 2017 Calcined Soda Export Statistics by Origins

   5.3.3 2017 Calcined Soda Export Statistics by Customs

5.4 2017 China Float Glass Market Operation

   5.4.1 2017 China Float Glass Market Overview




   5.4.2 2017 Float Glass Capacity Increased Constantly

5.5 2017 China Aluminium Oxide Market Operation

5.5.1 2017 China Aluminium Oxide Market Overview

   5.5.2 2013-2017 China Aluminium Oxide Output Analysis

     5.6 2017 China Photovoltaic Glass Market Operation

        5.6.1 2017 China Photovoltaic Glass Market Overview

        5.6.2 2013-2017 China Photovoltaic Glass Capacity Statistics

     5.7 2018 China Calcined Soda Demand Forecast

Part 6 Calcined Soda Upstream Feedstock and Related Products

    6.1 2017 China Raw Salt Market Operation

       6.1.1 2017 China Raw Salt Market Were Stable

       6.1.2 2013-2017 China Raw Salt Output Kept Increasing

       6.1.3 2013-2017 China Raw Salt Import Analysis

    6.2 2017 China Ammonium Chloride Market Trend

       6.2.1 2017 Ammonium Chloride Market Underperformed

       6.2.2 2017 China Ammonium Chloride Output Statistics

       6.2.3 2013-2017 China Ammonium Chloride Export Statistics

6.3 2017 China Caustic Soda Market Trend

Part 7 2017 China Calcined Soda Prices Trend

7.1 2017 Calcined Soda Prices Fluctuated at High Levels

7.2 2017 Calcined Soda Producers’ Profit

   7.2.1 2017 Profit Comparison of Producers with Three Different Production Processes

   7.2.2 2017 Profit Comparison of Listed Companies

7.3 2017 Changes in Inventories at Calcined Soda Producers

7.4 2017 Calcined Soda Producers’ Sales Models

7.5 2017 Calcined Soda Market Pattern

Part 8 2018 Calcined Soda Price Forecast and Price Driving Factors

8.1 China Calcined Soda Price Forecast

8.2 China Macro Environment Influence on Calcined Soda Industry

   8.2.1 International Economic Environment

   8.2.2 China’s Economic Environment

8.3 Interpretation of Related Policies



8.4 2018-2022 China Calcined Soda Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

8.5 Effect of Future Change in Feedstock and Related Product

8.6 China Calcined Soda Market Value Chain Analysis

Focus: The environmental protection was the most important uncertain factor affecting the market

List of Charts and Tables

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