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2017-2018 China Gum Rosin Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017-2018 China Gum Rosin Market Annual Report

Gum rosin, as a kind of basic chemical material in China, is widely used in adhesive, coating, printing ink, dyeing and paper-making fields. Although China’s adhesive and coating industries are developing fast with expanding capacity and output, the consumption volume of gum rosin slips year by year, influenced by related substitutes. In China, the largest demand for gum rosin is still from the deep-processing enterprises, but their sales volume of gum rosin products presents a downtrend. Thus, the demand for gum rosin is also decreasing. The demand from adhesive and coasting industries is also declining, and only that from a few industries, such as coating, keeps steady. It is predicted that the demand for gum rosin is likely to shrink further, affected by the price advantage of petroleum rosin and imported gum rosin.


Part 1 Methodology & Related Definition

1.1 Methodology & Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability & Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation & Annotation     

1.2 Definition & Abbreviation      

1.3 Prediction Model Statement

Part 2 Rosin Market Overview

Part 3 2017 China’s Gum Rosin Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 Gum Rosin Supply Pattern Analysis        

4.1 2017 Global Rosin Layout Pattern

4.2 China’s Gum Rosin Supply Pattern Analysis

4.2.1 China’s Gum Rosin Output Statistics in Major Producing Area

4.2.2 China’s Gum Rosin Production Status Analysis

4.2.3 Gum Rosin Producers’ Shutdown and Exit Analysis        

4.3 2013-2017 China’s Gum Rosin Import Status       

4.3.1 2013-2017 China’s Gum Rosin Import Analysis

4.3.2 Gum Rosin Import Analysis (by Origin)     

4.3.3 Gum Rosin Import Analysis (by Customs)

4.3.4 Gum Rosin Import Analysis (by Trade Mode)

4.4 Gum Rosin Inventory Data Changes Analysis      

4.4.1 2017 Producers’ Inventory Data Analysis 

4.4.2 2017 Ports’ Inventory Data Analysis 

4.5 2018 Gum Rosin Market Supply Forecast    

Part 5 Gum Rosin Demand Pattern & Change Analysis  

5.1 2017 China’s Gum Rosin Demand Structure Analysis 

5.2 2017 China’s Gum Rosin Export Data Analysis     

5.2.1 Export Market Review        

5.2.2 Export Destination Analysis

5.2.3 Export Market Forecast      

5.3 Gum Rosin Downstream Industry Development Analysis

5.3.1 2017 China’s Rosin Resin Industry Development Status

5.3.2 2017 China’s Adhesives Industry Status   

5.3.3 2017 China’s Coating Industry Status

5.3.4 2017 China’s Printing Ink Industry Status 

5.3.5 2017 China’s Dyeing Industry Status 

5.3.6 2017 China’s Synthetic Rubber Industry Status        

Part 6 Raw Material and Gum Rosin Price Co-Movement Analysis       

Part 7 2018 Gum Rosin Price Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis       

7.1 2017 China’s Gum Rosin Market Review      

7.2 Gum Rosin Product Price Trend Forecast

7.3 China’s Macroeconomic Environment Interpretation & Influence

7.4 China’s Gum Rosin Industrial Policy Interpretation    

7.5 2018-2022 China’s Gum Rosin Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

7.6 China’s Gum Rosin Product Future Development Trend

7.7 China’s Gum Rosin Industry Future Market Competition Analysis  


Appendix: Charts and Tables      


Chart 1 2013-2017 China’s Gum Rosin Output Statistics   

Chart 2 2013-2017 Gum Rosin Output Statistics in Major Producing Areas   

Chart 3 China’s Gum Rosin Import Statistics (by Customs)

Chart 4 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Gum Rosin Inventory Statistics at Huangpu Port

Chart 5 2004-H1, 2017 China’s Coating Output and Growth Rate   

Chart 6 2015-2017 China’s Pine Oleoresin & Gum Rosin Price Trend

Chart 7 2013-2017 Gum Rosin Price Trend 

Chart 8 2018 China’s First Grade Pinus Massoniana Gum Rosin Price Forecast (Steam Method)       



Table 1 China’s Gum Rosin Supply-Demand Balance        

Table 2 Gum Rosin Import Volume Statistics (by Origin) 

Table 3 2017 Gum Rosin Export Destination Statistics

Table 4 2017 Gum Rosin Export Volume Statistics (by Destination)        

Table 5 Adhesive Output & Demand for Gum Rosin

Table 6 2018-2022 China’s Gum Rosin Supply & Demand Balance Forecast

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