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2017-2018 China SEBS Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2017-2018 China SEBS Market Annual Report


China’s SEBS market has held firm for a long time in 2017. Market prices for its major grade YH-503 fluctuate within RMB 27,000–32,000/mt. The SEBS cost exerts slight pressure on the market, yet the price holds at a high level given tight supply all year round caused by the low production and soaring exports. SCI estimates that China’s SEBS capacity will be 163kt in 2017, with two units added. It is predicted that the increase speed of the SEBS apparent consumption will maintain at 8%.

With the popularity of SEBS in downstream industries in recent years, SEBS market has welcomed new opportunities in the field of automobile, appliances and sharing economy in particular. More social capitals infuse into the SEBS market due to its high gross profits. How much capacity will the newly-added SEBS units release? Will the application field of SEBS be expanded? Will demand growth offset new capacity? All of these issues will be the focus in the coming market.

2017-2018 China SEBS Market Annual Report will make comprehensive analysis of previous and coming markets based on first-hand data of price, capacity, production, import & export, etc. SCI will predict the future SEBS market trend by future changes of demand and supply to provide guideline for players in the coming market.

Report value:

1. To help you have a clear idea of the SEBS supply, this report will present SEBS output data from various categories.

2. Gross profits and future profitability of SEBS industry will be analyzed comprehensively.

3. This report will analyze the development status of downstream industries as well as its progression of relevant areas.

4. Based on supply and demand changes, SCI will predict the future supply-demand changes.



Part 1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Methodology and Definition

1.1.1 Report Reliability and Statement

1.1.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

1.2 Definition and Abbreviation

1.3 Forecasting Model Interpretation

Part 2 2017 China SEBS Market Overview

Part 3 2017 China SEBS Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 4 SEBS Supply Pattern Analysis

4.1 Global SEBS Capacity Layout and Statistics

4.2 SEBS Output and Operating Rate Analysis

4.3 China Newly Added SEBS Capacity Statistics

4.4 SEBS Import Analysis

4.5 SEBS Supply Forecast

Part 5 2017 SEBS Demand Pattern Analysis

5.1 SEBS Downstream Demand Analysis

5.2 SEBS Downstream Demand Structure Analysis

5.3 SEBS Downstream Industry Analysis

5.3.1 Clad Material Industry Analysis

5.3.2 Cable Industry Analysis

5.3.3 Medical Industry Analysis

5.3.4 Bicycle Sharing Industry Analysis

5.3.5 Automobile Accessories Industry Analysis

5.4 SEBS Export Market Analysis

5.5 2018 SEBS Demand Forecast

Part 6 2017 China SEBS Price Trend Analysis

6.1 2017 China SEBS Market Price Analysis

6.2 China SEBS Gross Profit Analysis

6.3 Influence from Dry SBS

Part 7 2018 SEBS Price Driving Factors Analysis

7.1 SEBS Price Forecast

7.2 Macro Economy Forecast

7.3 Feedstock Price Trend

7.3.1 BD Price Trend Forecast

7.3.2 SM Price Trend Forecast

7.4 Related Product Trend

7.5 SEBS Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

7.6 Influence from Export

7.7 Downstream Industry Analysis

7.8 Related Policy


Appendix 1: Tables & Charts


Table 1 Related Products’ Full Names and Abbreviations

Table 2 Geographical Nouns

Table 3 Time Nouns

Table 4 Unit Nouns

Table 5 China SEBS Supply and Demand Balance

Table 6 China SEBS Capacity Statistics

Table 7 Future SEBS Newly Added Capacity Statistics

Table 8 SEBS 503 Gross Profit Comparison

Table 9 Newly Added BD Capacity Statistics

Table 10 Newly Added SM Capacity Statistics

Table 11 2018-2022 SEBS Supply-Demand Balance Forecast


Chart 1 2017 Global SEBS Capacity Statistics (by Enterprise)

Chart 2 2017 China SEBS Capacity Statistics (by Enterprise)

Chart 3 2017 China SEBS Capacity Statistics (by Enterprise Nature)

Chart 4 2013-2017 SEBS Capacity, Output and Operating Rate

Chart 5 2013-2017 China SEBS Import Volume

Chart 6 2013-2017 China SEBS Demand Volume and Growth Rate

Chart 7 2017 China SEBS Consumption Structure Analysis

Chart 8 2013-2017 SEBS Demand Volume from Clad Material Industry

Chart 9 2013-2017 Cable Demand for SEBS

Chart 10 2013-2017 China SEBS Export Volume

Chart 11 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) China SEBS Market Price

Chart 12 2014-2017 (Jan-Oct) SEBS 503 Gross Profit

Chart 13 2013-2017 (Jan-Oct) Sinopec Baling Company’s SEBS 503 and SBS 792 Price Comparison

Chart 14 2018 China SEBS Market Price Forecast

Chart 15 2018-2022 China Newly-Added BD Capacity Forecast

Chart 16 2012-2018 China BD Monthly Average Price

Chart 17 2010-2022 Jiangsu SM Market Price

Chart 18 2013-2018E China’s SBS Market Price Trend

Chart 19 2018-2022 China SEBS Export Volume and Growth Rate Forecast

Appendix 2: Enterprise Name List


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