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2018-2019 China LNG Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


Heading 2018’s winter, China’s natural gas retains the skyrocketing advance, even though Beijing decides to rationally slow down the coal-to-gas reform. NDRC’s data shows the natural gas consumption in H1, 2018 reached 135.5 bcm with an astonishing 18% growth rate, especially on 2017’s 15% basis. It is estimated that China’s natural gas growth speed will linger around 15% in at least three years. However, with faster developments comes bigger gap in supply balance, especially in winter heating season. China suffered from a severe gas deficit in the past winter, and peak-shaving and shortage prevention have become the first and foremost matter for Beijing and China’s NOCs.

The rapid growth of the natural gas market also greatly benefited the domestic LNG market, while the price jumped as well, neutralizing consuming motivations. LNG reliquefaction plants suffered from the long-lasted in-to-plant gas restriction, and LNG trading and logistics were also vexed by the narrowing profitability. On the other hand, LNG import and truck loading maintained its extraordinary growth with help from several newly operated terminals, forged China as the largest natural gas importer and the second largest LNG importer of the world.

How to find a balance between the peak-shaving and profit-gaining? How to survive the volatile market ups and downs? With the 2018-2019 China LNG Market Annual Report, SCI will show you the development trends of China’s LNG market, analysis the key factors of the market moves, and provide feasible and reliable forecast on future market tendency.

Report value

1. Review the changes to China’s LNG market structure and price pattern, and analyze the key factors of those market moves.

2. Forecast the future market tendency on the basis of the data model, policy interpretation and all influencing fundamentals.

3. Laser-focus on the domestic LNG industrial chain and related operators, provide intervention spot for investment, and alert to potential risk.


Part 1 China LNG Market Overview 2018

Part 2 China LNG Market Supply and Demand Balance

Part 3 China LNG Supply Pattern & Tendency Analysis

3.1 China LNG Plant Capacity

3.2 China LNG Plant Output

3.3 China LNG Import Capacity

3.4 China LNG Import Volume

3.5 China LNG Truck Loading Volume

3.6 China LNG Storage and Logistics

3.7 China LNG Supply Forecast

3.7.1 China LNG Plant under Construction and Planning

3.7.2 China LNG Terminal under Construction and Planning

3.7.3 2019 China LNG Plant Output Forecast

3.7.4 2019 China LNG Terminal Import Volume Forecast

3.7.5 2019 China LNG Truck Loading Volume Forecast

Part 4 China LNG Demand Pattern & Tendency Analysis

4.1 China LNG Consumption Volume

4.2 China LNG Downstream Structure

4.3 China LNG Downstream Regional Layout

4.4 China LNG Consumption Seasonality

4.5 Key Factors of China LNG Buyers’ Procurement

4.6 China LNG Downstream Sectors’ Growth Forecast

4.7 2019 China LNG Consumption Forecast

4.8 Operation Risks and Barriers Analysis

Part 5 China LNG Price Tendency Analysis

5.1 China LNG Market Price Analysis

5.1.1 China LNG Plant Ex-works Price Analysis

5.1.2 China LNG Terminal Truck Loading Price Analysis

5.1.3 China LNG Import Price Analysis

5.2 International LNG Price Analysis

Part 6 China LNG Business Circumstance Analysis

6.1 China LNG Plant

6.1.1 China LNG Plant Gross Profit Analysis

6.1.2 China LNG Plant Operating Rate Analysis

6.2 China LNG Terminal

6.2.1 China LNG Terminal Truck Loading Gross Profit Analysis

6.2.2 China LNG Terminal Utilization Rate Analysis

Part 7 2019 China LNG Market Outlook

7.1 Market-Influencing Factors Analysis and Forecast

7.2 Price-Influencing Factors Analysis and Forecast

7.3 2019 China LNG Price Pattern Forecast


Appendix 1 Special: The Construction Review of LNG Emergency Storage Facilities for Peak-Shaving

Appendix 2 China LNG Chronicle of Events 2018

Appendix 3 Methodology and Related Definition

A3.1 Methodology

A3.2 Data Interpretation and Annotation

A3.3 Definition and Abbreviation

Appendix 4 Traders and Distributors

Appendix 5 Content of Tables and Charts

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Legal Statement

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