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2018–2019 China Petroleum Coke Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2018, China’s petroleum coke market fluctuated sharply. The petroleum coke prices increased steadily in Q1 and then fluctuated marginally in Q2. In Q3, the prices continued to go up. The international situation was more complex such as the increase in FED fund rates, the geopolitical concerns in the Middle East, and the Sino-US trade war. The supply pattern changed, with the petroleum coke output and import volume changing. Meanwhile, the large-scale US taxation had the largest impact on the downstream steel industry, which greatly influenced the demand for petroleum coke.

Looking forward to the future, the supply-demand pattern of petroleum coke will change. The release of newly added delayed coking capacity is slow, impacting the supply of petroleum coke. Additionally, the environmental protection restriction upgraded, so the downstream market of petroleum coke will issue kinds of solutions. In 2018, factors including macro-economic environment, national policy, products supply structure, inventory change, feedstock prices, downstream consumption, and emergencies had influences on petroleum coke market in different stages whatever from short term, mid term or long term.

Based on the industry experience of more than 10 years and scientific data analysis models, SCI will analyze the petroleum coke industry, forecast the development of petroleum coke market, and help the market players avoid risks and seize the chances. SCI will provide powerful reference for enterprises and downstream producers to find product position and formulate sales plans. SCI will also help traders avoid commercial risks, change marketing ideas. This report will also provide scientific data for end producers to make decisions and get the largest profits.

Report value:

1. Help you better understand the supply-demand pattern of petroleum coke by analyzing the fundamentals of petroleum coke market.

2. Help you get a clear picture of China’s petroleum coke production and development by presenting the petroleum coke capacity and output at the domestic producers in the past 5 years.

3. Analyze the petroleum coke price driving factors from different perspectives and objectively assess the value transmission of the petroleum coke industry chain.

4. Help you better understand the future changes of petroleum coke industry by analyzing the status of the downstream industry.


Part 1 China Petroleum Coke Market Overview      

Part 2 2018 Petroleum Coke Supply-Demand Balance Analysis    

Part 3 2018 Petroleum Coke Supply Pattern Analysis     

3.1 China Petroleum Coke Capacity Layout by Region     

3.2 China Petroleum Coke Supply Analysis        

3.2.1 China Petroleum Coke Capacity and Output Analysis    

3.2.2 China Delayed Coking Unit Operating Rate Analysis       

3.3 China Petroleum Coke Import Analysis       

3.4 2019 China Petroleum Coke Supply Forecast      

Part 4 2018 Petroleum Coke Demand Pattern Analysis  

4.1 China Petroleum Coke Export Analysis        

4.2 China Petroleum Coke Apparent Consumption Analysis  

4.3 China Petroleum Coke Actual Consumption Analysis        

4.4 China Petroleum Coke Consumption Structure Analysis  

4.5 China Petroleum Coke Downstream Enterprises Scale Analysis      

4.6 Electrolytic Aluminum Industry Analysis      

4.7 Product Application Slack and Peak Seasons Analysis        

4.8 Downstream Users Procurement Key Factors Analysis    

Part 5 2018 China Petroleum Coke Price Tendency Analysis 

5.1 China Petroleum Coke Market Price Tendency Analysis   

5.2 Related Products Prices Co-Movement Analysis        

5.2.1 Crude Oil Market and Macro-Economy      

5.2.2 Refined Oil Market        

5.2.3 Steam Coal Market       

5.2.4 Downstream Industries Analysis

Part 6 China Petroleum Coke Market Forecast

6.1 Development Forecast of Market Driving Factors     

6.1.1 Interpretation and Influence of Macro-Economy    

6.1.2 International Crude Oil Price Forecast        

6.1.3 Steam Coal Market Forecast and Impact on Petroleum Coke Market  

6.1.4 Demand Influence Forecast

6.1.5 Petroleum Coke Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.2 2019 Price Driving Factors Influence on Petroleum Coke Price

6.3 2019 Petroleum Coke Price Trend Forecast

Appendix 1 Petroleum Coke Industry Focus    

Appendix 2 Methodology and Related Definition  

2.1 Data Statistical and Calculative Methodology     

2.2 Forecasting Model Interpretation        

2.3 Definition and Abbreviation 

Appendix 3 Tables, Charts and Company Names     

Appendix 4 Related Annual Reports

2018-2019 Global Crude Oil Market Annual Report

2018-2019 China Refined Oil Market Annual Report

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Table 1 2013-2018 China Petroleum Coke Supply-Demand Balance

Table 2 2017-2018 China Delay Coking Unit Operating Rate Statistics

Table 3 2019-2023 Newly Added CDUs Statistics

Table 4 2019-2020 Newly Added Delayed Coking Capacity Statistics

Table 5 2017-2018 Average Float Glass Price by Region

Table 6 2019-2023 International Crude Oil Forecast

Table 7 2018 Steel Price Trend Influence Factors Evaluation

Table 8 Petroleum Coke Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

Table 9 Petroleum Coke Price Driving Factors Statistics


Chart 1 China Petroleum Coke Capacity Layout by Region

Chart 2 China Petroleum Coke Capacity Layout by Ownership       

Chart 3 2012-2018 (Jan-Sep) China Petroleum Coke Output and Growth Rate Statistics

Chart 4 2014-2018 (Jan-Nov) China Delayed Coking Unit Operating Rate Statistics

Chart 5 2012-2018 (Jan-Sep) China Petroleum Coke Import Volume and Growth Rate Statistics

Chart 6 China Coking Capacity Forecast

Chart 7 2012-2018 (Jan-Sep) China Petroleum Coke Export and Growth Rate Statistics

Chart 8 2012-2018 (Jan-Sep) China Petroleum Coke Apparent Consumption and Growth Rate Statistics        

Chart 9 2014-2018 China Petroleum Coke Consumption Statistics

Chart 10 2013-2018 China Petroleum Coke Demand Structure

Chart 11 2014-2018 China Petroleum Coke Downstream Enterprises Quantity Analysis

Chart 12 2018 (Jan-Sep) China Electrolytic Aluminum Capacity Utilization Rate Trend

Chart 13 2012-2018 (Jan-Oct) China Petroleum Coke Price Trend

Chart 14 2014-2018 (Jan-Nov) International Crude Oil Price Trend

Chart 15 China GDP Change Tendency

Chart 16 China Total Retail Sales Amount of Consumer Goods and Y-O-Y Change

Chart 17 China Total Import and Export Amounts of Consumer Goods and Y-O-Y Change

Chart 18 2016-2018 (Jan-Oct) Shandong Independent Refineries Petroleum Coke and Diesel Prices Comparison

Chart 19 2014-2018 (Jan-Oct) Qinhuangdao Q5500 Steam Coal Price

Chart 20 2018 (Jan-Sep) China Electrolytic Aluminum Output Monthly Comparison

Chart 21 China Petroleum Coke and Electrolytic Aluminum Average Price Comparison

Chart 22 2014-2018 (Jan-Oct) China 5mm White Float Glass Price Trends

Chart 23 China Crude Steel Annual Output

Chart 24 International Crude Oil Price Review and Forecast

Chart 25 Price Comparison Between Petroleum Coke and International Crude Oil

Chart 26 Qinhuangdao Q5500 Steam Coal Price Forecast        

Chart 27 China Primary Aluminum Price Trend and Forecast

Chart 28 2012-2021 China Steel Rebar Quarterly Price Review and Forecast        

Chart 29 2014-2019 China 5mm White Float Glass Price Review and Forecast

Chart 30 2015-2019 China Petroleum Coke Average Price Review and Forecast

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