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2018-2019 China Mixed Aromatics Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


China mixed aromatics market changed radically in 2018, especially in the market pattern. Both the release of Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation on Issues Concerning the Collection and Administration of Consumption Taxes on Refined Oil and Three-Year Action Plan for Cleaner Air impacted the mixed aromatics market. The imported mixed aromatics finally lost dominance in China due to the high cost, and the import volume decreased Y-O-Y. The market share of domestically-made mixed aromatics increased due to the stably fine margins. On the demand side, the gasoline consumption increased by 1.77% Y-O-Y, which ensured the demand for mixed aromatics.

Both China’s economy and the demand for gasoline will increase stably in 2019. The capacity of reforming units at independent refineries will continue to be released, and the output of aromatics from reformers might increase further. As the time of ethanol gasoline’s all-round promotion approaching, the demand for mixed aromatics is predicted to increase in 2019. With such complicated situations, how will China’s mixed aromatics market pattern change in 2019? Could China’s mixed aromatics import volume rebound? What kind of chances hide in the changes of the mixed aromatics market?

This report is based on the first-hand data of 14 years of investigation from SCI, the authoritative data published by National Bureau of Statistics, National Development and Reform Commission, General Administration of Customs and etc., and the industry data from domestic major suppliers, traders and downstream factories. Senior industry experts will make detailed review of China’s mixed aromatics market in 2018 and forecast the mixed aromatics market using scientific analysis and data model. A large number of industry data from China’s mixed aromatics industry is released for the first time in this report.

Report Value

1. A large number of industry data from China’s mixed aromatics industry is released for the first time.

2. Report includes analysis of China’s mixed aromatics industry for the past 5 years, helping you to understand the industry status and trend.

3. Report analyzes the driven factors of prices from multiple perspectives, and analyzes conduction mode of the value chain in the mixed aromatics industry objectively.


Part 1 Mixed Aromatics Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 Mixed Aromatics Supply and Demand Balance

Part 3 Mixed Aromatics Supply Pattern and Changes

3.1 China Mixed Aromatics Capacity Analysis

3.2 China Mixed Aromatics Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.3 China Imported Mixed Aromatics Market Analysis

3.3.1 China Other Mixed Aromatics Monthly Import Volume Analysis

3.3.2 China Other Mixed Aromatics Import Data Analysis

3.4 Aromatics From Reformers Supply Analysis

3.5 Aromatization-Unit-Produced Gasoline Supply Analysis

3.6 China Mixed Aromatics Supply Forecast

Part 4 Mixed Aromatics Demand Pattern Analysis

4.1 China Mixed Aromatics Downstream Structure Analysis

4.2 China Mixed Aromatics Apparent Consumption Analysis

4.3 Mixed Aromatics Downstream Industry Development Situation

4.3.1 Gasoline Blending Market Review

4.3.2 Gasoline Blending Profitability Analysis

4.3.3 Gasoline Blending Market Forecast

4.4 China Mixed Aromatics Demand Forecast

4.5 Key Factor of Mixed Aromatics Downstream Customers’ Procurement

4.6 Mixed Aromatics Operators’ Risks and Barriers

Part 5 Mixed Aromatics Price Tendency Analysis

5.1 China Mixed Aromatics Market Price Analysis

5.1.1 2018 C9 Aromatics Market Trend Analysis

5.1.2 2018 Aromatics From Reformers Market Trend Analysis

5.2 Imported Mixed Aromatics Market Price Analysis

5.2.1 2018 Imported Mixed Aromatics Market Trend Analysis

5.2.2 Imported Mixed Aromatics International Price Analysis

5.3 Mixed Aromatics Profitability Analysis

5.3.1 C9 Mixed Aromatics Profitability Analysis

5.3.2 Imported Mixed Aromatics Profitability Analysis

5.4 Mixed Aromatics and Blended Gasoline Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 Mixed Aromatics Industry Forecast

6.1 2019 Mixed Aromatics Price Forecast

6.2 Macro Environment Influence

6.3 Mixed Aromatics Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.3.1 Mixed Aromatics Market Supply Pattern Forecast

6.3.2 Mixed Aromatics Market Demand Pattern Forecast

6.4 Mixed Aromatics Substitute Supply Pattern

6.5 International Crude Oil Market Tendency Forecast

6.6 Advice of China Imported Mixed Aromatics Procurement

6.7 International Crude Oil Market Tendency Analysis

6.8 Cracking C9 Production and Marketing Situation Analysis

6.8.1 Cracking C9 Capacity Statistics and Layout

6.8.2 China Cracking C9 Downstream Demand Structure Comparison

6.9 Cracking C9 Market Forecast

6.10 China Naphtha Market Tendency Analysis

6.10.1 2018 State-Owned Refineries’ Naphtha Market Price Analysis

6.10.2 2018 Shandong Independent Refineries’ Naphtha Market Price Analysis

6.11 Naphtha Price Tendency and Market Forecast

6.11.1 2019 State-Owned Refineries’ Naphtha Price Forecast

6.11.2 2019 Shandong Independent Refineries’ Naphtha Price Forecast

Appendix 1 Mixed Aromatics Hot Topics

Appendix 2 Mixed Aromatics Annual Event

Appendix 3 Methodology and Related Definition

1. Data and Calculation Methodology

2. Forecasting Model Interpretation

3. Definition and Abbreviation

Appendix 4 Tables and Charts

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Legal Statement

Legal Statement

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