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2018-2019 China Argon Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2018, the downstream industries like the iron and steel industry or the photovoltaic industry were just lukewarm. Especially after the Spring Festival, players were cautious and the price fluctuations were limited. The average market price in H1, 2018 was RMB 1,562/mt, down 4.9% Y-O-Y. The market may continue the gentle trend in H2, 2018. On the supply side, supported by the positive prediction of iron and steel industry, the air separation units ran at high loads and provided abundant liquid Argon. Players were looking forward to the startup of the monocrystalline silicon units before. But after the release of the new policy on the photovoltaic industry on May 31, the silicon wafer prices decreased and the distributed photovoltaic industry was limited. All these factors affected the demand for liquid Argon, weighing on the market sentiments.

In 2019, the gas industry will be still full of changes and challenges. The merger of Praxair and Linde Group faced challenges. The industries are waiting to see the new market pattern. The merger of China’s gas producers is on the way. Professional gas producers will expand market as producers in other industries tend to purchase gas from gas producers now instead of producing gas by themselves.

China’s economy may continue to develop steadily in the future and the industrial gas industry will continue to develop quickly. SCI predicts that the air separation capacity will increase by 9%-10% annually in the next 5 years. With the release of related policies such as the iron and steel industry capacity reduction, air pollution control and new energy improvement, the demand for industrial gas will increase gradually. The gas prices may no longer be low and the price fluctuations will be more frequent, so speculative behavior will be more active.

This report is based on the first-hand data of 14 years of investigation from SCI, the authoritative data published by National Bureau of Statistics, National Development and Reform Commission, General Administration of Customs and etc., and the industry data from domestic major suppliers, traders and downstream factories. Senior industry experts will make detailed review of China’s Argon market in 2014-2018 and forecast the Argon market using scientific analysis and data model.

Report Value

1. Report analyzes the supply and demand pattern of China’s industrial gas industry (especially the Argon industry), helping you to review the changes in China’s market.

2. Report presents China’s liquid Argon capacity and output in the last 5 years, helping you to clear the status of China’s producers.

3. Report analyzes the related industries of liquid Argon industry, helping you to understand the reason behind the market changes.


Part 1 Argon Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 Liquid Argon Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 Liquid Argon Supply Pattern and Change Analysis

3.1 2018 China Air Separation Capacity Analysis

3.1.1 China Air Separation Capacity Layout by Region

3.1.2 China Air Separation Capacity Layout by Province

3.1.3 China Air Separation Capacity Layout by Enterprise

3.1.4 2014-2018 China Air Separation Capacity Comparison

3.1.5 2018 China Air Separation New Capacity Statistics

3.2 China Industrial Gas Producers Capacity Factor

3.3 China Liquid Ar Market Supply Pattern Analysis

3.3.1 2014-2018 China Liquid Argon Capacity Comparison

3.3.2 2014-2018 China Liquid Argon Output Comparison

3.4 China Argon Import Market Analysis

3.5 China Argon Logistics Analysis

3.6 2019 China Liquid Argon Supply Forecast

Part 4 Liquid Argon Demand Pattern and Change Analysis

4.1 2018 China Liquid Argon Market Apparent Consumption

4.2 2018 China Liquid Argon Downstream Consumption Analysis

4.2.1 2018 China Liquid Argon Consumption Structure by Region

4.2.2 2018 China Liquid Argon Consumption Structure by Industry China Liquid Argon Consumption in Iron and Steel Industry China Liquid Argon Consumption in Photovoltaic Industry

4.3 China Argon Export Market Analysis

4.3.1 2018 China Argon Export Data Analysis

4.3.2 2014-2018 China Argon Export Data Comparison

4.4 2019 China Liquid Argon Downstream Consumption Increase Forecast

4.5 2019 China Liquid Argon Demand Forecast

4.6 China Liquid Argon Demand Peak & Slack Season Analysis

4.7 Key Factor of China Liquid Argon Downstream Customers’ Procurement

Part 5 2018 Liquid Argon Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018 China Liquid Argon Market Price Analysis

5.2 2014-2018 China Liquid Argon Market Price Comparison

5.3 2018 China Liquid Argon Market Trend Analysis by Region

5.3.1 Northeast China Market

5.3.2 North China Market

5.3.3 Northwest China Market

5.3.4 East China Market

5.3.5 Central China Market

5.3.6 South and Southwest China Market

Part 6 2019-2023 Liquid Argon Market Forecast

6.1 Influence Factor Forecast

6.1.1 Macro Environment Interpretation and Influence

6.1.2 Industry and National Policy

6.1.3 Industry Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

6.1.4 2019-2023 China Liquid Argon Supply Pattern Forecast

6.1.5 2019-2023 China Liquid Argon Demand Pattern Forecast

6.2 Main Driving Factors Influence on 2019 Price Analysis

6.3 2019 China Liquid Argon Price Forecast

Appendix 1 Listed Gas Producers Business Condition Analysis

Appendix 2 Gas Industry Annual Event

Appendix 3 Methodology and Related Definition

1. Data and Calculation Methodology

2. Forecasting Model Interpretation

3. Definition and Abbreviation

Appendix 4 Dealer List

Appendix 5 Tables and Charts

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Legal Statement

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