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2018-2019 China Calcium Carbide Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


The calcium carbide prices in 2018 were higher than those in 2017. The average price increased more than 15% Y-O-Y, and the increase was mainly driven by the fine fundamentals. On the one hand, the PVC prices were high and brought fine margins to producers so the operating rates at PVC producers kept high, supporting the demand for calcium carbide. On the other hand, there’s no new capacity at calcium carbide producers, and the existing units often ran abnormally. So the supply didn’t increase obviously. The unbalanced supply-demand situation resulted in calcium carbide prices’ frequent fluctuations at high levels, and the fluctuations were limited within a tiny range.

The environment protection policies were constantly restricted in 2018, affecting both the calcium carbide industry and its feedstock. The downstream new capacity was put in use gradually, but the new capacity in calcium carbide industry was quite limited. The market was tight supplied. Will the tightness in supply last long next year? Will the environment protection policies bring new effects to calcium carbide and its upstream and downstream industries? Could the calcium carbide prices increase to new highs? Will the market conditions for producers been improved?

This report is based on the first-hand data of 14 years of investigation from SCI, the authoritative data published by National Bureau of Statistics, General Administration of Customs, National Development and Reform Commission and etc., and the industry data from domestic major suppliers, traders and downstream factories. Senior industry experts will make detailed review of China’s calcium carbide market in 2018 and forecast the calcium carbide market using scientific analysis and data model.

Report Value

1. Report presents supply, capacity expansion, export, etc. of calcium carbide industry in the past 5 years, helping you to review the changes in the industry.

2. Report includes development process of upstream and downstream integration projects at China’s calcium carbide producers, helping you to clear the status of China’s producers.

3. Report analyses the effect to the industry from environment protection policies and other policies, helping you to understand the background of the calcium carbide industry through a macro view.

4. Report gives out the running status of both upstream and downstream producers and their effect to the calcium carbide industry, helping you to understand the total industry chain.

5. Report analyzes the driven factors of prices from multiple perspectives, and analyzes conduction mode of the value chain in the calcium carbide industry objectively.


Part 1 2018 Calcium Carbide Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 Calcium Carbide Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 Calcium Carbide Supply Pattern and Change Analysis

3.1 Chinese-Made Calcium Carbide Supply Pattern and Change Analysis

  3.1.1 2014-2018 Calcium Carbide Capacity and Output Change Analysis

3.1.2 2014-2018 Calcium Carbide Operating Rate Change Analysis

3.1.3 2018 Calcium Carbide Monthly Output Analysis

3.1.4 2014-2018 Calcium Carbide Output Distribution Change Analysis

3.2 China Large-Scale Calcium Carbide Enterprise Status and Change Analysis

3.2.1 China Large-Scale Calcium Carbide Enterprise Situation

3.2.2 China Large-Scale Calcium Carbide Enterprise Upstream Integration Status

3.2.3 2014-2018 China Calcium Carbide-PVC Integrated Enterprises’ Proportion Change Analysis

3.2.4 2018 Calcium Carbide Newly Added Capacity Statistics

3.3 Future Calcium Carbide Project Introduction and Influence Analysis

3.4 2019 Calcium Carbide Supply Forecast

Part 4 Calcium Carbide Demand Pattern and Changes

4.1 Calcium Carbide Demand Structure Change Analysis

4.1.1 Calcium Carbide Demand Structure Change and Downstream Demand Data

4.1.2 2008-2018 PVC Downstream Structure Change Analysis

4.2 Calcium Carbide Main Downstream Industries’ Demand Change Analysis

4.2.1 Analysis of PVC Industry and Demand for Calcium Carbide

4.2.2 Analysis of VAC Industry and Demand for Calcium Carbide

4.2.3 Analysis of BDO Industry and Demand for Calcium Carbide

4.2.4 Analysis of CR Industry and Demand for Calcium Carbide

4.3 2014-2018 Calcium Carbide Export Analysis

4.4 2014-2018 Calcium Carbide Apparent Consumption Volume Change Analysis

4.5 Calcium Carbide Peak and Slack Season Analysis

4.6 Key Factor of Calcium Carbide Downstream Customers’ Procurement

4.7 Calcium Carbide Operators’ Risks and Barriers

4.8 2019 Calcium Carbide Demand Volume Forecast

Part 5 Calcium Carbide Upstream Co-Movement and Profit Analysis

5.1 Calcium Carbide Production Status Overview

5.2 Calcium Carbide Feedstock and Cost Factor Analysis

5.2.1 2018 Electricity Price Analysis

5.2.2. 2018 Feedstock Semi-Coke and Calcium Oxide Analysis

5.2.3 2018 Calcium Carbide and Feedstock Semi-Coke Co-Movement Analysis

5.3 2014-2018 Calcium Carbide Industry Profit Analysis

5.4 Production Cost Comparison Between Calcium Carbide and Crude Oil

5.5 2019 Calcium Carbide Feedstock Market Forecast

Part 6 Calcium Carbide Price Trend Analysis

6.1 2014-2018 Calcium Carbide Price Change Analysis

6.2 2018 Calcium Carbide Price Trend Analysis

6.3 2018 Calcium Carbide and PVC Co-Movement Analysis

Part 7 2019 Calcium Carbide Price Forecast

7.1 Influence Factor Forecast

7.1.1 Macro Environment Interpretation and Influence

7.1.2 Industry and National Policy Interpretation and Outlook

7.1.3 Supply and Demand Balance in Next 5 years

7.1.4 Related Product’s Future Change and Influence on Calcium Carbide

7.1.5 Future Market Competition and Forecast

7.2 2019 Calcium Carbide Price Forecast

7.3 Calcium Carbide Industry Value Chain Analysis

Appendix 1 Calcium Carbide Annual Event

Appendix 2: Methodology and Related Definition

1. Data and Calculation Methodology

2. Forecasting Model Interpretation

3. Definition and Abbreviation

Appendix 3: Tables and Charts

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Legal Statement

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