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2018-2019 China C4 Deep-Processing Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


The C4 deep-processing market kept expanding in 2018, boosted by the promotion of GB VI standard. Besides, the operating rates of the existing units were stable. The operating rates of the alkylation units were over 50%, and the profits improved from last year.

In 2018, the international crude oil prices greatly advanced from 2016, pushed up C4 cost and downstream products’ prices. C4 and downstream industries found a balance and developed together as the C4 supply shortage eased.

2018 was also important for state-owned enterprises as they newly built downstream units. Several state-owned enterprises in North China, Northwest China and Northeast China put the alkylation units into production. The sales pattern changed in H1 of 2018 in line with the replenishment for the deep processing. The C4 feedstock supply was expected to tighten in H2 of 2018. How the independent refineries and deep-processing enterprises develop against the competition will become an important topic.

Compared with the high-olefin C4 capacity expansion, high-alkane C4 deep-processing industry developed steadily. The capacity changes of iso-butane dehydrogenation and n-butane isomerization units were limited. N-butane-based MA capacity was an exception which was expected to double these years.

All in all, part of the deep-processing market is promising. What changes will be seen in the feedstock supply pattern in 2018 and next 5 years against the severe competition? Ethanol gasoline is expected to substitute for MTBE. Will the MTBE industry shuffle the cards? SCI will discuss the hot topics in the report.

Based on fundamental data and authoritative data, 2018-2019 China C4 Deep-Processing Market Annual Report will analyze the C4 as well as upstream-downstream industries and deliver forecast in details, providing comprehensive price, profit, supply, demand, etc. and helping to cope with the unpredictable market fluctuations.

Report Value

1. Present output and import volume of C4 by classification to show China’s supply pattern directly.

2. Show the supply and demand of C4R2 by region to know the detailed fundamentals.

3. Compare the C4R2 prices and interpret the development feature based on long-term data.

4. Explain the downstream units of C4 deep-processing to present the whole industry chain.

5. Deliver forecast of C4 prices and downstream capacity.


Part 1 C4 Deep-Processing Market Overview   

Part 2 2018 C4 Supply-Demand Balance Analysis     

Part 3 2018 C4 Supply Pattern Analysis      

3.1 China C4 Output Analysis

3.1.1 China C4R1 Output Analysis

3.1.2 China C4R2 Output Analysis

3.1.3 China Coal-to-C4 Output Analysis

3.1.4 China Butane Output Analysis

3.2 China C4R1 Import Analysis

3.2.1 China C4R1 Import Resources Analysis

3.2.2 China C4R1 Import Volume Analysis

3.2.3 China C4R1 Import Origins Analysis

3.3 China C4R2 Import Analysis

3.3.1 China C4R2 Import Resources Analysis

3.3.2 China C4R2 Import Volume Analysis

3.3.3 China C4R2 Import Origins Analysis

3.4 China Crude C4 Import Analysis

3.5 2018 China C4 Supply Forecast

Part 4 2018 C4 Demand Pattern Analysis

4.1 2018 High-Olefin C4 Deep Processing Demand Analysis

4.2 MTBE Market Analysis

4.3 Alkylation Units Analysis

4.4 Isomerization Units Analysis

4.5 Aromatization Units Analysis

4.6 SBAC Units Analysis

4.7 Butylene Dehydrogenation Units Analysis

4.8 Butanone Units Analysis

4.9 2018 High-Alkane C4 Deep Processing Demand Analysis

4.10 Iso-butane Dehydrogenation Units Analysis

4.11 MA Units Analysis

4.12 N-butane Isomerization Units Analysis

4.13 2019 China C4 Demand Forecast

Part 5 2018 C4 Price Analysis

5.1 China C4R1 Price Analysis

5.2 China C4R2 Price Analysis

5.3 China Coal-to-C4 Price Analysis

5.4 China Butane Price Analysis

Part 6 2019 Price Forecast and Driving Factors Analysis

6.1 C4 Price Forecast

6.2 Macro Environment Interpretation and Influence

6.3 Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.4 Downstream Industries Development Forecast

6.5 Influence of Crude Oil Price on C4 Industry

6.6 2019 Major Driving Factors of C4 Price

Part 7 2018 China C4 Related Markets Overview

7.1 2018 Crude Oil Market Overview

7.2 2018 China Refined Oil Market Overview

7.2.1 2018 China State-Owned Refineries Refined Oil Market Overview

7.2.2 2018 China Independent Refineries Refined Oil Market Overview

7.3 2018 China Blended Gasoline Market Overview


1 Hot Topics of C4 Deep-Processing Industry

2 Milestones of C4 Deep-Processing Industry

3 Methodology and Related Definition

Methodology and Definition

Forecasting Model Interpretation

Definition and Abbreviation

4 Trader List

5 Tables & Charts

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Legal Statement

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