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2018-2019 China Sulphur Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2018, China’s sulfur market once again attracted everyone’s attention. With the international oil price in the first half of 2018 undergoing continuous increase and hitting a new high in four years, it definitely supported the market participants’ sentiment. The continued strengthening of the US dollar exchange rate had led to an increase in import costs, and speculators and end enterprises negotiated cautiously. The trading activity was active in spot market. Inventories at China’s port slowly declined from high levels, strongly lifting sulphur prices. Ammonium phosphate export orders were higher than expected, giving strong support to the sulphur and sulfuric acid markets. Curbed by the severe environmental protection inspections in China, restrictions on the return in some ports and the suspension and limitation of production at small and medium-sized sulphuric acid and phosphate fertilizer enterprises, etc., the changes in the sulfur market had been greatly promoted. How did China’s sulphur supply and demand pattern evolve in 2018? What is the development of downstream sulfuric acid and phosphate fertilizer industries? What development opportunities will the future sulfur-sulfate-phosphorus fertilizer industry chain have? What are the hot spots in the sulfur-sulphuric acid industrial chain market in 2019?

SCI has been engaged in commodity research for 15 years. This report is based on the original data researched by SCI, combined with China’s macro policies and industry characteristics, to review the 2018 China sulphur market in detail. Combining tables and text, this report analyzes the supply and demand pattern, profit changes, market participants’ sentiment changes, etc., and prospects for the future development of the sulphur market, providing more powerful arguments for market participants’ decision-making.


Part 1 Sulphur Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 Sulphur Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 Sulphur Supply Pattern and Variation Analysis

3.1 China Sulphur Market Supply Structure Analysis

3.1.1 2014-2018 China Sulphur Output Comparison Analysis

3.1.2 China Sulphur Market Statistics by Region

3.2 China Sulphur Import Structure Analysis

3.2.1 2014-2018 China Sulphur Import Price Analysis

3.1.2 2018 Monthly Sulphur Import Volume Statistics

3.2.3 The Middle East Is Still the Most Important Sulphur Supply Region for China

3.2.4 Jiangsu Annual Sulphur Import Ranks First

3.2.5 Nanjing Customs Import Volume Ranks First

3.2.6 China Sulphur Import Top 25 Enterprises Analysis

3.3 China Import Liquid Sulphur Market Analysis

3.4 2014-2018 China Port Inventory Comparison Analysis

3.5 2018 China Monthly Port Inventory Change Analysis

3.6 2018 Port Warehousing and Logistics Status Analysis

3.7 2019 Sulphur Supply Forecast

3.7.1 Future Sulphur Expansion/planned/Under-Construction Projects Statistics

3.7.2 2019 Chinese-Made and Import Sulphur Volume Forecast

Part 4 Sulphur Demand Pattern and Variation Analysis

4.1 2014-2018 China Sulphur Apparent Consumption Comparison Analysis

4.2 2018 Sulphur Market Demand Statistics by Region

4.3 China Sulphur Downstream Consumption Structure Analysis

4.3.1 Demand From Sulfuric Acid Industry Analysis

4.3.2 Demand From Fertilizer Industry Analysis

4.3.3 2018 Sulfuric Acid Capacity&Output&Operating Rate Analysis

4.3.4 2018 China MAP Capacity&Output&Operating Rate Analysis

4.3.5 2018 China DAP Capacity&Output&Operating Rate Analysis

4.3.6 2018 China Titanium Dioxide Capacity&Output&Operating Rate Analysis

4.4 China Downstream Major Customer Scale Statistics in Major Consumption Industries

4.5 2019 Downstream Industry of Sulphur and Sulfuric Acid Consumption Growth Forecast

4.6 2018 Demand for Sulphur Slack and Peak Seasons Analysis

4.7 2018 Sulphur and Sulfuric Acid Downstream Users Procurement Key Factors Analysis

Part 5 Sulphur and Related Product Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2018 China Sulphur Market Overview

5.1.1 2018 China Sulphur Market Trend Analysis

5.1.2 2018 China Three Major ports Sulphur Price Analysis

5.1.3 International Sulphur Market Trend Review

5.1.4 2018 Sulfuric Acid Market Trend Review

5.1.5 2018 Ammonium Phosphate Market Trend Review

5.2 Sulphur and Sulfuric Acid Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 Sulphur Market Trend Forecast

6.1 Sulphur Industry Future Development Trend Forecast

6.1.1 Butadiene Price Trend Forecast

6.1.2 Price Trend Comparison Between International Crude Oil and Sulphur

6.1.3 Supply-Demand Balance Status Forecast

6.1.4 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

6.1.5 Sulphur&Sulfuric Acid&Phosphate Fertilizer Market Supply Pattern Forecast

6.1.6 Sulphur and Sulfuric Acid Market Demand Pattern Forecast

6.1.7 Influence of Major Driving Factors on 2019 Sulphur Price

6.2 2019 Sulphur and Sulfuric Acid Price Trend Forecast

Appendix 1 Annual Highlights and Topics

Appendix 2 2018 China Sulphur Industry Milestones

Appendix 3 Methodology and Related Definition

1 Methodology and Definition

2 Statement of Prediction Model

3 Definition and Abbreviation

Appendix 4 China Sulphur Major Import Enterprise List

Appendix 5 Tables & Charts

Appendix 6 Related Products Annual Reports

2018-2019 China Phosphate Fertilizer Market Annual Report

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Legal Statement

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