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2018-2019 China 2-EH Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

China’s 2-EH market still presented an obvious uptrend in 2018, with the 2-EH prices climbing up to a new level. Taking the East China market as an example, the 2-EH prices once nearly reached RMB 10,000/mt, hitting the highest since the end of 2014. With a large number of newly added units put into operation in the downstream industries, the oversupply was eased effectively in the 2-EH industry, and the industrial operating rate also rose to a new high. In 2018, the newly added 2-EH capacity was limited. Moreover, some 2-EH units were switched to produce NBA due to higher NBA profits, which also supported the 2-EH market prices. In 2018, the 2-EH market was greatly influenced by multiple factors, including the intensive unit overhauls, delayed commissioning of new units, fluctuations in exchange rate, China-U.S. trade war and geopolitical crisis, etc. In addition, the new industrial features and changes, such as the stronger interference effect from capital and frequent price fluctuations, also exerted different extents of influences on the development of the 2-EH industry.

Specifically, the 2-EH market was notably affected by the macro-environment and market fundamentals in 2018. At most of the time, the 2-EH prices fluctuated with the variations in market inventory and supply-demand balance. In terms of macro-environment, will the China-U.S. trade war become fiercer? Will the geopolitical crisis intensify? Will the RMB continue depreciating? In terms of market fundamentals, will the feedstock propylene prices return to the former price level after the surge in H2, 2018? Will the 2-EH prices continue to move up? Will the demand from the plastic products industry keep improving? SCI 2018-2019 China 2-EH Market Annual Report will help you find the answers to these questions.

Based on comprehensive and detailed data, SCI 2018-2019 China 2-EH Market Annual Report makes a deep analysis on the 2-EH market as well as its upstream and downstream industries. The report not only makes a review of the 2-EH market in the past but also gives an outlook of the market in the next five years so as to provide reliable references for the customers to judge the market.

Report value:

1.Deeply understand the 2-EH market fundamentals through regional supply-demand balance analysis

2.Look into the 2-EH market from the perspective of the whole industrial chain, covering the price trend and supply-demand analysis on upstream and downstream products

3.Learn about the influence from the cost side through the 2-EH profit analysis

4.Forecast the 2-EH market development trend in multi-angles

5.Comprehensive and detail data, providing high reference value


Part 1 2-EH Market Overview
Part 2 2014-2018 2-EH Supply-Demand Balance Analysis
Part 3 2-EH Supply Pattern and Variation Trend Analysis

3.1 2018 Global 2-EH Capacity Layout

3.1.1 Global 2-EH Capacity Layout Proportion

3.1.2 Asia 2-EH Capacity Layout Proportion

3.2 China 2-EH Supply Pattern

3.2.1 2018 China 2-EH Capacity Statistics
3.2.2 2014-2018 China 2-EH Capacity Distribution Comparative Analysis
3.2.3 2016-2018 China 2-EH Capacity, Output and Operating Data Comparative Analysis
3.2.4 2018 China 2-EH Units Maintenance Statistics
3.2.5 2018-2020 China Newly-Added 2-EH Capacity Statistics
3.3 2-EH Import Analysis
3.3.1 2018 China 2-EH Import Data Analysis
3.3.2 2014-2018 China 2-EH Import Data Comparative Analysis
3.4 2018 China 2-EH Port Inventory Statistics

3.5 2-EH Storage and Logistics Status Analysis
3.6 2019 2-EH Supply Forecast

Part 4 2018 2-EH Demand Pattern & Variation Trend Analysis
4.1 2018 China 2-EH Demand Pattern Analysis
4.2 China 2-EH Downstream Industries Development Status

4.2.1 2018 2-EH Customer Size and Demand Variation Analysis

4.2.2 2018 2-EH Major Downstream Industries Customer Size Analysis in Key Areas

4.2.3 2018 China DOP Industry Development Status
4.2.4 2018 China DOTP Industry Development Status
4.2.5 2018 China 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate Industry Development Status
4.2.6 China 2-EH Units Matched Downstream Capacity Statistics
4.3 2018 China 2-EH Export Analysis

4.3.1 2018 China 2-EH Export Data Analysis by Destination

4.3.2 2018 China 2-EH Export Data Analysis by Customs

4.3.3 2018 China 2-EH Export Data Analysis by Trade Mode

4.3.4 2018 China 2-EH Export Data Analysis by Receiving Area
4.4 2019 China 2-EH Demand Forecast

4.5 2-EH Consumption Peak and Off Seasons Analysis

4.6 2-EH Downstream Purchasing Key Factors Analysis

4.7 2-EH Operation Risks and Barriers Analysis

Part 5 2-EH Market Trend Analysis

5.1 2018 China 2-EH Market Review

5.1.1 2018 China’s 2-EH Price Trend Review

5.1.2 2018 Shandong 2-EH Producers’ Gross Profit Analysis

5.1.3 2018 Jiangsu & Shandong 2-EH Price Spread Analysis

5.2 2018 Asia 2-EH Market Review

5.3 2018 Domestic and International 2-EH Price Spread Analysis

5.4 2-EH and Feedstock Price Correlation Analysis

5.4.1 2018 China Propylene and 2-EH Spot Price Correlation Analysis

5.4.2 2018 China Propylene Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Statistics

5.4.3 2019 Newly-Added Propylene Capacity Statistics & Pattern Variation Analysis

5.4.4 China 2-EH Units Matched Propylene Capacity Statistics

5.5 2-EH and Downstream Products Price Correlation Analysis

Part 6 2019 2-EH Price Forecast & Influencing Factors Analysis
6.1 2-EH Price Trend Forecast
6.2 Macro-Economy Influence Analysis
6.3 Industrial & National Policies

6.4 Supply-Demand Balance Forecast
6.5 Different Production Technologies Comparison
6.6 Influences from Future Variations of Feedstock/Related Products
6.7 Influence Extent Analysis of 2019 Major Price Driving Factors

6.8 Value Chain Analysis

6.9 Market Competition Analysis


1. 2-EH Industry Hotspots

2. 2-EH Industry Annual Events

3. Methodology and Related Definition

4. Major Distributors List

5. Tables and Charts

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