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2018-2019 China Coke Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2018, China’s coke market experienced ups and downs, and the overall trend was still upward. The production restriction tended to be normalized due to environmental protection inspection. In addition to the stagger production in the heating season and production restriction in the non-heating season, which had been implemented since 2017, the new policy of “Make our skies blue again” was released in 2018, and the environmental protection inspection became more stringent. The steel industry was still in the stage of eliminating overcapacity. The demand for steel was stable, leading to the handsome profit at steel mills. The coking coal prices ran steadily. The profit margin was considerable in coke industry. The operating rates were relatively stable in coke enterprises. Besides, more and more enterprises began to pay attention to the role of futures investment in hedging and risk hedging. Coke futures prices reached historical highs, and the overall trend was promising.

In 2019, the coal and steel industries will continue to implement the supply-side structural inform, and the coke industry will continue to eliminate the backward capacity. The fundamentals are still the decisive factor in the spot market, and the environmental protection will be one of the most important factors restricting the supply and demand of coke. The normalized environmental protection inspections and the elimination of overcapacity will result in the supply reduction of coke. With the gradual execution of the long term pricing mechanism, the upstream coking coal prices will tend to be stable. With the elimination of overcapacity, the steel output will maintain stability, and the demand for coke will also remain steady. The supply-side structural reform and elimination of overcapacity policy will promote smooth running of the coke and steel industry. How will the coke futures and spot markets develop in 2019? With improvement of the business models of coke enterprises, the coke enterprises will attach more importance to the elimination of backward capacity and futures arbitrage, and the profit margin will enlarge further.

SCI has been engaged in the research of the commodity market with the independent third-party perspective for 14 years. 2018-2019 China Coke Market Annual Report will deeply present the current status and policy influence of the coke industry, directly focus on the changes of the coke fundamentals, roundly analyze the supply and demand pattern, and interpret the co-movement between the upstream and downstream market, so as to help customers grasp the future market accurately.

Report value

1. To present the changes of domestic market by analyzing the supply-demand pattern of coke.

2. To make customers better understand the production status and development trend of domestic enterprises by providing the output in different regions.

3. To analyze the influence of the changes in supply and demand on the coke industry.

4. To objectively evaluate the conduction of industrial value chain by multi-angel analysis of price driving factors.


Part 1 Coke Market Overview    

Part 2 2014-2018 Coke Supply-Demand Balance Analysis       

Part 3 Coke Market Supply Pattern and Change Trend Analysis    

3.1 China Coke Capacity Change Trend and Reason Analysis 

3.1.1 2014-2018 China Coke Capacity Change Trend  

3.1.2 2018 China Coke Eliminated Outdated Capacity Statistics        

3.2 2014-2018 China Coke Output Analysis        

3.2.1 2018 China Coke Output Statistics by Region   

3.2.2 2018 China Coke Monthly Supply Comparison Analysis 

3.3 2014-2018 China Coke Operating Rate Analysis 

3.4 China Coke Import Market Analysis     

3.5 Coke Inventory Data Change Analysis

3.5.1 Changes in Coke Inventory at Producers  

3.5.2 Changes in Coke Inventory at Ports   

3.6 Coke Storage and Logistics Status Analysis 

3.7 2019 Coke Market Supply Trend Forecast   

Part 4 Coke Demand Pattern and Change Trend Analysis       

4.1 China Coke Actual Consumption Volume Change Trend and Reason Analysis       

4.2 China Coke Export Market Analysis     

4.3 China Coke Consumption Structure Analysis      

4.4 China Coke Customer Scale and Demand Change Analysis       

4.5 China Coke Customer Scale Statistics in Main Consumption Area   

4.6 2019 China Coke Consumption Growth Forecast       

4.7 2019 China Coke Consumption Volume Forecast       

4.8 Coke Consumption Peak and Off Seasons Analysis   

4.9 Downstream Customers Key Purchasing Factors Analysis        

4.10 Operators’ Business Risks and Barriers Analysis       

Part 5 2018 Coke Price Trend Analysis        

5.1 Coke Market Trend Analysis 

5.2 Futures Price Trend and Futures/Spot Prices Comparison Analysis

5.3 Coke Upstream and Downstream Prices Co-Movement Analysis   

5.3.1 Coking Coal and Coke Prices Co-Movement Analysis       

5.3.2 Deformed Steel Bar and Coke Prices Co-Movement Analysis

5.4 Coke International Market Price  

Part 6 2019 Coke Industry Forecast    

6.1 Market Drivers Development Trend Forecast    

6.1.1 Macro Environment Interpretation and Influence   

6.1.2 Coke Industrial and National Policy Interpretation  

6.1.3 Production Technology Development Trend     

6.1.4 2019-2023 Coke Supply-Demand Pattern Forecast  

6.1.5 Competition Analysis and Forecast    

6.1.6 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast      

6.1.7 Related Product Co-Movement Influence Forecast

6.2 Main Drivers’ Influence on 2019 Coke Price        

6.3 2019 Coke Price Forecast       

6.3.1 2019 Macro-Economy Outlook    

Appendix 1 Coke Industry Hotspot   

Appendix 2 Methodology and Definition

2.1 Data Interpretation and Calculation Methodology    

2.2 Forecasting Model Interpretation        

2.3 Definition and Abbreviation 

Appendix 3 Supplier and Purchaser List   

Appendix 4 Tables, Charts and Enterprise Names   

Legal Statement   



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