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2018-2019 China PVA Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In 2018, keeping prices firm was the main theme in China’s PVA market. Supported by the cost side, the PVA prices were at a high level at the beginning of 2018. The PVA enterprises continued to carry out the production restriction, and the operating rates were generally low. Under the circumstances of low social inventory, most players had the rigid demand for replenishment, which made the PVA prices remain at a high level. The PVA market was filled with bearish sentiment due to the declining demand and cost. But considering that the PVA products were convenient to store, traders always stocked up when the prices were low, which seriously affected the profit at PVA enterprises. Therefore, PVA enterprises began to explore a new marketing model in 2018. Although the output was reduced to some extent, the bargaining power of PVA enterprises increased, guaranteeing the profit margin. Can the new marketing model continue to exist? Under the environmental protection policy, can the development of water-based coatings bring new opportunities and push up the PVA industry?

SCI has engaged in commodity research for 15 years. Based on the original data collected by SCI and combined with domestic macro policies and industry characteristics, this report reviews the 2018 PVA market in detail. And it also provides the analysis of supply and demand pattern, profit changes and market sentiment fluctuations by a combination of graphics and texts as well as forecasts future changes and development of PVA industry, so as to help players grasp the market status and future trends.

Report value:

1. This report will present China’s PVA industry status in 2018.

2. This report will analyze the capacity, output and operating rate in China’s PVA industry in recent five years, so that make clients better understand China’s PVA production status.

3. This report will analyze and forecast the future development of China’s PVA industry through multiple perspectives.


Part 1 PVA Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 PVA Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 2018 PVA Market Supply Pattern Analysis

3.1 2014-2018 China PVA Capacity Changes Analysis

3.1.1 2018 China PVA Capacity Statistics by Region

3.1.2 2018 China PVA Capacity Statistics by Enterprise Nature

3.1.3 2018 China PVA Capacity Statistics by Production Technology

3.1.4 2018 China PVA Enterprises’ Capacity Detail

3.2 2014-2018 PVA Output Changes Analysis

3.3 2014-2018 PVA Operating Rate Analysis

3.4 Imported PVA Supply Pattern

3.4.1 2018 PVA Import Data Analysis

3.4.2 2014-2018 PVA Import Data Analysis and Comparison

3.5 2019 China New Added PVA Capacity Statistics and Output Forecast

3.6 China PVA Storage and Logistics Status Analysis

Part 4 China PVA Market Demand Pattern Analysis

4.1 2018 China PVA Actual Consumption Volume Changing Trend and Reason Analysis

4.2 2018 PVA Demand Structure Analysis

4.2.1 2018 Global PVA Demand Structure Analysis

4.2.2 2018 China PVA Demand Structure Analysis by Industry

4.2.3 2018 China PVA Demand Structure Analysis by Region

4.3 PVA Downstream Industries’ Customer Scale and Demand Changing Analysis

4.3.1 2018 China Adhesive Industry’s Customer Scale and Demand Changing Analysis

4.3.2 2018 China Vinylon Industry’s Customer Scale and Demand Changing Analysis

4.3.3 2018 China PVB Industry’s Customer Scale and Demand Changing Analysis

4.3.4 2018 China Methyl Acetate Industry’s Customer Scale and Demand Changing Analysis

4.4 PVA Main Downstream Consumption Industries’ Customer Scale Statistics

4.5 PVA Export Analysis

4.5.1 2018 PVA Export Data Analysis

4.5.2 2014-2018 PVA Export Data Analysis and Comparison

4.6 2019 PVA Consumption Volume Forecast

4.7 PVA Off and Peak Consumption Season Analysis

4.8 PVA Downstream Procurement Key Influencing Factors Analysis

4.9 PVA Enterprises Operational Risks and Barriers Analysis

Part 5 PVA Market Price Analysis

5.1 China PVA Market Price Analysis

5.2 PVA Import and Export Price Analysis

5.3 VAC and PVA Spot Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.4 Calcium Carbide and PVA Spot Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.5 Glacial Acetic Acid and PVA Spot Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 PVA Price Forecast

6.1 2019 PVA Price Forecast

6.2 Macro Environment Interpretation and Influence

6.3 Influence of Further Policies on PVA Industry

6.4 PVA Production Technology Development Trend

6.5 2019-2023 VAC Supply and Demand Balance Forecast

6.6 PVA Market Competitiveness Analysis

6.6.1 PVA Import Market Competitiveness Analysis

6.6.2 PVA Export Market Competitiveness Analysis

6.7 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

6.8 Related Products’ Price Co-Movement Influence Forecast

6.9 Influence of Main Driving Factors on 2019 VAC Price


1 PVA Features

2 PVA Annual Events

3 Methodology and Related Definitions

3.1 Data Statistics Caliber and Calculation Methodology

3.2 Forecast Model Interpretation

3.3 Definition and Abbreviation

4 Distributors Lists

5 Tables & Charts

6 Related Product Annual Reports

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Legal Statement

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