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2018-2019 China PVC Paste Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


China’s PVC paste market remained sluggish in 2018. The average price in 2018 declined by 13.6% Y-O-Y. In addition to the continued supply surplus, the demand instability was also a major factor contributing to the low price of PVC paste. The downstream industries operated unsteadily due to environmental protection supervision and other reasons, resulting in a sluggish market in the peak season.

As the surplus of PVC paste capacity was obvious and the demand has not changed significantly, the price of PVC paste remained low for a year even though the price of feedstock calcium carbide was firm. The producers faced losses, dragging down the operating rate. The average operating rate of PVC paste industry was 70% in 2018. Affecting by those unfavorable factors, can the planned new capacity be put into operation on schedule? In the case of negative profits, how will PVC paste producers develop in the future? Are there any new changes in import and export? SCI will show you the answers in this report.

This report, based on 15 years of study and first-hand data collected by SCI, gives a detailed review of 2018 PVC paste market combined with macroeconomic policies, industrial characteristics, etc., analyses the supply and demand pattern, upstream and downstream markets linkage to combine graphic manner in detail, and prospects for future PVC paste market development, aiming to help market players grasp the market situation and future trend.


Report Value

1. Presenting the capacity and output of China’s PVC paste producers in past 5 years.

2. Analyzing the driving factors of price change form multi-angles. Making objective assessment of PVC paste value chain.

3. Sorting out environmental protection and domestic policies systematically, helping you to understand the background of price changes from the macroscopic angle.

4. Fully presenting the whole situation of upstream feedstock and related products.

5. Analyzing integration of PVC paste enterprises, advantages and disadvantages of enterprises in regions comprehensively.


Part 1 PVC Paste Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 PVC Paste Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 PVC Paste Supply Pattern and Change Analysis

3.1 China PVC Paste Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.1.1 2014-2018 China PVC Paste Capacity Change Analysis

3.1.2 2018 China PVC Paste Capacity Layout (by Region)

3.1.3 2018 China PVC Paste Capacity Layout (by Feedstock)

3.1.4 2014-2018 China PVC Paste Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.2 China PVC Paste Unit Running Status

3.2.1 2018 China PVC Paste Unit Maintenance Statistics

3.2.2 2018 China PVC Paste Capacity Expansion Statistics

3.3 China PVC Paste Import Analysis

3.4 2018 China Calcium Carbide-PVC Paste Integrated Producer’ Proportion Analysis

3.5 2019 China PVC Paste Supply Forecast

3.5.1 Future China PVC Paste Capacity Expansion Plan

3.5.2 2019-2023 China PVC Paste Capacity Forecast

Part 4 PVC Paste Demand Structure and Change Analysis

4.1 2014-2018 PVC Paste Demand Volume Analysis

4.1.1 2016-2018 China PVC Paste Demand Change Analysis

4.1.2 2018 China PVC Paste Demand Structure Analysis

4.2 China PVC Paste Export Analysis

4.3 PVC Paste Downstream Glove Industry Analysis

4.4 PVC Paste Industry Peak and Slack Season Analysis

4.5 PVC Paste Downstream User’s Key Purchasing Factor Analysis

4.6 PVC Paste Operator’s Operating Risk Analysis

4.7 2019 PVC Paste Demand Volume Forecast

Part 5 PVC Paste Price Trend Analysis

5.1 China PVC Paste Price Trend Analysis

5.1.1 2014-2018 China PVC Paste Price Change Analysis

5.1.2 2018 China PVC Paste Price Change Analysis

5.2 PVC Paste Upstream Market Change Analysis

5.2.1 2018 Calcium Carbide Market Change Analysis

5.2.2 2018 EDC/VCM Market Change Analysis

5.3 PVC Paste and Upstream Feedstock Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.1 2018 Calcium Carbide and PVC Paste Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.2 2018 Ethylene and PVC Paste Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 PVC Paste Industry Forecast

6.1 PVC Paste Industry Forecast and Influencing Factors Analysis

6.1.1 Macro-Economy Interpretation and Influence

6.1.2 PVC Paste Industry Policy Interpretation and Influence

6.1.3 2019-2023 PVC Paste Supply and Demand Pattern Forecast

6.1.4 Feedstock and PVC Paste Price Co-Movement Forecast

6.1.5 PVC Paste Market Competition Analysis and Forecast

6.2 2019 PVC Paste Price Forecast

6.4 PVC Paste Industry Value Chain Analysis

Appendix 1: PVC Paste Annual Memorabilia

Appendix 2: Methodology and Related Definition

1. Data and Calculation Methodology

2. Forecasting Model Interpretation

3. Definition and Abbreviation

Appendix 3: Tables and Charts

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2018-2019 China PVC Market Annual Report

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Legal Statement

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