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2018-2019 China Silicone Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2018-2019 China Silicone Market Annual Report


China’s silicone market saw balanced supply and demand in 2018, and the overall silicone market continued to perform well. Driven by the increase of production cost and demand, no newly added capacity going into production and almost full running load, prices of most silicone products continued the uptrend in 2017 and hit new highs in 2018. The average operating rate of China’s silicone monomer industry was as high as above 90% in 2018. Moreover, by late 2019, no newly added capacity will go into production. Thus, in 2018, silicone monomer enterprises held higher power in pricing. The profit space of downstream industries shrank gradually despite smooth price transmission in the industry. Accordingly, downstream users showed increasing resistance sentiment for high-priced silicone.

With silicone prices climbing, price edges of substitutes stand out gradually. Downstream industries suffer more and more pressure on operation. It will be significant to balance the profits between silicone and its upstream and downstream products. Against robust domestic and foreign markets demand, how will the downstream demand pattern evolve? What will happen to the driving factors of silicone industry in the complicated market circumstances in 2019? What opportunities and challenges will manufacturers, importers and exporters encounter under the imposition of import and export taxes on primary-forms polysiloxane?

Based on 7-year professional market research experience, 2018-2019 China Silicone Market Annual Report will present China’s silicone market via qualitative and quantitative analysis, so as to help market participants master market trend and evade investment risks.

Report value:

1. The report covers detail data including capacity, output and price from 2014 to 2018, in a bid to master the past and future markets overall.

2. The supply and demand forecast data in this report is based on quantized data, which will provide better market guidance.

3. The report will elaborate the supply-demand pattern changes of China’s silicone market from different perspectives to show the influence of China’s silicone market on the world and better grasp industry development opportunities.

4. Analysis on the price driving factors from different aspects and objective evaluation about the current situation of the silicone market.


Part 1 2018 China Silicone Market Overview   

Part 2 2018 China Silicone Monomer Supply-Demand Balance Analysis      

Part 3 Silicone Supply Pattern Analysis     

         3.1 2018 Global Silicone Monomer Capacity Change Analysis

         3.2 2014-2018 China Silicone Monomer Capacity Change Analysis

         3.3 2014-2018 China Silicone Cyclic Compound Output and Monomer Operating Rate Analysis        

         3.4 2014-2018 China Primary-Form Polysiloxane Import Analysis  

         3.5 2018 Silicone Cyclic Compound Change Analysis

         3.6 2019 Silicone Monomer Supply Forecast

                   3.6.1 2019 Silicone Monomer Planned and Under-Construction Projects Statistics

                   3.6.2 2019-2023 Silicone Monomer Capacity and Output Forecast

Part 4 2018 China Silicone Demand Structure Analysis   

         4.1 2018 Silicone Monomer Consumption Volume Analysis   

         4.2 2018 Global Silicone Consumption Structure Analysis        

         4.3 2014-2018 China Primary-Form Polysiloxane Export Status Analysis        

         4.4 2018 China Silicone Consumption Structure Analysis

                   4.4.1 Silicone Rubber Industry Supply and Demand Status     

                   4.4.2 Silicone Fluid Supply-Demand Balance     

                   4.4.3 Silane Coupling Agent Supply-Demand Balance      

                   4.4.4 Silicone Resin Industry Supply-Demand Status        

         4.5 China Downstream Industry Customer Scale and Demand Analysis        

         4.6 2019 China Silicone Monomer Downstream Demand Forecast        

         4.7 Silicone Products Slack Season and Peak Season Analysis

         4.8 Downstream Customer Key Purchasing Factor Analysis   

         4.9 Operational Risk and Barrier Analysis  

Part 5 2018 Silicone Related Products Trend Analysis     

         5.1 DMC Market Review      

         5.2 107 Oil Market Review   

         5.3 Silicone Gum Market Review        

         5.4 China Silane Coupling Agent Market Review      

         5.5 Silicone Fluid Market Review

         5.6 Silicone Compound Rubber Market Review        

         5.7 Co-Movement Among Silicone Related Products Prices   

Part 6 2019 Silicone Market Forecast

         6.1 Market Drivers Evolutionary Trend Forecast       

                   6.1.1 Macro Economy Interpretation

                   6.1.2 Industrial and National Policies Interpretation

                   6.1.3 Silicone Monomer Supply-Demand Balance Forecast    

                   6.1.4 Market Competition Analysis and Forecast     

                   6.1.5 Silicone Value Chain Analysis     

                   6.1.6 Related Products Price Co-Movement Forecast     

         6.2 2019 Silicone Price Major Drivers Analysis   

         6.3 2019 DMC Price Forecast        

Appendix 1 Methodology and Related Definition  

         1.1 Data Interpretation and Methodology

         1.2 Forecasting Model Interpretation        

         1.3 Definition and Abbreviation 

Appendix 2 Tables, Charts and Enterprise Names  

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