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2018-2019 China EO Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


2018 saw intensive EO unit overhauls. In H1, 2018, there were 11 EO units shut down for maintenance with the total capacity loss of over 1,400kt/a, and the tight market supply pushed up the EO prices. Afterwards, these units restarted from turnaround successively. Besides, the 200kt/a EO unit at Taixing Jinyan Chemical Technology is scheduled to go into operation in the middle of September. The EO supply tends to be loose, and the market players are paying attention to the future EO price trend.

In recent years, the capacity and output of merchantable EO surged in China. The supply structure changed substantially, and non-state EO resources became the dominant. With the development of the EO industry, the deep-processing industry began to face many problems, such as large fluctuations in feedstock prices, low industrial profit, serious product homogenization, etc. However, a large number of key projects including the Belt and Road Initiative and the coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, will definitely bring unprecedented opportunities for the EO derivative enterprises which are competitive and meet the safety and environmental protection requirements.

SCI, with 15-year experience on EO and downstream industry chain analysis, has completed more than 30 reports of EO and downstream industries, providing detailed, comprehensive and accurate industrial data. The 2018–2019 China EO Market Annual Report will analyze and forecast the complete EO industry chain from macro environment to downstream industries, helping you better understand the market trend and seize the development opportunities.

Report value:

1. Show China’s EO capacity layout by analyzing the supply and demand pattern.

2. Help you get a clear picture of China’s EO production and development by presenting the EO capacity and output at the domestic producers in the past 5 years.

3. Analyze the influences of different feedstock on EO cost and analyze the future cost support

4. Analyze the EO price driving factors from different perspectives and objectively assess the value transmission of the EO industry chain.


Part 1 EO Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 EO Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 EO Supply Pattern and Variation Tendency Analysis

3.1 China’s EO Supply Pattern

3.1.1 2014-2018 China’s EO Capacity Layout Analysis by Enterprise Nature

3.1.2 2014-2018 China’s EO Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Analysis

3.2 2018 China’s EO Unit Maintenance Statistics

3.3 2019-2025 China’s Newly Added EO Capacity Statistics

Part 4 EO Demand Pattern and Variation Tendency Analysis

4.1 China’s EO Actual Consumption Volume Variation Tendency Analysis

4.2 China’s EO Consumption Structure Analysis

4.2.1 By Industry

4.2.2 By Region

4.3 EO Customer Size Statistics of Major Downstream Industries in Major Consumption Areas

4.4 2019 EO Consumption Growth Forecast in Each Downstream Industry

4.5 2019 EO Consumption Volume Forecast

4.6 EO Consumption Peak and Off Seasons Analysis

4.7 Downstream Purchasing Key Factors Analysis

4.8 Operation Risks and Barriers Analysis

Part 5 EO Price Tendency Analysis

5.1 2018 China’s EO Market Price Tendency Analysis

5.2 Related Products Price Co-movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 EO Industry Development Outlook

6.1 2019 EO Market Driving Factors Analysis

6.1.1 Macro-Environment Influence Interpretation

6.1.2 EO Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.1.3 EO Market Competition Analysis and Forecast

6.1.4 Value Chain Analysis and Forecast

6.1.5 Related Products Price Co-movement Influence Forecast

6.2 Influence Extent Analysis of 2019 Major EO Price Driving Forces

6.3 2019 EO Price Tendency Forecast



1. EO Industry Hotspots

2. EO Industry Annual Events

3. Methodology and Related Definition

3.1 Data Statistics Standards and Calculation Methodology

3.2 Forecast Model Statement

3.3 Definition and Abbreviation

4. China’s Major EO Distributors List

5. Tables and Charts

6. Related Annual Reports

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