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2018-2019 China ECH Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview



China’s ECH industry is facing overcapacity with new units put into operation successively, and there is a new technology scheduled to be applied to industrial-scale production. By the end of August 2018, China’s ECH capacity has surpassed 1,200kt/a, but only about 1,000kt/a units can maintain normal operation. There is about 300kt/a of newly added ECH capacity from 2018 to 2019, which takes up about 25% of the total. The overcapacity will intensify, and some ECH producers may suffer severe cost pressure due to the large feedstock differences between the two major technologies in China.

China’s ECH spot market slumped in H1, 2018, and the spot prices in end-June dropped by RMB 5,100/mt or 30% from earlier this year. Although the spot prices rallied somewhat in Q2, 2018, the market entered a downtrend again in Q3, 2018. In H2, 2017, the overall industrial profit went up with the spot prices surging, but it shrank in 2018 due to slipping spot prices. There are still some newly added units scheduled to be put into operation from 2018 to 2019. However, the end demand remains sluggish influenced by the slowed economic growth in China and the fluctuations in the international trade. As for the export, the export volume of ECH hit a five-year new high in H1, 2018, easing the domestic supply pressure to some extent. Nevertheless, the export volume is predicted to decline in the future.

Based on the first-hand data obtained by SCI and other authoritative data issued by China Customs and NDRC, 2018-2019 China ECH Market Annual Report makes detailed analysis on China’s ECH supply, demand, import & export, price trend and industry development. Meanwhile, combined with analysis on relevant influencing factors, this report will provide you comprehensive and reliable references for your future operation.


Report value:

1. Bring you a clear picture of the market fundamentals with detailed capacity and output data analysis

2. Help you understand the volume and price changes in import and export through the data comparison of different areas

3. Show ECH profit changes via the introduction to the relevance of upstream and downstream industries

4. Help you grasp the domestic ECH supply changes though the comparison among different technologies and enterprises

5. Present the demand trend through analyzing the changes in influencing factors



Part 1 ECH Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 ECH Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 ECH Supply Pattern and Variation Tendency Analysis

3.1 China ECH Capacity Analysis

3.2 China ECH Operating Rate and Output Analysis

3.3 China ECH Import Data Analysis

3.4 2019 China ECH Supply Forecast

Part 4 ECH Demand Pattern and Variation Tendency Analysis

4.1 China ECH Consumption Volume Variation Tendency

4.1.1 China ECH Consumption Structure by Industry

4.1.2 China ECH Consumption Structure by Region

4.1.3 China ECH Downstream Industry Customer Size Variation

4.1.4 2019 China ECH Consumption Growth Forecast

4.2 China ECH Export Data Analysis

4.3 2019 China ECH Consumption Volume Forecast

4.4 China ECH Consumption Peak and Off Seasons Analysis

4.5 China ECH Downstream Purchasing Key Factors Analysis

4.6 Operation Risks and Barriers Analysis

Part 5 ECH Price Tendency Analysis

5.1 China ECH Price Tendency Analysis

5.2 International ECH Price Tendency Analysis

5.3 Related Products Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.1 China Propylene and ECH Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.2 China 95% Glycerol and ECH Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.3 China ECH and Epoxy Resin Price Co-Movement Analysis

Part 6 2019 ECH Industry Development Outlook

6.1 Market Driving Factors Development Tendency Forecast

6.2 Influence Extent Analysis of Major Price Driving Factors

6.3 2019 China ECH Price Tendency Forecast



1. ECH Industry Annual Events

2. Methodology and Related Definition

2.1 Data Statistics Standards and Calculation Methodology

2.2 Forecast Model Statement

2.3 Definition and Abbreviation

3. Major Distributors List

4. Tables and Charts

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Legal Statement

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