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2018-2019 China Epoxy Resin Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview



China’s epoxy resin capacity expansion has slowed down in recent years, and most of the newly added capacity is from the expanding at the large plants. Domestic epoxy resin resources are mostly basic grades, and the supply of high-end and special resin mainly depends on the import. During 2018 and 2019, China’s scheduled newly added basic grade epoxy resin capacity is below 200kt/a, taking up less than 10% of the total. The producers attach importance to the research of special resin, but the process is slow. Some newly added units didn’t reach the expected operating rates after the commissioning, and the environmental protection inspection also influenced the production at epoxy resin and downstream plants. Up to mid-August 2018, the gross profit of epoxy resin increased from 2017. However, the players are not optimistic about the market in Q3 and Q4, and whether the gross profit in 2019 will improve still largely depends on the performance of downstream industries.

China’s epoxy resin market moved downwards in 2018. Up to mid-August, the highest mainstream negotiation prices of liquid epoxy resin were RMB 26,800-27,300/mt in East China in early 2018, and the lowest prices were RMB 18,600-19,200/mt in early April. The price decline was over RMB 8,000/mt in Q1, and what’s the major reason? Why the uptrend from Q2 to early Q3 can hardly last? The downstream industries of epoxy resin are very dispersed, and whether there is any industry can bring opportunity for the epoxy resin market amid the overall sluggish environment. All the answers are in 2018-2019 China Epoxy Resin Market Annual Report.

Based on the first-hand data obtained by SCI and other authoritative data, 2018-2019 China Epoxy Resin Market Annual Report will make detailed analysis on China’s epoxy resin supply, demand, import & export and industry development. Meanwhile, combined with analysis on relevant influencing factors, this report will provide you comprehensive and reliable references for your future operation.

Report Value

1. Better show the market development through the comparison of data in the past five years

2. Develop industry chain cognition through the analysis on the co-movement of upstream and downstream relevant products

3. Deepen the understand of market changes through the analysis on influencing factors from multiple perspectives

4. Forecast future market trend and provide customers with more information references



Part 1 Epoxy Resin Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 Epoxy Resin Supply and Demand Balance Analysis   

Part 3 Epoxy Resin Supply Pattern and Change Analysis

3.1 China Epoxy Resin Capacity Analysis    

3.2 China Epoxy Resin Operating Rate and Output Analysis   

3.3 China Epoxy Resin Import Analysis       

3.4 China Epoxy Resin Packaging and Logistics 

3.5 2019 China Epoxy Resin Supply Forecast     

Part 4 Epoxy Resin Demand Pattern and Change Analysis     

4.1 China Epoxy Resin Consumption Change Analysis     

4.1.1 China Epoxy Resin Consumption Structure by Industry 

4.1.2 China Epoxy Resin Consumption Structure by Region    

4.1.3 China Epoxy Resin Downstream Customer Scale    

4.2 China Epoxy Resin Export Analysis        

4.3 2019 China Epoxy Resin Consumption Forecast 

4.4 China Epoxy Resin Application Peak and Slack Seasons Analysis      

4.5 China Epoxy Resin Downstream Customers Purchase Factors Analysis  

4.6 Operators Business Risks and Barriers Analysis  

Part 5 Epoxy Resin Price Trend Analysis    

5.1 China Epoxy Resin Market Price Trend Analysis 

5.2 Related Product Price Co-Movement Analysis   

5.2.1 China Epoxy Resin and ECH Prices Co-Movement Analysis   

5.2.2 China Epoxy Resin and BPA Prices Co-Movement Analysis   

Part 6 2019 Epoxy Resin Industry Forecast        

6.1 Market Drivers Development Forecast        

6.2 Main Price Driver Analysis     

6.3 2019 China Epoxy Resin Price Forecast

Appendix 1 Epoxy Resin Market Annual Highlights        

Appendix 2 Methodology and Related Definition  

2.1 Data Statistics and Calculation Methodology      

2.2 Statement of Forecast Model       

2.3 Definition and Abbreviation 

Appendix 3 Distributor List

Appendix 4 Tables, Charts and Enterprise Names   

Appendix 5 Related Annual Reports 

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