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2018-2019 China Palm Oil Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview

2018-2019 China Palm Oil Market Annual Report


In 2018, China’s port inventory of the palm oil remained at a high level. According to SCI, the average port inventory from January to July in 2018 rose by 25.49% Y-O-Y. However, the palm oil inventory declined somewhat in H2 2018. Therefore, palm oil market players generally predicted that China would import more palm oil in 2018 and 2019, lending certain support to the palm oil market.

In 2018, some soybean crushers restricted the use of electricity due to the high electricity consumption in summer, thus the growth of soybean oil supply slowed down. Considering the trade friction between China and the U.S., market players concerned the overall oil supply in the future. How would the price spread between soybean oil and palm oil change? How would the small and medium traders respond to supply structure changes? How would the downstream enterprises purchase or restock the feedstock? How would the demand pattern change? The palm oil price might show an uptrend in 2019.      

Based on the original data from China’s major supply enterprises, traders, downstream procurement enterprises etc., this report provides detailed reviews on the palm oil market in 2018 and makes multidimensional analysis of the import and export status, supply and demand patterns, profit changes, market sentiment fluctuations, etc. Moreover, this report offers scientific forecast on the palm oil market trends in 2019, aiming to help participants in the industry grasp the current market situation and future trends.

Report Value:

1. To present the current supply and demand changes and future development trends through the analysis of the supply and demand pattern of the palm oil in main producing areas.

2. To provide clearer correlation for clients through the tracking of price spread changes between soybean oil and palm oil.

3. To keep clients well informed of the supply status by offering China’s palm oil port inventory.

4. To give clients a comprehensive understanding of the price driving factors through the co-movement analysis of commodity market and palm oil price changes.




Part 1 Palm Oil Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 Palm Oil Supply and Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 Palm Oil Supply Pattern and Variation Analysis

3.1 2018 China Palm Oil Supply Pattern Analysis

3.1.1 2018 China Palm Oil Import Statistics

3.1.2 2018 China Palm Oil Inventory Statistics

3.2 2019 Palm Oil Supply Pattern Forecast

3.3 Malaysia Palm Oil Supply Pattern Analysis

3.3.1 2014-2018 Malaysia Palm Oil Output Analysis

3.3.2 2014-2018 Malaysia Palm Oil Inventory Statistics

3.3.3 2014-2018 Malaysia Palm Oil Export Statistics

3.3.4 2018 Malaysia Palm Oil Consumption Status

3.4 2019 Malaysia Palm Oil Supply Pattern Forecast

3.5 Indonesia Palm Oil Supply Pattern Analysis

3.5.1 2018 Indonesia Palm Oil Output Analysis

3.5.2 2018 Indonesia Palm Oil Inventory Statistics

3.5.3 2018 Indonesia Palm Oil Export Statistics

    3.6 2019 Indonesia Palm Oil Supply Pattern Forecast

3.7 Tariff Change in Major Palm Oil Producing Countries and Its Influence

Part 4 Palm Oil Demand Pattern and Variation Analysis

4.1 Global Palm Oil Demand Structure Analysis

4.2 China Palm Oil Demand Analysis

4.3 2019 Palm Oil Demand Forecast

Part 5 Palm Oil Price Trend Analysis

5.1 China Palm Oil Spot Price Analysis

5.2 Malaysia Palm Oil Spot Price Trend Analysis

5.3 Malaysia Palm Oil Futures Price Trend Analysis & Spot and Futures Prices Comparative Analysis

5.4 Price Spread Analysis between China Soybean Oil and Palm Oil

Part 6 2019 Palm Oil Industry Trend Outlook

6.1 2019 Price Driving Factors Future Development Trend Forecast

6.1.1 Macro-Economic Environment Interpretation and Influence

6.1.2 China Palm Oil Supply and Demand Forecast

6.1.3 Malaysia Palm Oil Supply and Demand Forecast

6.2 2019 Main Price Driving Factors Influence Analysis

6.3 Palm Oil Price Trend Forecast

    6.3.1 China Palm Oil Price Outlook

    6.3.2 Malaysia Palm Oil Price Outlook



1. Palm Oil Industry Highlights

2. Palm Oil Industry Annual Events

3. Methodology and Related Definition

3.1 Data Statistical and Calculative Methodology

3.2 Forecasting Model Interpretation

3.3 Definition and Abbreviation

4. Producer List

5. Tables & Charts

6. Related Annual Reports

2018-2019 China Soybean Oil Market Annual Report


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Legal Statement

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