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2018-2019 China NBR Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


The year 2018 witnessed the best performance of the NBR market in the past five years. China’s NBR market separated itself from the overall sluggish rubber market. Producers’ profits stayed at a high level as the market prices of NBR fluctuated at highs. Both the limited supply from China’s producers and the anti-dumping measures against the NBR imports provided a strong support to the NBR market.  

In 2019, there will be no newly added unit or capacity expansion plan China’s NBR industry, and the supply pattern will remain stable. With the implementation of anti-dumping measures on NBR from Japan and South Korea in 2018, the price of imported NBR mounts up. Thus, the market competitiveness of imported NBR weakens, which may reduce China’s demand for imported NBR and lift the demand for Chinese-made NBR in the domestic market. On the demand side, end enterprises mainly make procurements to satisfy the standing demand, so the total demand will continue to hold steady. SCI expects that the supply and demand pattern of the NBR market in 2019 will be basically stable.

As the one to trust for the Chinese commodity market, SCI has been researching the NBR industry for 14 years. It has accumulated a large number of analytical methods and data base. The huge and detailed data system provides the most powerful support for industry researches. This report thoroughly analyzes the fundamentals of the market and provides insight into industry changes in a timely manner to help customers seize the opportunity and achieve a win-win result.


Report Value:

(1) Present the supply-demand data in the past 4 years to serve as the strongest support for the NBR industry analysis. 

(2) Analyze the profit trends of the NBR industry and the driving factors through historical data.

(3) Elaborate the industry hotspots in detail – the beginning and end of the anti-dumping event and its impact.

(4) Analyze the NBR price driving factors and evaluate the NBR future price trend objectively.




Part 1 NBR Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 NBR Market Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 NBR Market Supply Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

3.1 China NBR Capacity Layout

3.2 2018 China NBR Unit Maintenance Status

3.3 China NBR Output Analysis

3.4 2014-2018 China NBR Import Status Analysis

3.4.1 China NBR Import Volume and Price Analysis

3.4.2 2018 NBR Import Statistics by Origin

3.4.3 2018 NBR Import Analysis by Trade Mode

3.5 China NBR Producers’ Inventory Analysis

3.6 2019 China NBR Supply Pattern Forecast

3.6.1 2019-2023 China NBR Capacity, Output and Operating Rate Forecast

3.6.2 2019-2023 China NBR Import Volume Forecast

Part 4 China NBR Demand Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

4.1 2018 China NBR Demand Scale and Structure Analysis

4.1.1 2018 China NBR Demand Scale Analysis

4.1.2 2018 China NBR Demand Structure Analysis

4.2 2018 China NBR Export Analysis

4.3 China NBR Downstream Industries Development Status        

4.3.1 2018 China Automobile Industry Development Status 

4.3.2 2018 China Rubber Belt and Hose Industry Analysis

4.3.3 2018 China Seal Product Industry Analysis

4.4 2019-2023 NBR Demand Trend Forecast

4.4.1 2019-2013 China NBR Export Forecast

4.4.2 2019-2023 Apparent Consumption Volume Forecast

Part 5 NBR Price Trend Analysis

5.1 China NBR Market Review

5.1.1 2018 China NBR Market Review

5.1.2 2018 NBR Producers Gross Profit Analysis

5.2 China NBR Import Analysis

5.3 Related Product Price Co-Movement Analysis

5.3.1 Crude Oil Market Analysis

5.3.2 Butadiene Market Analysis

5.3.3 Acrylonitrile Market Analysis

Part 6 2019 NBR Market Price Forecast

6.1 NBR Price Forecast and Main Drivers Analysis

6.2 Macro-Economy Interpretation and Influence

6.2.1 2018 Macro-Economy Analysis

6.3 Industry Policy

6.4 2019-2023 China NBR Supply and Demand Pattern Forecast

6.5 Feedstock and NBR Spot Prices Co-Movement Analysis

6.5.1 International Crude Oil Price Forecast

6.5.2 2019 Acrylonitrile Market Forecast

6.5.3 2019 Acrylonitrile Capacity Forecast

6.5.4 2019 China Butadiene Market Forecast

Appendix 1 NBR Industry Annual Events

Appendix 2 Methodology and Definition

2.1 Data Interpretation and Methodology

2.2 Forecasting Model Interpretation

2.3 Definition and Abbreviation

Appendix 3 Tables, Charts and Enterprise Names

Appendix 4 Related Product Annual Reports

Legal Statement


Legal Statement

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