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2018-2019 China Styrene-Butadiene Latex Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


In recent years, the capacity in styrene-butadiene latex (abbr. SBL) market has been excessive. Suppressed by the environmental protection policies, more and more SBL enterprises are faced with the pressure of survival and transformation. Owing to the environmental protection policies and the SCO summit held in Qingdao, the production at domestic SBL and downstream producers were suspended or restrained frequently. In addition, backed by the price rise in feedstock butadiene, the SBL prices moved sideways. Most of the small or medium-sized producers adopted sales-oriented production policies. It was heard that there were newly added SBL units being put into production in Anhui, and the new supply potential drew much attention from the market.

In 2018, the trading was lukewarm in SBL market, and the profit margin at most producers was insipid, dampening players’ enthusiasm to enter the market. However, in 2019, in response to the national policies, how will the supply and demand evolve in the future SBL market? Under the oversupply in the paper-making industry, how has the domestic downstream demand pattern been changed? In addition, the cost pressure suppresses the profit margin at domestic SBL producers. In the future, under the expansion of the butadiene capacity, how will the cost side change in 2019?

2018-2019 China Styrene-Butadiene Latex Annual Report will mainly expound the supply and demand pattern in SBL market, based on the original data collected by SCI, authoritative statistics from National Bureau of Statistics of China and General Administration of Customs. Combined with the graphic data analysis of price, profit, import and export and feedstock price trend, this report can provide the judgment basis of future market development for enterprises. SCI will spare no effort to meet the needs of customers and provide the most comprehensive referential suggestions in future operation.

Report Value:

1. To present the capacity, output and the supply and demand pattern in China’s SBL market

2. To present China’s SBL import and export development status by comparing the import and export data

3. To reduce the purchase cost and make the purchase forecast strategy via analyzing and predicting the prices of major feedstock.

4. To analyze the price influencing factors from different angles and help market players better understand the future price trend.



Part 1 SBL Market Overview

Part 2 2014-2018 SBL Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 SBL Supply Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

3.1 China SBL Supply Pattern

   3.1.1 2018 China SBL Capacity Statistics

   3.1.2 2018 China SBL Capacity Statistics by Region

   3.1.3 2018 China SBL Output Statistics

3.2 2014-2018 SBL Import Data Analysis and Comparison

3.3 2018 China SBL Inventory Change Analysis

3.4 2019 China SBL Supply Pattern Forecast

Part 4 SBL Demand Pattern and Change Trend Analysis

4.1 2018 China SBL Actual Consumption Volume Change Trend Analysis

4.2 2014-2018 SBL Export Data Analysis and Comparison

4.3 2018 China SBL Consumption Structure Analysis

4.4 2018 SBL Major Downstream Industry Development Status

   4.4.1 2018 Paper-Making Industry Development Status

   4.4.2 2018 China Carpet Industry Development Status

4.5 2019 China SBL Demand Forecast

4.6 2019 China SBL Consumption Peak and Off Season Analysis

4.7 2019 China SBL Downstream Procurement Key Influencing Factors Analysis

Part 5 SBL Price Trend Analysis

5.1 2014-2018 China SBL Market Trend

   5.1.1 2014-2018 China SBL Market Trend

   5.1.2 2014-2018 China SBL Profit Status Analysis

5.2 2014-2018 China SBL Import International Market Trend

5.3 2014-2018 China SBL Major Feedstock Prices Trend Analysis

   5.3.1 2014-2018 Butadiene Market Trend Analysis

   5.3.2 2014-2018 Styrene Market Trend Analysis

Part 6 2019 SBL Market Price Forecast and Price Influencing Factor Analysis

6.1 The Impact of Major Driving Factors on 2019 SBL Price

6.2 2019 Macro-Economy Forecast

6.3 2019 China SBL Supply and Demand Balance Forecast

6.4 2019 China Paper-Making Industry Consumption Growth Forecast and Analysis

6.5 The impact of Feedstock Market on 2019 SBL Prices

6.6 2019 China SBL Price Trend Forecast



1 Methodology and Related Definition

1.1 Data Statistics Standards and Calculation Methodology

1.2 Forecast Model Interpretation

1.3 Definition and Abbreviation

2 Table & Charts

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Legal Statement

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