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2018-2019 China SSBR Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


There is no newly added SSBR capacity in China in 2018. LOTTE Versalis Elastomers puts the SSBR unit into production and will export more goods to China. Thus, China’s import dependence degree will not decrease. The number of tire enterprises who implement the tire labelling regulations voluntarily is increasing. Besides, the EU may adopt new tire labelling regulations in 2020. Thus, China’s SSBR market will be greatly impacted. Meanwhile, China starts to develop functional SSBR, indicating that the R&D on SSBR will reach a new stage.

Will the newly added large-scale ethylene units be matched with SSBR units? Will the import dependence degree decrease against the R&D on new SSBR grades? Or will the degree increase with the development of high-performance tires? Will the U.S.-China trade spat influence the consumption of SSBR?

With 14-year’s accumulated data and advanced methodology, the report will clearly show the development of China’s SSBR industry and provide in-depth analysis. The report emphasizes the supply-demand pattern changes. The market changes and risks will be presented by virtue of various data including price, capacity, output, operating rate, consumption, technology progress, etc.

Report Value

1. The supply-demand pattern in the past 5 years will be analyzed in detail.

2. The R&D on new SSBR grades will be tracked.

3. The progress of China’s tire labelling regulations will be presented to evaluate the prospect.

4. The outlook for the influence of new EU’s tire labelling regulations on China’s SSBR market will be shown.


Part 1 China SSBR Market Overview 

Part 2 2014-2018 SSBR Supply-Demand Balance Analysis       

Part 3 China SSBR Supply Pattern Analysis        

3.1 2014-2018 SSBR Capacity Variation Analysis

3.2 2014-2018 SSBR Output Variation Analysis

3.3 2014-2018 SSBR Import Volume Variation Analysis

3.4 2019 SSBR Supply Forecast

Part 4 China SSBR Demand Pattern Analysis

4.1 2014-2018 SSBR Actual Consumption Volume Variation Analysis

4.2 2014-2018 SSBR Export Volume Variation Analysis

4.3 2018 China SSBR Consumption Structure Analysis

4.4 2019 SSBR Consumption Volume Forecast

4.5 2018 SSBR Peak and Off Seasons Analysis

4.6 2018 Key Factors in Downstream Procurement

4.7 2018 Operational Risk and Barrier Analysis

Part 5 China SSBR Price Analysis

5.1 Sinopec SSBR Ex-works Price Analysis

5.2 PetroChina SSBR Ex-works Price Analysis

5.3 China Imported SSBR Price Analysis

5.4 Related Markets Co-movement Analysis

   5.4.1 China Butadiene Price

   5.4.2 China Styrene Price

   5.4.3 China ESBR Price

Part 6 2019 China SSBR Industry Forecast

6.1 Macro Environment Interpretation and Impact

6.2 Impact of Industrial/National Policies on SSBR Industry 

6.3 Supply-Demand Balance Forecast

6.4 Market Competition Analysis and Forecast

6.5 Related Markets Co-movement Forecast

6.6 SSBR Price Forecast


1 Hot Topics of SSBR Industry

2 Milestones of SSBR Industry

3 Methodology and Related Definition

Methodology and Definition

Forecasting Model Interpretation

Definition and Abbreviation

4 Trader List

5 Tables & Charts

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Legal Statement

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