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2018-2019 Globle LPG Market Annual Report

Annual Report Overview


The global natural gas market was dull in 2018, but there were still some highlights in the market. The global import and export trading performed well, thus the trading flexibility increased. Influenced by the decreasing natural gas price, the global natural gas output fell sharply, among which the production in North America decreased notably. Although the growth rate of the consumption volume was lower than that in the past ten years, the growth rates in German, China, Iran and other countries increased. The trading volume of the LNG kept increasing and developed into new trading methods, which involved the cut of the contract period and the rising spot trading volume.

The liquefied natural gas may be a key point for the global natural gas market in the future. On the supply side, with the operation of a large number of terminals and the authorized import access, the U.S. will be newly emerging force in the LNG market. Its production is estimated to be 22% of global production in 2022. On the demand side, the emerging markets such as China, India, Egypt and Pakistan will keep growing, which will improve the consumption on the global natural gas in the next five years. The overall global natural gas output is expected to surpass 4 trillion cubic meters. In the next five years, the global natural gas market integration will remain rising, due to the new project on the LNG import and the completed infrastructure.

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Report value

1. This report has comprehensive global energy market changes and consumption status through analyzing the global energy pattern.

2. This report exclusively presents the reserves, output and consumption volume of the global natural gas market by country in the late five years, and interprets the production status and the development trends.

3. This report exclusively analyzes the LNG market deeply, and presents the global LNG market pattern.

4. This report exclusively presents and forecasts the global LNG import and export direction flow and develop trend, by keeping track with the global LNG import and export terminals.


Part 1 Global Natural Gas Market Overview

Part 2 Global Natural Gas Market Supply-Demand Balance Analysis

Part 3 Global Energy Layout Analysis

3.1 2018 Global Energy Pattern Change Overview

3.2 2018 Global Primary Energy Consumption Overview

3.2.1 Global Primary Energy Consumption Volume Analysis

3.2.2 2018 Global Primary Energy Consumption Proportion

3.3 2019 Global Energy Consumption Forecast

Part 4 Global Natural Gas Supply-Demand Status

4.1 Global Natural Gas Reserve Analysis

4.2 Global Natural Gas Output Analysis

4.3 Global Natural Gas Consumption Volume Analysis

4.4 Global Natural Gas Trade Status Analysis

4.4.1 PNG Trade

4.4.2 LNG Trade

4.5 2019 Global Natural Gas Supply-Demand Forecast

Part 5 Global LNG Market Analysis

5.1 Global LNG Supply Status Analysis

5.2 Global LNG Consumption Status Analysis

5.3 Global LNG Price Analysis

5.3.1 FOB Price Analysis

5.3.2 CFR Price Analysis

Part 6 Global LNG Shipping Market Analysis

6.1 Global LNG Vessel Market Analysis

6.1.1 LNG Vessel Quantity Analysis

6.1.2 LNG Vessel Building Country Analysis

6.1.3 LNG Vessel Type Analysis List

6.1.4 LNG Vessel Liquid Cargo Tank Type and Power Propulsion System

6.1.5 LNG Vessel Owner List

6.2 LNG Vessel Building Cost

6.3 LNG Vessel Leasing Cost

6.4 Small-Sized LNG Vessel Analysis

6.5 Global LNG Shipping Market Forecast

Part 7 Global Major LNG Projects Analysis

7.1 Global Operating LNG Import Terminal List

7.2 Global Operating LNG Export Terminal List

7.3 Global Constructing and Proposed LNG Import Terminals

7.4 Global Constructing and Proposed LNG Export Terminals

Part 8 2019-2023 Global Natural Gas Market Forecast

8.1 2019-2023 Global Energy Consumption Forecast

8.2 2019-2023 Global Natural Gas Supply-Demand Forecast

8.2.1 2019-2023 Global Natural Gas Reserve Forecast

8.2.2 2019-2023 Global Natural Gas Output Forecast

8.2.3 2019-2023 Global Natural Gas Consumption Volume Forecast

8.2.4 2019-2023 Global Natural Gas Trade Status Forecast

8.3 Global LNG Market Forecast


I. Methodology and Related Definition

1. Data Statistical and Calculative Methodology

2. Forecasting Model Interpretation

3. Definition and Abbreviation

II. Distributor List

III. Tables & Charts

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