Polybutadiene Unit at PetroChina Jinzhou Petrochemical Will Restart

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News comes that the high-cis polybutadiene (HCBR) unit at PetroChina Jinzhou Petrochemical is planned to restart. According to the news issued on the official website of PetroChina, the 30kt/a HCBR unit at PetroChina Jinzhou Petrochemical will take overhaul recently. The unit maintenance includes regular maintenance and technological upgrading. SCI learns that the unit is likely to restart in Q4, 2017.

In September 1966, PetroChina Jinzhou Petrochemical successfully produced the first piece of synthetic polybutadiene, which became the birth place of China’s polybutadiene technology. With the overheated investment in synthetic rubber industry in China in 2012, the price slump and the profit shrink led to unsustainable operation of the polybutadiene rubber unit at PetroChina Jinzhou Petrochemical. The unit was shut down for over 3 months in 2012 and around 5 months in 2013. Then the unit has been shut down since March 2014.

The unit is planned to restart in Q4, 2017. How will this influence the upstream and downstream industry chain? On the one hand, the market shares of PetroChina’s polybutadiene products are expected to increase. The supply pattern of butadiene will change greatly. However, as the supply-demand relation between the suppliers and the downstream users is relatively stable, the demand and consumption for PetroChina Jinzhou Petrochemical’s resources will be uncertain. On the other hand, the unit restart will greatly affect the upstream and downstream industry chain. The company will upgrade the products, which will ease the homogeneous competition in the nickel-catalyzed polybutadiene (NiBR) industry in PetroChina Group. The price setting, market acceptance, product quality, etc., will undergo the test from the market.

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