2017 August China’s PE Output Statistics and Analysis

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Table 1 2017 Monthly PE Output Comparison


July output (kt)

August output (kt)

Monthly change

















China produced 1,313.4kt PE in August 2017, up 60.3kt or 4.82% from last month. The maintenance plans at PE producers decreased, and the maintenance cycle was shorter. The market supply was ample in August.

Table 2 China’s Loss of PE amid Maintenance Statistics

Loss in July (kt)

Loss in August (kt)

Monthly change




In August, the maintained units in China gradually resumed production, and the number of turnarounds declined. The capacity involved in maintenance was 4,208kt/a, and the loss in the supply was 90.4kt, down 58.4kt from last month. While some small-range maintenance were still at petrochemical companies. The PE unit at Sinopec SABIC Tianjin Petrochemical was maintained for 5 days. The line 1 and line 2 of 1PE unit at Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical were maintained for 7 days and 19 days respectively. The 350kt/a HDPE unit and 250kt/a new LDPE unit at Sinopec Maoming Company were maintained for 6 days and 1 day respectively. The 300kt/a new HDPE unit at PetroChina Dushanzi Petrochemical was maintained for 7 days. The 300kt/a HDPE unit at Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical was maintained for 12 days. The 200kt/a LDPE unit at BASF-YPC Company was maintained for 4 days. The 150kt/a HDPE unit at Shanghai Golden Philips Petrochemical was maintained for 7 days. The 300kt/a FDPE unit at Pucheng Clean Energy was maintained for 7 days. The 270kt/a LDPE unit at Shenhua Xinjiang Energy was maintained for a month in August. The 300kt/a LLDPE unit and 250kt/a LDPE unit at Zhongtian Hechuang Energy were maintained for 10 days and 21 days respectively.

Table 3 2017 August China’s PE Unit Operating Rate Statistics


Operating rate

Monthly change













The overall operating rate of PE units inched up to 96.53% in August. Yet the operating rate of LDPE units slipped by 2.93%. The reason was that some LDPE units were maintained this month, giving less market supply and lower operating rate. Most LLDPE units ran normally in August, so the operating rate rose notably.

The Chinese PE prices saw ups and downs in August. Early in the month, spot PE prices moved up backed by the high production costs from petrochemical companies. Then the LLDPE futures fluctuated downward, aggravating the sales pressure in traders, so the PE prices fell back somewhat. The monthly average price of LLDPE was RMB 9,779/mt in August, up 2.79% from last month and up 2.58% from last year. The monthly average price of LDPE was RMB 10,364/mt, up 2.5% from last month and up 5.29% from last year. The HDPE prices rose within the range of RMB 50-300/mt except for some raffia materials’ prices which inched down.

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